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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 6th July 2011.

63 Prime Cattle – Trade continues to improve for all classes
Lightweight Heifers Limousin to 207.5p from J Retson & Son, Gardrum to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan
Blonde to 201.5p Gardrum Eastriggs to Border Meats Lockerbie
Heavyweight Heifers Limousin to 200.5p Upper Tinwald Dumfries to J Kerr & Son Butchers Gretna
Top Gross Heifer £1132.83 Upper Tinwald
Lightweight Bullocks Limousin to 202.5p, 198.5, 195.5p D & E Lockhart, Fauldingcleugh all to Border Meats Lockerbie, 194.5p Fauldingcleugh Kirkpatrick Fleming to C Anderson, 193.5p Outmains Tarbolton to M/S Ballard Butchers Castle Douglas
British Blue to 192.5p Kenmuir Ardwall to Border Meats
Heavyweight Bullocks Limousin to 197.5p Gardrum Eastriggs to C Anderson, 197.5p Fauldingcleugh Kirkpatrick Fleming to Border Meats Lockerbie
Top Gross Bullock £1308.63 Baldoon
19 Prime Bulls – Mixey Show Fleshy sort easily sold
Stabiliser 165.5p, 160.5p Southmains
Holstein Friesian 155.5p, 146.5p Dinwoodie Green, 142.5p Kirktonfield
Top Gross Bull £1108.85 South Mains

61 OTM Cattle – All classes continue to improve with demand outstripping supply
Cows Charolais to £1223.60 Downan
Limousin £1162.80 Meikleholm, £971.50 Bush of Craigs
Holstein Friesian £1042.80 Longrigg, £1040.75 Conheath, £972.70 Barndennoch
Angus £965.60 Lairdlaugh, £958.50 Blairshinnoch
Bull Charolais £1002.15 Airds of Balcary
Cows per Kilo
Charolais 161p Downan
Limousin 152p Meikleholm, 145p Bush of Craigs, 142p Blairshinnoch
Angus 145p Bush of Craigs, 141p Meikleholm
Hereford 143p Millhill
British Blue 140p Blairshinnoch
Holstein 137p, 131p Barndennoch, 132p Longrigg, 129p Kirktonfield, £128 Fardingjames

862 Prime Lambs – Trade pleasing although easier on week
Lambs 32-39Kg averaged 204.2p to 218p Airyhemming
Texel £82.50 Crairieknowe
Suffolk £79 Bush
Charolais £79 Comlongon Mains
Lambs 39-45.5Kg averaged 201.7p to 214p Eastside
Beltex £91.20 Nether Dargavel
Suffolk £91.20 Annefield
Texel £90.20 Yett, £90.20 Bridgestone
Lambs 45.6 to 52Kg averaged 199.2p to 213p Nether Dargavel
Beltex £100 Nether Dargavel
Suffolk £94.80 Annefield
Half Bred £92 Annefield

183 Cast Ewes & Rams, flying trade for all classes, dearer on the week
Principal Prices
Texel £156.50 Locharside, £143.50 Woodcroft, £129.50, £114.50 Carsegowan
Suffolk £114.50 New Farm
Half Bred £100.50 New Farm
Cross £81 Airds of Balcary, £80.50 Cowcorse, £75.50 Ampherlaw
Zwartble £100.50 Woodcroft
Cheviot £102.50 Airyhemming
Blackface £93.50, £91.50 Cowcorse, £75.50, £73.50 Blindburn, £63 Midlock
Rams. Suffolk £100.50 Carsegowan
Texel £119.50, £114.50 Carsegowan
Blackface £89.50 Troloss

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