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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of 795 store cattle in Dumfries on Monday 20th April 2009, which included the Annual Spring Sale of Organic Cattle.

The Organic Sale of Cattle again created much interest with buyers from throughout the UK in attendance mainly grazing cattle forward

Bullocks to 232p Sale average 200.25
Heifers to 229.1p Sale average 188.83
Sale average 196.7p

Bullocks per Kg
Charolais to 232.1p (Craignarget) Gillespie
Simmental to 224.6p Barnean
Hereford to 219.6p Spindleside
Angus to 216.1p Kirkland
Shorthorn to 200p Spindleside
Limousin to 204.8p Durie
Luing 203p Low Auchenree

Heifers per Kg
Charolais 229.1p (Craignarget) Gillespie
Simmental 203.3p Barnean
Limousin 200p Barnean

Bullocks per Head
Angus to £1000, £990, £950, £925 Inglestone, £955, £865 Whiteholme
Limousin to £970, £935, £830 Kirkdale, £800 Cumberhead

Angus to £840 Ingleston, £740 Whiteholme
Blonde to £800 Cumberhead
Limousin to £775, £690 Kirkdale
Shorthorn to £720, £690 Spindleside
Simmental to £655 Barnean
Charolais to £650 (Craignarget) Gillespie

Limousin Cow with Calf at foot £960, £920, Hassendeanburn

The fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle continued to meet a keen trade
Bullocks to 217.6p Sale average 175.4
Heifers to 208.5p Sale average 173

Bullocks per Kg
Limousin to 217.6p Raehills, 200p Burnton
Charolais to 213.9p Meikleholm, 209.6p Cormaddie
British Blue to 201.8p Raehill

Heifers per kilo
Charolais to 208.5p Cormaddie
Limousin to 208.5p Hall of Drumpark
Simmental 197.2p Mark

Bullocks per Head
Angus to £1080, £930 Dempsterton, £840 No 6 Howes, £825 Beastockrigg
Limousin to £980 Boreland, £935 Woodhead, £870 Cormaddie, £845 Boreland
Charolais £885, £845 Lochanhead, £820 Woodhead
British Blue to £885 No 6 Howes, £870 Woodhead
Simmental to £855 No 6 Howes

Limousin to £985 Coatston, £910, £845 Laneside, £855 Hall of Drumpark
Charolais to £900 Shangan, £855, 3800 Lochanhead
Simmental to £890, £765 Garrel
Angus to £810 Branteth, £790 New Farm

Limousin £825 Laneside
Angus £745 Auchencheyne

Calf Sale

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly sale of young calves
33 forward – plenty of buyers requiring all classes of calves and good lots well bid for

Top Prices
Angus Bull Calves £205 (Feb/March born) Brickhouse, £190 (Feb/March born) Over Langshaw
Holstein Friesian Bull Calves - £230 (Dec/Jan born) Greigsland, £195 (Feb born) Barndennoch, £160 (Feb/March born) Greigsland
Shorthorn Bull Calves - £145 (Feb/March born) Brickhouse
Danish Bull Calves - £170 (Feb/March born) Over Langshaw

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