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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly sale of 415 Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 16th April 2012.

98 Organic Cattle Trade good for a mixed offering.

Bullocks to 266.1p ave 222.7p and £1000
Heifers to 238p ave 202.2p and £1055

Heifers Simmental to £1055 (x4) Outer Blair
Limousin to £950 (x5) Outer Blair
Charolais to £775 (x5) Craignarget

Bullocks Simmental to £995 (x5) Outer Blair
Limousin to £1000 Outer Blair
British Blue to £950 (x2) Outer Blair
Charolais to £850 (x4) Craignarget

Per Kilo Bullocks Charolais to 266.1p Craignarget
Simmental to 221p Outer Blair
Limousin to 229.9p Cumberhead

Heifers Charolais to 238p Craignarget
Limousin to 230.2p Cumberhead
Simmental to 204.5p Outer Blair


317 Store Cattle were sharper with more buyers from a wide area in attendance.

176 Bullocks to 258.4p ave 218.3p to £1290
117 Heifers to 250.7p ave 225.6p to £1065
24 Bulls to 258.2p ave 228.7 to £1100

Limousin to £1290, £1080 Woodhall, £1120 (x4), £1020 (x2) Westhills, £1115 (x2) Kirkbride, £1100, £995 (x6) Meikleholm, £1095 (x4) Bush
British Blue £1290, £970 (x3)Woodhall, £1160 (x3) Bruntshields, £1105 Westhills
Simmental £1100 Meikleholm, £1085 (x2) Westhills, £975 Kirkbride, £970 (x2) Craiglearen
Blonde £960 (x2) Brandyburn
Charolais £1055 (x3) Hillhead
Angus £880 (x3) Palaceknowe
Holstein Friesian £825 (x3Greenbeck, £820 (x5) New Farm, £750 (x6) Hillhead

Simmental £1065 Kirkbride
Limousin £1040 (x3) Kirkbride, £990 (x3) The Bush, £895 (x3), £860 (x5) Cormaddie
Charolais £895 (x10) Cormaddie, £860, £840 (x9) Cormaddie
Bulls Simmental £1100 Palaceknowe
Limousin £890 Drumburn, £865 (x6) Lochmailing
Angus £740 (x6) Lochmailing

Per kilo Bullocks
Limousin to 258.4p Meikleholm
Simmental to 251.4p Meikleholm
Charolais to 227.4p Hillhead
Blonde to 244p Brandyburn
Luing to 241.5p West Auchensheen
British Blue to 225.2p Bruntshields
Holstein to 176.5p Hillhead

Charolais to 250.7p Cormaddie
Limousin to 248.6p Cormaddie
Blonde to 237p Brandyburn

Limousin to 258.2p Lochmailing
Angus to 238.7p Lochmailing

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