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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 28th September 2011.

44 Prime Cattle – A middlin' show of quality forward with best types very scarce
Shorthorn X Heifer from M/S R Neill, Upper Tinwald to 215.5p to R Johnstone ~& Sons Butchers Annan
Galloway to 187.5p from J Paterson & Son Low Three Mark to Scotbeef Ltd
A small show of Prime Bulls met a steady demand
Angus to 177.5p East Gallaberry
Holstein to 151.5p Dinwoodie Green

125 OTM Cattle – Trade Firm
Charolais to £1244.90 Merrick
Limousin to £1070.55 Carslae
Hereford to £1075.45 Russet
Blonde to £1041.20 Foregirth
Angus to £1026 Corbelly Hill
British Blue to £910.45 No 1 Todholes
Bulls Limousin to £1438.50 Carslae; Charolais to £1154.30 Nisbet
Per Kilo Cows
British Blue to 184p, 172p Carslae
Limousin to 183p, 170p, 169p, 163p Carslae, 161p Merrick
Angus to 149p Hayfield, 135p Corbelly Hill
Simmental to 142p Glenkiln, 137p Meikleholm
Holstein 131p No 1 Todholes, 128p Kirktonfield, 123p Challoch, 123p Linns
Bulls Limousin to 137p, 133p Carslae; Charolais to 119p Nisbet

1607 Prime Lambs – easier on the week but better than expected selling to a top of 172p for Blackface Lambs from NSP Parry Marbrack. Top price per head was £78 for Texel Crosses from RG Hastings & Son, Auchenhill, Colvend. Overall average was 162.4p. Top prices

Light Lambs (25.5-32Kg) Top 172p av 171p
Texel £51 Marbrack
Cross £51 High Cairn
Blackface £51.50 Marbrack

Standard Lambs (32.1-39Kg) Top 171p av 163.7p
Suffolk £61 Hastingshall, £61 Barbuie, £60.50 Gibbonhill
Cheviot £65 Capelfoot
Texel £66.80 Knockenhair, £65.80 Riggheads, £65 BQ Farms
Charollais £57.20 Maryholm
Blackface £59 Nunnerie, £57.50 Burn, £54.80 Ford
Cross £58 Ford, £57.20 Ardoch

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 170p av 162.8p
Suffolk £72.80 Knockenhair, £71Barnbarroch, £70.50 High Cairn, £70.50 Abune the Brae
Texel £72.60 Rashgill, £72.50 East Polquhirter, £72.50 Eastside
Cross £65.50 Ardoch, £65 Ashmark, £65 (x2) Merkland
Charollais £71.20 Carslae
Cheviot £70.50 Foregirth
Blackface £62 Crairieknowe
Zwartble £60 Nunnerie

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52Kg) Top 166p av 148.8p
Suffolk £73.50 Barnbarroch
Texel £78 Auchenhill, £70 Bankhead of Tinwald, £70 east Kirkcarsewell

Super heavy Lambs (52.1Kg + over)
Texel £76.50 Ardoch

1017 Cast Ewes & Rams – Larger show trade similar to last week. Top prices

Heavy Ewes
Suffolk £86.50 Palaceknowe, £82.50 Hillhead
Texel £92 Ardoch, £85.50 Palaceknowe, £85.50 Fardingwell
Charollais £85.50 Belridding
NCC £76.50 Annefield, £73, £71.50 Burn, £67.50 Auchenhill
Cross £72.50 East Polquhirter, £72 Kirkbride, £71.50, £70.50 Third
Lleyn £56.50, £54.50, £53.50 Bennan

Light Ewes
Cheviot £64, £56.50 Dressertland, £63 Palaceknowe, £54.50 Castlehill
Blackface £57.50 BQ (Burn), £54.50 Mitchellslacks, £54.50 Auchencheyne, £52 Fardingjames
Jacob £51.50 Burnside of Mabie

Cast Rams Blackface £69.50 Glenmanna, £60.50 Nunnerie
Overall Heavy Ewes averaged £63.35
Overall Light Ewes averaged £44.87

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