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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 1st February 2012.

42 Prime Cattle – Trade was steady for all classes
Sale average 196.1p of (350.2p D/W at 56%)
Heifers Limousin to 210.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to Border Meats Lockerbie, 207.5p Dinnans Whithorn to M/S JD Owen & Son Butchers Newton Stewart, 206.5p Dinnans Whithorn to Grierson Bros Butchers Castle Douglas, 202.5p Dinnans Whithorn to C Anderson, 201.5p Dinnans Whithorn to J Hall & Son Butchers Kirkcudbright, 200.5p Balgrayhill Lockerbie to Border Meats Lockerbie, 199.5p Balgrayhill Lockerbie to M/S JG Renwick & Sons Butchers Thornhill, 199.5p Balgrayhill Lockerbie to M/S Ballard Butchers Castle Douglas
Top Gross Heifer £1349.80 Marwhirn
Bullocks Limousin to 208.5p from D & E Lockhart Fauldingcleugh to Border Meats Lockerbie, 207.5p Fauldingcleugh Kirkpatrick Fleming to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 207.5p Faulding Cleugh Kirkpatrick Fleming to JB Houston Butcher Dumfries, 202.5p (x2) Faulding Cleugh Kirkpatrick Fleming
Top Gross Bullock £1385.33 Little Cocklicks

60 OTM Cattle – Trade brisk for all types
Per head cows
Simmental £1161.80 Ballaggan, £965.25 Crofts, £904.20 Porterstown
Limousin £949.85 Porterstown, £930.10 Cushag
Angus £979.55 Druidhall, £930.10 Marwhirn
British Blue £998.30 Marwhirn
Holstein Friesian £973.40, £958.85 Cruggleton, £901.45 Kerricks
Bulls Charolais £1346.55 Marwhirn
Holstein £1136.45 Whitecroft Mains
Per kilo cows
Simmental 176p Ballaggan, 137p Porterstown
Angus 161p Porterstown, 137p Druidhall
Luing 135p Crofts
Limousin 157p Porterstown, 153p Ballaggan
Holstein Friesian 127p, 124p Cruggleton, 121p Barndennoch, 121p Kerricks
Bulls Charolais 141p Marwhirn
Holstein 119p Whitecroft Main

1195 Prime Hoggs – A mixed offering forward, hoggs which met the right weight and spec met a sharp demand selling between 205p and 230p. Hoggs out with spec harder to cash
Hoggs 32-39Kg to 231p ave 198.9p
Beltex £90 Hillhead, £85 South Corbelly, £82.50 Gelston Castle
Texel £84.50 Little Culloch, £80.50 Longbeoch
Blackface £75.50 Maryholm, £74.50 Fingland
Mule £79 Springfield, £74 Longbeoch
Per kilo
Beltex 231p Hillhead, 218p South Corbelly, 212p Gelston Castle
Texel 230p Longbeoch, 217p Little Culloch, 211p Rigghead
Blackface 199p Maryholm
Mule 200p Springfield
39.1-45.5Kg to 220p ave 194.9p
Texel £92.50, £90 Little Culloch, £86.50 Rigghead
Beltex £90 Little Culloch
Suffolk £87 West Skelston, £84.50 Springfield
Mule £82.50 Rigghead
Blackface £88, £87 Glen, £82.50 Maryholm
Per kilo
Beltex 220p Little Culloch
Texel 209p, 206p Little Culloch
Suffolk 204p Longbeoch
Blackface 196p Glen, 194p Maryholm
46Kg + to 195p ave 176.3p
Charollais £95.50 Newmains, £90 Rigghead
Suffolk £91.50 Chapelhill, £90 North Cowshaw
Texel £91 Trailflat, £90 Rigghead, £90 Longbeoch
Per kilo
Charollais 195p Newmains
Suffolk 191p North Cowshaw
Texel 190p West Skelston

387 Cast Ewes & Rams – met a recent rates
Texel £124.50 Kilfaddoch, £124.50 Trailflat, £110.50 Lanarkland, £103.50 South Bowerhouses
Suffolk £84.50 Lanarkland
Charollais £98.50 Riggheads, £86.50 Glendarroch
Leicester £98.50 Kilfaddoch, £94.50 Dalpeddar, £90.50 Tower
NCC £98.50, £97.50 Annefield
Cross £95.50 Lanarkland, £95 New Farm, £92.50 North Park, £91.50 Tower & Glendarroch
Berrichon £94.50 Newark
Blackface £74.50 Lanarkland, £70 Midlock, £65.50 Tower, £64.50 Dalpeddar, £64 Barr
Rams Suffolk £131.50 New Farm, £113.50 North Cowshaw
Texel £133.50 New Farm, £126.50 Newmains
Blackface £80.50 Midlock, £73.50 Craigdarroch
Lleyn £99.50 Townfoot
Overall Heavy Ewe average £82.50
Overall Light Ewes average £56.70

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