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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 16th November 2011.

38 Prime Cattle – Trade sharper with biggest rise in commercial spec cattle. Sale average 202.5p or (361.6p @56% D/W)
Heifers (all heavy) Limousin to 215.5p from J & N Beattie Woodfield to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 213.5p Woodfield Eastriggs to Border Meats Lockerbie, 210.5p Raeburnfoot Gretna to J Kerr & Son Butchers Gretna, 208.5p Raeburnfoot Gretna to Grierson Bros Butchers Castle Douglas
Charolais to 213.5p North Cowshaw Lochmaben to Border Meats Lockerbie, 209.5p North Cowshaw Lochmaben to Grierson Bros Butchers Castle Douglas
Top Gross Heifer £1355.73 North Cowshaw

Bullocks (all heavy) Limousin to 212.5p from M/S Hogg Raeburnfoot to C Anderson, 210.5p Myroch Port Logan to C Anderson, 209.5p Myroch Port Logan to Border Meats Lockerbie, 208.5p Myroch Port Logan to Scotbeef Ltd, 207.5p Myroch Port Logan to C Anderson, 206.5p Raeburnfoot, Gretna to Scotbeef Ltd
Top Gross Bullock £1549.63 Marwhirn

76 OTM Cattle – Trade sharper with leaner cows seeing the biggest lift
Simmental £1538.50, £1232.25, £1051.25 Newbie Mains
Limousin £1177.50 Arnmannoch, £1138.80 Ardoch, £1101.10 Birkshaw
Angus £1073.10 Arnmannoch, £1055.70 Sunnyhill, £1046.25 Arnmannoch
Montbelliard £1007.75 Mid Ringuinea
Holstein £1081.60, £947.10 Barndennoch, £877.25 Park

Per kilo Cows
Simmental 170p Newbie Mains, 167p Oxgang, 155p, 145p Newbie Mains
Limousin 157p Arnmannoch, 156p Ardoch, 153p Sunnyhill
Angus 147p Arnmannoch, 144p Sunnyhill, 140p Birkshaw
Montbelliard 139p Mid Ringuinea
Holstein 128p Barndennoch, 125p Guillielands, 123p Barndennoch, 121p Park

947 Prime Lambs – Scarce of requirements and all classes were much dear on the week. A top price of 214p was obtained for Beltex X from Messrs AB Young, Nether Gribton, Holywood. Top price per head £87.50 for Suffolk Crosses from Messrs H & A Hiddleston Park Farm. Overall average was 185.1p a rise on the week (with a large contingent of Mule and Blackface Lambs).

Top prices
Light Lambs (25.5-35Kg) Top 188p ave 184.8p
Blackface £56 Sweetshawhead
Lleyn £60 Glenkiln Farms

Standard Lambs (32.1-39Kg) Top 214.0p ave 188.9p
Suffolk £78, £71 Palaceknowe, £68 Airyhemming
Cheviot £65.50 Palaceknowe
Texel £79.80 Dunesslin, £77 Ballinnie, £72.50 Lochwood
Cross £72, £67 Ballinnie, £68.50 Kirkhill, £67 Ardoch
Half Bred £67 Marwhirn
Beltex £75 Nether Gribton
NCC £76.50 Archwood
Blackface £64.20 Kirkhill, £60.50 Ardoch

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 204p av 185.2p
Texel £85, £84.80 East Polquhirter, £83.50 Lochwood, £82.50 Woodhouse Bungalow, £81.80 Over Abington
Suffolk £76 Palaceknowe, £75.50 Barnbarroch
Half Bred £78 (x2) Marwhirn
Charollais £76 Blindburn, £75.80 Horseholm
Cross £78 West Montgarswood, £74.50 Burnhead, £73.50 Blindburn
Blackface £70 Fingland

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52Kg) Top 177p av 168p
Suffolk £87.50 Park, £75 Barnbarroch, £70 Palaceknowe
Texel £85 Park, £82.50 West Montgarswood
Charollais £83 Horseholm
Cross £81.50 Blindburn, £80.50 Burnhead
Half Bred £79 Marwhirn

417 Cast Ewes & Rams – Trade slightly sharper
Top prices
Texel £96.50 Leithenhall, £82.50 Kirkhill, £81.50 Hayfield, £81.50 Conniven
Cross £85 West Montgarswood, £84 Palaceknowe, £83.50 Auchenage, £80.50 Dalhanna
NCC £88 Gillesbie, £85.50 Dalhanna, £82.50 Marwhirn
Leicester £87.50 Leithenhall
Chev Mule £82.50 Dalhanna
Lleyn £70.50 Bennan
Roussin £89.50 Beckfoot
Cheviot £72.50, £66.50 Auchenage
Blackface £69.50 Kirkton of Crawford, £67.50 Upper Barr, £66 Craigdarroch, £65.50 Dalhanna

Texel £101.50 Eastside, £92.50 Cowcorse Cott
Leicester £101, £95.50 Kirkton of Crawford
Overall Heavy Ewes averaged £72.73
Overall Light Ewes averaged £54.40

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