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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 20th March 2013.

27 Prime Cattle – Trade improving every week numbers continue to be short of buyers needs. Anyone with Prime Cattle ready should try the live ring as competition is king.
Sale average 228.4p or (407.9p D/W @ 56%)

Limousin to 235.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to Border Meats Lockerbie, 234.5p Balgrayhill Lockerbie to M/S Mogerley Butchers Dumfries, 233.5p Waterside Haugh of Urr to Grierson Bros Butchers Castle Douglas, 232.5p Waterside Haugh of Urr to M/S JD Owen & Son Butchers Newton Stewart
Charolais to 231.5p to Tinwald Shaws Collin to M/S Ballard Butchers Castle Douglas
Top Gross Heifer £1446.25 Rigghead

Limousin to 230.5p from J & L Craik Waterside to C Anderson. Simmental to 228.5p Riggheads Collin to Border Meats Lockerbie
Top Gross Bullock £1521.30 Waterside

8 Prime Bulls (all dairy bred)
Holstein to 163.5p Porterstown

58 OTM Cattle – Competition for all classes good
Per head
Montbelliard to £1344.75 Shenrick
Simmental to £1262.25 West Lanegate, £1219.10 Lochbank
Hereford to £1313.55 Bonshawside
British Blue to £1136.80 Bush of Craigs, £1057.35 Barshill
Shorthorn to £1031.25 Dalswinton
Holstein to £1279.95, £1178.10 Barndennoch, £1125.90 Shawsmuir

Per kilo
British Blue to 203p Bush of Craig
Limousin to 173p Bush of Craigs
Shorthorn to 165p Dalswinton
Simmental to 167p Lochbank
Angus to 149p Dalswinton
Luing to 143p Merkland
Montbelliard to 163p Shenrick
Charolais to 163p Shawfield
Holstein Friesian to 161p Kerricks, 159p, 153p, 150p Barndennoch, 143 Kirkland, 141p New Farm

1117 Prime Sheep – Best Quality hoggs maintained recent rates selling at 210p – 240p whilst plainer poorer bred sorts were more difficult to sell. The day’s top price was 247p for Texel Crosses from A Stannett, Carronhill, Thornhill. Top price per head was £98.50 for Suffolk Crosses from RJ & HC Thomson, Lanarkland, Glencaple. Overall average was 191.2p

Top prices
Light Hoggs (25.5-32Kg) Top 200p ave 170.4p
Texel £57.50 Maxwelltown
Cheviot £57.50 Chanlockfoot, £56 Marwhirn
Blackface £54.50 Chanlockfoot, £47 Nunnerie, £46 Kilmichael
Cross £53 Hillbank, £51.50 Guelt

Standard Hoggs (32.1-39Kg) Top 247p ave 188.4p
Texel £86.50 Carronhill, £82.50 Carruchan, £76.50 Bank
Cross £69.50 Hillbank, £63 Riggheads, £60.50 The Cottage
Suffolk £70.50 Marwhirn
Half Bred £67, £61 Marwhirn
Blackface £72.50 Riggheads, £72 Craigdarroch, £68 Drumbuie

Medium Hoggs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 230p ave 200.2p
Texel £95.50 Lanarkland, £95.50, £94.50 Cleughbrae, £95 Carruchan
Suffolk £93.50 Lanarkland, £88 west Skelston, £87.50 Riggheads
NCC £88.50 Auchencrieff
Blackface £80 Lawesknowe, £79.50 Craigdarroch, £77 Maxwelltown
Cross £79.50 Maxwelltown

Heavy Hoggs (46Kg + over) Top 207p ave 178.4p
Suffolk £98.50 Lanarkland, £88 Old Mosside, £86.50 Hillbank
Texel £97.50 (x2), £95.50 Cleughbrae
Blackface £91 Mitchellslacks, £84.50 Nunnerie, £81.50 Sweetshawhead
NCC £90.50 Auchencrieff
Lleyn £78.50 Firth Farming
Cross £75 Abune the Brae

317 Cast Ewes & Rams forward. Heavy Ewes sharper lighter ewes similar.

Top prices
Heavy ewes
Texel £105, £87.50 midtown, £98.50 Drumburn
Suffolk £98.50 Dempsterton, £89.50 Park, £86.50, £79.50 New Farm
Half Bred £90.50 park
Beltex £89.50 South Corbelly
Cross £88.50 New Farm, £83.50 Dempsterton, £82.50 Midtown
Zwartble £72.50 Midtown

Light Ewes
Goats £64.50, £53.50 Druidhall
Blackface £50 Abune the Brae, £44.50 Nether Gribton, £44.50 Nisbet
Rams Texel £68.50 Abune the Brae
Leicester £75.50 Guelt

Overall Heavy Ewe average £68.08
Overall Light Ewe average £34.83

corresponding week 2012 sale report

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