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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Annual Christmas Show and Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 8th December 2010.

A Grand show of 20 Haltered Cattle was presented to the judge Evan Hall, Scotbeef Ltd who found his Champion in ‘Vuvuzela’ 16mo Black Limousin Bullock from A J Forsyth & Co, Mid Bishopton (655Kg) 300p to Moira Johnstone of R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan who have recently celebrated 100 Years in business.

Champion Beast at Dumfries Markets Christmas Show James Forsyth, Mid Bishopton, Moira Brogan (Sponsor BOCMS Pauls, Kingan Farm Feed), Judge Evan Hall Scotbeef Ltd
Champion Beast at Dumfries Christmas Show
James Forsyth, Mid Bishopton, Moira Brogan (Sponsor BOCMS Pauls, Kingan Farm Feed), Judge Evan Hall Scotbeef Ltd

The Forsyth’s made clean sweep also securing Reserve Champion with a Charolais X Bullock (565Kg) 300p to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer

Prize List
Class 1. Limousin Bullock. Mid Bishopton (655Kg) 300p to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 2nd Gardrum (580Kg) 236p to M/S Fraser Stranraer
Class 2. Charolais Bullock. Mid Bishopton (565Kg) 300p to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer
Class 3. Any other Bullock. Bridgehouse (555Kg) 250p to M/S Frasers Butchers Stranraer
Class 4. Home Bred Bullock. Waterside (570Kg) 200p to Galloway Quality Meats Dumfries
Class 5. Limousin Heifers. Bridgehouse (455Kg) 236p to M/S Frasers Butchers Stranraer
Class 6. Charolais Heifer. Ashtree Cottage (690Kg) 190p to Frasers Butchers Stranraer
Class 7. Any other Heifer. Upper Tinwald (515Kg) 204p to Frasers Butchers Stranraer
Class 9. Home Bred Heifer. Trailflatt (600Kg) 200p to Border Meats Lockerbie, 2nd Burnside (585Kg) 198p to M/S Fraser Butchers Stranraer.

Annadale Young Farmers
1. Champion Trailflat (655Kg) 200p to M/S Frasers Butchers Stranraer
2. Opposite Sex Meiklehom (655Kg) 190p to M/S Frasers Butchers Stranraer

Dumfries Mart would like to take this opportunity to thank our main sponors BOCM Pauls Ltd, Kingan Farm Feeds

Outwith show 94 prime Cattle presented to the usual full ringside of local butchers and national wholesalers. Trade was pleasing for all classes

Bullocks Limousin to 211.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to M/S Fraser Stranraer
Others to 188.5p Upper Tinwald, 187.5p Balgrayhill, 186.5p Meikleholm, 180.5p Burnside, 179.5p Balgrayhill, 178.5p, 177.5p Faulding Cleugh, 177.5p Pouton, 177.5p Mull of Galloway
Top Gross Bullock £1965 Mid Bishopton

Heifers Limousin to 201.5p Balgrayhill Lockerbie to J Kerr & Sons Butchers Gretna
Others to 197.5p, 191.5p Balgrayhill, 191.5p Dinnans, 191.5p Upper Tinwald, 186.5p Kenmuir, 181.5p Balgrayhill, 180p Nether Barr, 179.5p Mull of Galloway
Charolais to 193.5p Marwhirn
Top Gross Heifer £1311 Ash Tree Cottage

14 Prime Bulls (all dairy bred) Trade Better
Charolais to 141.5p Mid Bishopton
Limousin to 138.5p Mid Bishopton
Angus to 134.5p Mid Bishopton
Holstein to 128.5p Boreland of Colvend
Top Gross Bull to £873.98 Mid Bishopton

85 OTM Cattle – Plenty of demand for fleshed cows quality was poorer
Per Kilo cows
Limousin 149p Boreland. 145, 144p Mull of Galloway, 143p Flathill
Holstein 116p Baltersan, 108p Baltier, 102p Barndennoch
Simmental 115p Dinnan
Angus 111p Cormaddie, 111p Dinnans
Bulls Charolais to 105p Maryfield

Per Head Cows
Limousin to £914.40, £906.25 Mull, £765.90 Dinnans, £897 Boreland, £750.75 Flathill
Charolais to £846.60 Rigghead
Holstein to £823.15 Shawsmuir, £780.30 Barndennoch, £766.80 Baltier, £722 Cruggleton
Simmental £759 Dinnans
Bulls Charolais £1029 Maryfield, £962.55 Hartbush

1072 Prime Lambs
A mixed show of quality met a sound demand with lambs selling to 186p for Beltex Crosses from Mr W Nairn, Burnton, New Cumnock. Top price per head was £82 for Zwartble crosses from Kirkhill Frams, Wamphray. Overall average was 171.8p.

Top prices
Light Lambs (25.5-32Kg) Top 173p av 154.2p
Texel £46 Gateslack, £44 Marbrack
Blackface £52 Maqueston, £45 Gateslack, £44.50 Sweetshawhead

Standard Lambs (32.1-39Kg) Top 185p av 177.2p
Suffolk £64.80 Ford, £60 Marbrack
Texel £72.20 Third, £69 Shawhill, £69 Rashgill
Cross £65 Grennan, £64.50 Dunesslin, £62.50 Kirkhill
Blackface £67.80, £67 Glenmanna, £64.20 Knocksheen, £64 Macqueston
Lleyn £64.80, £63 Bennan, £64.50 Locharwoods

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 186p av 172.3p
Suffolk £77.80 Mull of Galloway, £77.50 Barshill, £76 e Polquhirter
Texel £76.50 E Polquhirter, £76 Rashgill, £73.80 Third
Beltex £74.20, £74 Burnton
Cross £70 Riggheads, £69 Dunesslin, £68 Knocksheen
Blackface £69, £68.20 Glenmanna, £67.80 Dunesslin, £65.80 Corsebank

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52Kg) Top 177p av 161p
Suffolk £80.50, £77.50 Hartbush, £79 Drumburn, £78 Townend
Texel £81.50 Kirkhill, £79.50 Grennan
Lleyn £75.50 Firth
Zwartble £82 Kirkhill

Super heavy Lambs (52.1 +over) Texel £80 Kirkhill

319 Cast Ewes & Rams
Trade similar
Heavy Ewes
Suffolk £75.50 Hartbush
Texel £94.50 Leithanhall, £90.50 Dressertland, £89.50 Barshill
Cross £72.50 Leithanhall, £72 Swyre, £71 maryfield
Half Bred £89.50, £78.50 hartbush
Lleyn £62.50 Carronhill
NCC £83.50, £78.50 Annefield

Light Ewes
Blackface £52 Grennan, £50.50 Fardingjames, £49 Kirkhill
Beula £39.50 Cowcorse Cott

Texel £97.50 Mull of Galloway
Blackface £72.50 Glenmanna
Suffolk £94.50 Maryfield, £87.50 Mull of Galloway
Overall Heavy Ewes averaged £73.23
Overall Light Ewes averaged £41.33

94 prime cattle
Heifers to 236p per kilo ave 180.2p to £1965.00
Bullocks to 300p per kilo ave 183.8p to £1311.00
Bulls to 141.5p per kilo ave 123.6p to £873.98
85 OTM to 149p per kilo ave 97.4p to £1029.00

1072 Lambs to 186p per kilo ave 171.8p to £82.00
319 Cast Ewes & Rams to £97.50

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