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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 12th May 2010.

55 Prime Cattle – Trade steadier with local Butchers and wholesalers reporting their shops trading as being sluggish.

Heifers (all heavyweights)
Limousin to 177.5p, 169.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to JD Owen & Son Butchers Newton Stewart and Border Meats Lockerbie
Top Gross Heifer £1011.75 Balgrayhill

Bullocks (all heavy)
Limousin to 157.5p from Newmains Duncow
Top Gross Bullock £1073.78 Newmains

33 Prime Bulls – Trade was cautions, all dairy bred forward
Limousin to 129.5p Hightownhead
Angus to 127.5p Enzieholm
Mont to 124.5p Upper Portrack
Devon to 124.5p Upper Portrack
Holstein Friesian to 119.5p Dinwoodie Green
Top Gross Bull £952.43 Enzieholm

64 OTM Cattle – Trade remains firm considering the beef trade in general

Per Kg
Cows British Blue to 117p Woodcroft, 113, 110p Cormaddie
Holstein to 115p Chapelcroft, 114p Challoch, 105p Trolane, 105p Dinwoodie Green, 105p Park, 104p Lakehead, 104p Challoch
Charolais to 113p Woodcroft
Angus to 111p Burnside, 106p Dalhanna, 104p Portling
MRI to 110p Little Culmain, 109p Dinwoodie Green
Shorthorn to 104p Ballaggan
Bullock Angus to 123p Burnside
Bull Holstein to 101p Panlands

Per Head Cows
Holstein Friesian to £855.75 Park, £759.20 Challoch, £737.55 Boghead, £732.35 Trolane
British to £783.90 Woodcroft
MRI to £763 Dinwoodie Green
Charolais to £723.20 Woodcroft
Bull Holstein to £1045.35 Panlands

345 Prime Hoggs – Trade remains firm for best sorts
Cheviot Hoggs to 190p
Blackface hoggs to 188p
Sale average 170.3p
NCC Hoggs to £86.50 Milton, £76 Rigghead
Suffolk to £85.50 Meikle Larbrax
Texel to £83.50 Capenoch, £82.50 Milton, £81.50 Porterstown
Blackface to £77.50 Marbrack, £76.50 Fingland, £73.50 Meikle Larbrax

323 Cast Ewes & Rams – Trade held at recent firm rates
Heavy Ewes to £107.50 average £82.40
Light Ewes to £81.50 average £57.30

Ewes per head
Suffolk £107.50 Newmains, £98.50 Auchengray
Texel £103.50 Hillbank, £93.50 Conniven, £96.50 Barony, £95.50 Capenoch, £95.50 Milton, £90.50 Capenoch
HB £94 Annefield
Leicester £98.50 Conniven, £92.50 Belzies
Mule £89.50 Low Kirkbride, £89.50 Capenoch, £86.50 Conniven, £85.50 South mains, £85.50 Wood House, £85.50 Barony
NCC £91.50 Annefield, £86.50 Auchengray
Hill Cheviot £81.50 Dalhanna
BF £66.50 South Mains, £66.50 Conniven, £63.50 Hayfield, £62.50 Maxwellton

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