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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of store cattle in Dumfries on Monday 15th June 2009.

152 forward – a very mixed show of Dairy Bred Cattle, buyers were plentiful, Trade remained good.

Charolais X Bulls to 203.5p Upper Rigg
Limousin X Bulls to 192.9p Clonhie
Sale average 182.4p

Limousin X Bullocks to 198.2p Hameknowe
Charolais X Bullocks to 190p Clonhie
Saler X Bullocks to 180.1p Woodhead
Sale average 160.1p

Limousin X heifers to 185p the Meadows
Angus X Heifers to 185p The Meadow
British Blue to 176.7p Clonhie
Charolais to 175.9p Woodcroft
Sale average to 175p

Bullocks per Head
British Blue to £800 Cushag, £770 Barsalloch
Angus to £800 Cushag
Charolais to £745 Cushag
Limousin to £730 Cushag, £692 Hameknowe
Holstein Friesian to £650 Topmuir

Heifers per Head
Charolais £712 Lochanhead, £710 Woodcroft, £695 Greenmerse
Hereford £628 barsalloch
Limousin £628 Barsalloch, £565 Clonhie Cott
Bulls Charolais £580 Upper Rigg
Limousin £540 Clonhie Cott

34 Cows & Heifers with calves, 55 Bulling Heifers and 3 Beef Breeding Bulls

Trade still very firm for quality sorts.

Limousin Bulls - £2200 Drumburn (5 ½ yo)
Angus Bulls - £1200 Brickhouse

Limousin X Heifers with Calves £1600, £1480, £1420 Boreland
Simmental X Heifers with Calves £1480 Boreland
British Blue Heifers with Calves £1300, £1250 Glencairn
Angus Heifers with Calves £1150, £980 Mosslands
British Blue Cows with Calves £1320 Glencairn
Blue Grey Cows with Calves £900, £880 Lochmailing
Angus Cows with Calves £970, £790 Newbridge
Shorthorn Cows with Calves £920 Brickhouse
Bulling Heifers
Simmental £985 Branetrigg, £880 Butterdales
Limousin £980, £900, £890 Branetrigg
Angus £910 Branetrigg, £820 Over Abington
British Blue £855 Branetrigg

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of Young Calves in Dumfries on Monday 15th June .

33 forward mainly Black & White. Calves with a bit of age were in good demand with younger milk calves harder to cash.

Principal Prices
B&W Bulls £210, £170 (10 weeks) Barndennoch, £190, £180 (14 weeks) Greigsland
AA Bulls £250 (10 weeks) Brickhouse
Shorthorn Bull £70 (8 weeks) Brickhouse
Limousin Heifer £82 (3 weeks) East Arndarroch

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