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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 30th June 2010.

59 Prime Cattle – Lighter weights keenly sought whilst heavier cattle maintained recent rates.

Heavyweight Heifers
Limousin to 195.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer, 185.5p Balgrayhill, Lockerbie to J D Owen & Son Butchers Newton Stewart, 184.5p Balgrayhill Lockerbie to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer, 172.5p Allerbeck Eaglesfield to M/S Bosomworth Paisley
Lightweight Heifers Limousin to 191.5p from J Retson & Son, Gardrum to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 185.5p Balgrayhill Lockerbie to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer, 184.5p Upper Tinwald Dumfries to J Kerr & Son Butchers Gretna, 183.5p Allerbeck Eaglesfield to Galloway Quality Meats Dumfries
Top Gross Heifer £1162.35 Balgrayhill

Bullocks (All heavy) Limousin to 190p from J & L Craik Waterside to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer, 183.5p Gardrum Eastriggs to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer, 176.5p Waterside Haugh of Urr to Border Meats Lockerbie, 174.5p Waterside Haugh of Urr to Fraser Butchers Stranraer
Top Gross Bullock £1177.88 Waterside

80 OTM Cattle – Trade remains firm with well fleshed types meeting a brisk demand
Cows per Kg
Charolais 140p, 134p Allerbeck
Limousin 126p, 120, 117p Meikleholm, 119p Grove, 117p Allerbeck, 117p Meikle Barncleugh
Angus 124p (x2), 121p Meikleholm, 117p West Lanegate, 115p Crairieknowe
Simmental 116p Blairshinnoch, 115p Meikleholm, 111p Townhead
Holstein Friesian 109p Greigsland, 106p, 105p Kerricks, 104p Bluehill, 100p Larglea
Bulls Blonde to 110p Gibbonhill
Cows per head
Charolais £1057, £1038.50 Allerbeck
Limousin £852, £836.55 Meikleholm
Simmental £812 Blairshinnoch
Angus £810.75 Grove, £795.60 West Lanegate
Holstein Friesian £812.05 Greigsland, £800.80 Bluehill, £777 Kerricks
Blonde to £1122 Gibbonhill
Angus to £912 Harlawbank
British Blue to £887.55 Braehead

547 Prime Lambs sold to a top of 173p for Beltex Crosses from Messrs CJ Guild & Son, Laight. Top price per head £78 for Suffolk Crosses from Mr JN Peugniez, Woodhouse Bungalow and for Beltex Crosses from Mr SI Carlisle, Nether Dargavel
Overall Average 161.4p
Standard Lambs (32.1-39Kg) Top 171o av 161.8p
Texel £65 Townhead, £61 Midtown, £60 Dressertland
Beltex £55 Ampherlaw
Charollais £63.20 Riggheads
Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 173p av 161.6p
Suffolk £71 Hartbush, £69 Eastside, £67.80 Cumleys, £65.50 Park
Texel £75 Dressertland, £70.50 Comlongon Mains, £70 Eastside, £69 Laight
Charollais £65.80 Skipmyre, £65 Horseholm
Half Bred £65.50 Dressertland
Beltex £73.20 Nether Dargavel, £71.50, £70.50 Laight
Heavy Lambs (45.6-52Kg) Top 170p av 151p
Suffolk £69 Birkshaw, £78 Woodhouse Bungalow
Texel £77.50 Comlongan Mains, £73, £70 Riggheads
Charollais £74.50 Horseholm, £73 The Dabbins
Beltex £78 Nether Dargavel

173 Cast Ewes & Rams – Trade slightly easier but still good to sell
Heavy Ewes
Suffolk £78.50 Hillhead
Cheviot £65.50 Airds of Balcary
Texel £85.50, £76.50 Ampherlaw, £77.50 Skipmyre, £71 Dressertland
Half Bred £72.50 Cushag
NCC £74.50 Cumleys
Cross £70 Park, £69.50 Airds of Balcary, £69, £68.50 Midtown
Light Ewes
Cheviot £46.50 Dressertland
Blackface £54 Glenheighton, £53.50 Meikleholm, £46.50 Airds of Balcary
Rams Texel £75.50 Ampherlaw
Beltex £81.50 Park
Overall Average heavy ewes £65.08
Overall Average light ewes £47.48

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