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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their Fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 6th February 2012.

298 Forward – Trade for all classes continues to improve a large ringside of buyers present all keen to purchase. More younger cattle on offer

184 Bullocks ave 210p to 248.5p and £1210.00
101 Heifers ave 207.6p to 237p and £1110.00
13 Bulls ave 177p to 204.5p and £790.00

Principal prices

Charolais £1210 (x5) Hartbush, £860 (x4) Woodcroft
British Blue £1200 Belzies, £1130 Rockhallhead, £1020 Belzies
Limousin £1145 (x5) Hartbush, £1130, £1125 (x3) Rockhallhead, £1080, £1070 East Gallaberry, £1055 No 2 Tregallon, £1020 (x4) Carzield, £980 (x3), £970 No 2 Tregallon, £970 Belzies, £965 Lochbank, £960 (x2) Shenrick
Angus £1125 East Gallaberry, £965 (x3) Carzield, £800 (x5) Woodcroft
Saler £1045 (x2) Carzield
Montbelliard £1080 (x3) Shenrick

Limousin £1110, £925 Hightownhead, £1085 (x3), £1070 (x6) Cormaddie, £940 Eastlands, £975 (x13) Mosside, £915 Martingirth, £900 Cormaddie, £930 (x8) Kirkbride
Charolais £1040 (x3) Hayfield
British Blue £1070 Belzies, £1055 Cormaddie, £955 Hightownhead
Angus £1040 Hayfield

Hereford £790 Woodcroft
British Blue £675 Backburn

Per kilo Bullocks
Limousin 248.5p, 239.1p Glenlaught, 230.3p Rashgill, 218.1p Hartbush
Charolais 239.1p Glenlaught, 222.9p Auchengruith, 216.1p Hartbush
Luing 245.8p Fairgirth
British Blue 226p Belzies, 221.6p Rockhallhead
Angus 218.3p Raehills, 213.3p Maryfield, 212.1p Mollins
Hereford 209p Russet

Limousin 237p Glenlaugh, 219.8p Hightownhead, 219.1p Mosside
Charolais 235.5p Martingirth, 215.7p Ampherlaw
British Blue 214p Belzies, 207.7p Lochmailing
Luing 208.3p Fairgirth
Montbelliard 203.6p Brownfield

British Blue 204.5p Backburn

Dumfries Mart, Huntingdon Road, Dumfries DG1 1NF Tel : 01387 279495
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