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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 18th April 2011, including their Spring Sale of Organic Status Cattle when they had forward 761 Head.

246 Organic Cattle – comprised of mainly younger grazing cattle and met a brisk trade.
Bullocks averaged 202.3p or £660.41
Limousin to 234.1p Edgerston Tofts
Charolais to 211.1p Craignarget
Simmental to 206p Corbelly Hill
Angus to 197p Corbelly Hill
Heifers averaged 176p or £614.86
Charolais to 196.6p Craignarget
Limousin to 186.4p Corbelly Hill
Simmental to 177.3p Corbelly Hill
Bulls averaged 147p or £358.61
Brown Swiss to 155.1p Beyond the Burn
Principal Prices Bullocks
Charolais £1080 Charleston Park, £820 Corbelly Hill, £760 (x5) Craignarget
Simmental £690 (x6) Corbelly Hill
Limousin £735 Corbelly Hill, £700 (x3) Bonnington
British Blue £900 (x2) Outer Blair
Angus £1040, £960 Charleston Park
Charolais £748 (x4), £695 (x4) Craignarget
Simmental £860 Corbelly Hill
British Blue £870 (x8), £830 (x6) Outer Blair

515 Store Cattle were presented to a full ringside of local and distant buyers all actively seeking Cattle with both Suckler and Dairy Bred being Sharper.
296 Bullocks averaged 179.7p
Charolais to 210.7p Martingirth
Limousin to 210.4p Abune the Brae
Angus to 198p Raehills
Blonde to 193.3p Gibbonhill
Simmental to 193p Longrigg
197 Heifers averaged 177.7p
Charolais to 228.8p Cormaddie
Limousin to 201.1p Garleffan
British Blue to 196p Edge
Simmental to 191.3p Commonside
22 Bulls averaged 147.9p
Charolais to 211.3p Airds of Balcary
Simmental TO 188.3P Buittle Mains
Holstein to 132.3p Mid Bishopton
Principal Prices Bullocks
Charolais £1130 Foregirth, £910 Woodside, £865 (x2) Maryfield, £850 (x2) Auchencheyne, £825 (x2) Woodside, £820 (x2) Maryfield, £815 (x6) Meikleholm
Limousin £1075 (x3) Garleffan, £1035 Butterdales, £990 (x6) Woodhall, £990 (x2) North Bowerhouses, £985 (x5) Garleffan, £880 (x3) Calvertsholm, £865 (x6) Meikleholm
Simmental £990, £970 Butterdales, £925 Longrigg, £890 Butterdales
Blonde £965 Gibbonhill, £860 Woodside
Angus £870 Foregirth, £820 Mosside, £775 Raehills, £710 (x6) Milton
Shorthorn £815 (x2) Third, £790 (x4) West Deloraine
Luing £700 (x6) Raehill
Holstein Friesian £880 (x7), £765 (x7) Calvertsholm, £740 (x4), £730 (x4) Topmuir
Limousin £950 (x2) West Deloraine, £940 Hightownhead, £900 (x4) Calvertsholm, £895 (x5) Garleffan, £840 Hartfield, £820 (x4) Beastockrigg, £815 Hightownhead, £790 (x2) Ballaggan, £790 (x3) West Deloraine
Charolais £935 (x3) Auchenhill, £915 (12month Old) Cormaddie, £910 (x2) Gibbonhill, £888 Auchenhill, £835 Woodside, £790 (x3) Foregirth, £790 (x4) Cormaddie
Angus £830 Auchenhill, £722 (x3) Dempsterton
Blonde £842 (x4) Gibbonhill
Charolais £855, £800 Airds of Balcary
Limousin £845 Airds of Balcary
Simmental £480 Buittle Mains
Holstein £360 (x7) Mid Bishopton

Calves were short of buyers demands selling to a top of £132 for Limousin Heifer from Hartfield.

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