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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 25th May 2011.

45 Prime Cattle – Steady Trade

Lightweight Heifers
Limousin to 206.5p, 205.p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill Lockerbie to Fraser’s Butchers Stranraer, 201.5p, 190.5p both from Balgrayhill Lockerbie to Border Meats Lockerbie
Charolais to 182.p, 181.5p from T Millar & Son, Upper Balannan to Border Meats Lockerbie
Top Gross Heifer £1177.05 Balgrayhill

Limousin to 193.5p from J & L Craik, Waterside to Fraser’s Butcher Stranraer, 184.5p from Waterside, Haugh of Urr to C Anderson
Top Gross Bullock £1270.50 Waterside

15 Prime Bulls – more required (all dairy bred)
Simmental to 162.5p Newbie Mains
British Blue to 133.5p Cowhill Trust
Holstein Friesian 153.5p Becton Hall, 149.5p, 141.5p Barwinnock
Top Gross Bull £1179.50 Newbie Mains

81 OTM Cattle – Trade Buoyant
Per Kilo
Limousin 160p Balannan, 154p, 135p, 134p Grove, 140p Woodhall, 136p Drumbuie
Angus 153p Balannan, 142p, 141p Drumbuie
Hereford 135p, 133p Woodcroft
Simmental 144p Grove
Charolais 132p Balannan
British Blue 132p Byrecroft
Holstein Friesian 114p Mouswald Banks, 130p Guillyhill, 123p Dinwoodie Green & Townhead, 119p Drum
Ayrshire 109p, 98p Townhead, 98p, 85p, 80p Gillespie

Per Head
Limousin £1131 Horseholm, £1021.80 Woodhall, £1020 Drumbuie
Simmental £1015.20 Grove
.British Blue £930.60 Byrecroft
Holstein Friesian £977.50, £864.50 Guillyhill, £828 Byreholm, £827.05 Drum, £806.40 Kerricks
Angus £938.70 Grove, £931.30, £908.80, £890.50, £864 Drumbuie
Hereford £870.40 Bonshawside, £837.90, £789.75, £700.60 Woodcroft
Charolais £712.80 Balannan

112 Prime Lambs forward selling to a top of £123.50 for Suffolk Crosses from E Kennedy North Cowshaw
Overall lamb average 262.34p
Suffolk £123.50 (x3), £121.50, £118.50 North Cowshaw, £110.50 Barshill
Beltex £123.50 Bridgestone
Texel £108.50 Barshill, £104.50 Dressertland Cott
Less Hoggs forward top price £109.50 for a Texel from B Irving average 248p
Texel £109.50 Margaret Drive, £105.50 Gallaberry, £101.50 Druidhall
Suffolk £104.50 Swyre
Charollais £101.50 Drum
Blue Du Maine £100 Upper Portrack
Mule £92.50 Cowcorse
Blackface £78.50 Waterside

268 Cast Ewes & Rams Forward
Heavy Ewes
Suffolk £100.50 Lanarkland, £100 Margaret Drive
Texel £115.50, £114.50 Druidhall, £114.50 Drum, £112.50 Dressertland
Mule £94.50 Swyre, £93.50 Druidhall
Leicester £99.50 Guelt

Light Ewes
Blackface £86.50, £73.50 Cowcorse, £75.50 Guelt, £73.50 High Cairn
Cheviot £74.50 Gledenholm

Suffolk £93.50 High Cairn
Texel £109.50 Gledenholm

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