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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of Primestock at Dumfries on Wednesday 22nd October 2008.

60 Prime Cattle more local butchers present, trade remained firm, quality improved

Heavyweight Heifers
British Blue to 190p from JH Strawhorn & Sons, Broomhillbank to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan
Limousin to 180p Upper Tinwald, Dumfries to Galloway Quality Meats Dumfries, 178.5p Maulscastle Annan to J Kerr & Sons Butchers Gretna, 175.5p Fagra Dundrennan to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer, 167.5p Dalmakethar Lockerbie to Haining Bros Butchers Kirkcudbright, 166.5p, 164.5p Shawfield Dumfries to Border Meats Lockerbie and M/S Ballard Butchers Castle Douglas, 161.5p Maulscastle Annan to Grierson Butchers Castle Douglas, 160.5p Fagra Dundrennan to J Hall & Son Butchers Kirkcudbright
Charolais to 167.5p Maulscastle Annan to JD Owen & Son Butchers Newton Stewart, 162.5p Marwhirn Moniaive to Scotch Premier Meats Ltd, 160.5p Cocklicks Annan to PR Duff & Son Wishaw

Lightweight Heifers
Charolais to 183.5p, 178.5p Broomhillbank Lockerbie both to Border Meats
Limousin to 168.5p Upper Tinwald Dumfries to M/S Fraser Stranraer, 164.5p, 163.5p Fagra Dundrennan both to Border Meats Lockerbie, 173.5p Fagra Dundrennan to The Nith Hotel Glencaple
British Blue to 168.5p Dalmakethar Lockerbie to M/S Ballard Castle Douglas
Top Gross Heifer £1054.50 Broomhillbank

Charolais to 162.5p Marwhirn Moniaive to Scotch Premier Meats Ltd
Limousin to 161.5p Fagra Dundrennan to Border Meats Ltd
Top Gross Bullock £1275.63 Marwhirn

119 OTM Cattle – Dairy bred cows sharper
Cows per kilo

Limousin to 115p Kirkhill, 106p Knockenhair, 106p Meikle Barncleugh, 100 Hightownhead
Charolais to 110p Ballinnie, 110p Kirkhill
Blonde to 107p Leithenhall
Simmental to 106p, 105p, 102p Garrel
Angus to 105p Newmains, 102p South Glen
Holstein 95p Skemrigghead, 93 Criggleton
Shorthorn to 95 Ryehill
Bullock per kilo
Simmental to 139p Hayfield
Charolais to 126p Hayfield

Cows per head
Limousin to £853.30 Meikle Barncleugh, £822.25 Kirkhill
Simmental to £826.80, £795.60 Nether Garrel
Charolais to £742.50 Kirkhill
Blonde to £738.30 Leithenhall
Angus to £703.80 South Glen
Holstein to £662.50 Skemrigghead
Bullocks to £889.60 Hayfield
Bulls to £756.50 Barvennan

1467 Prime Lambs & 704 Cast Ewes & Rams
A mediocre show of wet and dirty lambs were forward many lacking flesh. Top price of £70 was paid for an outstanding pen of 43Kg Beltex Lambs from Mr I Carlisle, Nether Dargavel they also made the days top price per Kg of 162.7p. Overall average was 114.2p

Top Prices
Standard Lambs (32.1-39Kg) Top 126.9p av 108.4p

Texel £49.20 Gelston Castle, £46.80 Knocksheen, £44.80 E Kirkcarswell, £42 Nisbet
Berrichon £46, £42.90 Glen Darroch
Cross £43 Outertown, £40 Dollard
Beltex £42 Upper Portrack
Suffolk £41.20 Patervan
Blackface £39.50 O Abington
Lleyn £39.50 Westhills

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 162.7p av 116.8p
Beltex £70 Nether Dargavel, £58.50 Woodcroft
Texel £55, £53.50 Skemrigghead
Suffolk £52 Abune the Brae, £49.80 Outertown
Cross £49.80 Abune the Brae
Lleyn £48 Bennan
Berrichon £51.80 Glen Darroch

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52Kg) Top 112.3p av 110.6p
Texel £55.50 Shieldhill, £53.20 Midtown, £52.80 Shawsmuir
Suffolk £52.50 The Bush, £51.50 Skemrigghead
Bleu D Maine £52 Upper Portrack

704 Ewes – Quality sorts, trade similar but plainer sorts easier on the week

Top prices
Heavy Ewes

Texel £65.50, £55.50, £53.50 Nether Dargavel, £58.50 Glen Darroch, £58 Castlehill
Cross £44 Nisbet, £40 Gelston Castle, £40 Rashgill
Suffolk £35.50 Nisbet
Half Bred £35 Alton

Light Ewes
Cheviot £34.50 Castle Crawford, £32.50 Castlehill
Blackface £19.50 Corsencorn, £19 Castlehill, £18 Glenkiln, £18 South Mains

Suffolk £88, £44 Glenkiln Farms
Texel £80 Glenkiln

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