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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 6th January 2010.

Sellers who battled their way through the adverse winter weather conditions met the dearest cattle trade for many months. Numbers of all classes scarcer.

20 Prime Cattle
Lightweight Heifers
Limousin to 192.5p from J Jardine, Yett to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 186.5p Meikle Larbrax, Leswalt to JG Renwick & Sons Butchers Thornhill
Charolais to 186.5p Meikle Larbrax to Border Meats Lockerbie
Heavyweight heifers to 181.5p Meikle Larbrax to Galloway Quality Meats Dumfries
Charolais to 180p, 176.5p Meikle Larbrax to JD Owen & Son Butchers Newton Stewart and J Hall & Son, Butchers Kirkcudbright
Top Gross Heifer £1059.00 Meikle Larbrax
Limousin to 192.5 and 190.5p Meikle Larbrax Leswalt to Border Meats Lockerbie and J Kerr & Son Butchers Gretna
Top Gross Bullock £1150.70 Kirkblane

8 Prime Bulls – Very Dear
Charolais to 183.5p (x2), 182.5p, 173.5p Carwood
Limousin to 172.5p Yett
Top Gross Bull £1220.28 Carwood

25 OTM Cattle – all classes much sharper
Holstein Friesian to 125p Kerricks, 108p Lakehead, 98p (x2) Kerricks, 96p, 94p Lakehead
Per Head
Holstein Friesian £912.50 Kerricks, £858.60 Lakehead

713 Prime Hoggs
The sale was decimated by adverse weather conditions however trade was buoyant for all stock that made it to the market. Prime Hoggs sold to a top of 216pkg or £82 for 38Kg Texel X from Messrs I A & ZA Milligan, Dunesslin. Top price of £100.50 (x2) for Suffolk X Texel from Chapelhill Farmers, Lanarkland

Overall average 200.8p

Light Hoggs (25.5-32Kg) Top 201p av 196.4p
Blackface £63.50 Mawelltown, £61, £60.80 Glenmanna, £60.20 Kirkhill, £59.50, £58.20 Dalhanna
Cross £60.50 Kirkhill

Standard Hoggs (32.1-39Kg) Top 216p av 203.2p
Suffolk £83 Archbank
Texel £82 Dunesslin
Cross £78 Dunesslin, £78 Lawesknowe, £73 Leithenhall
Blackface £77, £76.50 Glenmanna, £74 Dalhanna, £73.50 Mill House

Medium Hoggs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 214p av 207.8p
Texel £93 Barshill, £92 Belzies, £89.50 Archbank, £89 Riggheads
Cross £91 Riggheads, £81.50 Belzies
Suffolk £90 Archbank

Heavy Lambs (46Kg + over ) Top 210p av 189.4p
Texel £100.50, 98.50 Lanarkland, £96.50 Rigghead
Suffolk £100.50 Lanarkland, £97.50 Townhead, £97.50 Rigghead
Half Bred £92.50 Annefield

201 Cast Ewes & Rams forward – Trade dearest ever and short of buyer’s requirements
Top prices Heavy Ewes
Texel £140.50 Midlock, £123.50 Riggheads, £117.50, £100.50 Backburn
Leicester £125.50, £106.50 Midlock
Cross £113.50, £110.50 Cleughbank, £102.50 Barshill
Suffolk £99, £80.50 Auchengray

Light Ewes
Blackface £83, £68.50 Mill House, £72 Fingland, £71.50 Dunesslin, £70.50 Maxwelltown
Cheviot £67.50 Dalhanna

Texel £100.50, £87.50 Leithenhall
Leicester £90 Leithenhall

Heavy ewes averaged £90.60
Light Ewes averaged £72.07

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