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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of store cattle in Dumfries on Monday 22nd February 2010.

261 Forward – Trade was sharper, buyers were in attendance from a wide area all were keen to purchase greater numbers of cattle both short and long term keep.

Charolais X to 232.7p Grove Farms, 220.9p Woodhead
Angus X to 210.8p Kirtleton Hill, 205.3p Blackburn
Limousin X to 219.7p Grove Farms, 190.6p Quarry House
Sale average 174.2p

Charolais X to 198.5p Meikle Barncleugh, 190.1p Woodhead
Limousin X to 185.9p The Mark, 180.5p Kirkhill of Dalton
Angus X to 187.1p The Mark, 176.7p Blackburn
Sale Average 170.1p

Limousin X to 186.1p Nithside
Charolais to 167.8p Woodhead
Sale average 176.3p

Bullocks per Head
Limousin £1140, £1120, £1055, £990, £988 North Bowerhouses, £875 Barbuie, £875 Cormaddie
Charolais £942 Hillhead, £880 Burnton, £832 Auchenhill, £812 Woodhead
Simmental £930, £875 Barbuie, £898, £892 Butterdales
Angus £790 Raehills, £735 Cormaddie, £665 Blackburn
British Blue £750 Cormaddie
Swedish Red £660 Quarry House
Holstein Friesian £625 Isle

Simmental £880 The Mark
Charolais £840 Hillhead, £758, £768 Auchenhill
Limousin £892 Hillhead, £790 the Mark, £782 Blountfield
Angus £800, £795 The Mark, £795 Newbank, £770 Beastockrigg
Holstein £690 Quarry House

Limousin £735 Nithside
Charolais £655 Woodhead
A small show of calves met a good demand
British Blue Bull Calves £275 Over Langshaw
Swedish Red Bull Calves £170, £115 Over Langshaw
Friesian Bull Calves £228 (x6) Beuchan, £80, £78 Over Langshaw.

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