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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 30th October 2013.

33 Prime Cattle – Quality Cattle scarce and in demand, very mixed offering forward.
Heifers Limousin to 257.5p, 255.5p from J & N Beattie, Woodfield to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan. Top Gross Heifers £1513.60 Marwhirn
Bullocks Limousin to 241.5p, 240.5p from D & E Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh to Border Meats, Lockerbie
Top gross Bullock £1551.23 Faulding Cleugh

86 OTM Cattle – Plainer cows met a hesitant demand. Fleshed cows scarce.
Principal Prices
Per Head
Limousin to £1161.80 Glenlaught, £922.50 Nether Barr
British Blue to £1002.80 Barony
Angus to £872 Barony, £887.55 Boreland
Holstein Friesian to £946.05 Brownfield, £877.80 Newhouse
Per Kilo
Limousin to 183p Boreland, 150p Nether Barr
Angus to 165p Boreland, 123p Auld Mills
Holstein Friesian to 141p Woodhead, 114p Newhouse, 119p Brownfield

1305 Prime Lambs & Ewes Forward

811 Prime Lambs – Trade sharper for all classes. Sale average 176.6p

32.1-39Kg ave 178.1p to 211p Hillhead
Beltex to £76 Hillhead
Suffolk to £70.50 Springfield, £69 Third
Texel to £74.50 Third, £72.20 Over Abington
Mule to £64.50 East Polquhirter, £63 Craighead

39.1-45.5Kg ave 178p to 207.5p Cocklicks
Beltex to £83 Cocklicks, £83 Hillhead
Texel to £79 East Polquhirter, £79 Cowans
Suffolk to £76.50 Marwhirn, £76.50 Springfield
Berrichon to £75 Glendarroch

45.6-52Kg ave 160.3p to 182p Outertown
Texel to £81.20 Capelfoot, £80.50 East Polquhirter
Suffolk to £81.50 Dempsterton, £80.20 West Skelston

494 Cast Ewes & Rams Forward. In line with National trend small ewes sold well with big ewes being abit easier to sell.
Texel to £84.50 Belridding
Charollais to £75.50 Copewood
Suffolk to £73.50 Lanarkland
Mule to £56.50 Abune the Brae, £55.50 Muircleugh
Chev Mule to £54.50 Arnmannoch
Blackface to £40.50, £40 Kirkland, £40 Hillhead

Heavy Ewes average £48.90
Light Ewe average £29.50

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