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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 11th July 2011.

183 Forward – Trade for all classes remains bouyant
(101) Bullocks to 220ppk to average 182.1ppk and £1100
(82) Heifers to 190ppk to average 172ppk and £935

Per Head
Simmental £1100 Butterdales
Montbeliard £1080, £902 Butterdales
Limousin £855(x6) Calvertsholm, £840(x5) Mosside, £820 Cushag, £835, £805 Castlehill, £830 St. Ninnians
Charolais £820(x2) Castlehill, £740 St Ninnians, £738 Barend, £738(x2) Maryfield
Saler £805, Cushag
Holstein Friesian £790(x6) Calvertsholm, £725(x5) Topmuir

Angus £935(x3), £920(x4), £835(x6) Braehead
British Blue £922(x2), £805 Braehead
Limousin £790(x7), Calvertsholm, £762 St Ninnians
Simmental £785(x2) Lochbank

Per Kilo
Charolais 220p Edge
Limousin 207.3p Castlehill
Angus 198.4p Burrance of Currance

Simmental 190p Lochbank
Limousin 188.6p Newbiggin
Angus 173.8p Braehead

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