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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly sale of 667 store cattle in Dumfries which included the Autumn sale of Organic cattle on Monday 1st October 2012.

Organic Cattle – with buyers from throughout the country present trade for suckler bred cattle was buoyant, dairy bred types met a selective demand.

108 Bullock to 250p and £1185 ave 207p (2011 210.5p)
72 Heifers to 210.5p and £990 ave 188.4p (2011 170.3p)

Principal prices

British Blue £1185(x4), £1065 Torhousemuir
Simmental £1055 (x5), £870 (x3) Kirwaugh
Angus £1065 Torhousemuir, £710 Craignarget
Limousin £915 Outerblair, £780 (x3) Swinside
Holstein £1065 Torhousemuir
Charolais £880 (x2), £875 (x6), £790 (x3), £775 (x5) Craignarget (6-7mo)
Per kilo Bullocks
Charolais 250p, 236.8p, 235.8p Craignarget
Limousin 238.6p Torhousemuir, 223.2p Outerblair, 219.1p Swinside
Simmental 224.5p, 212.2p Kirwaugh, 207.7p Outerblair
British Blue 219.6p, 217.4p Torhousemuir
Holstein 219.6p Torhousemuir
Shorthorn 219.1p Swinside
Angus 219.6p Torhousemuir, 207.7p Upper Locharwoods
Principal prices

Simmental £990 (x4) Outerblair, £905 (x5), £850 (x2) Kirwaugh
Limousin £705 (x3) Swinside
Charolais £690 (x8) Craignarget
Per kilo Heifers
Simmental 210.5p Kirwaugh, 208.4p Outerblair
Limousin 188p Swinside
Charolais 199.1p Craignarget

487 Non Organic Cattle were presented to the usual full ringside of active buyers. Best quality sorts easily sold whilst plainer Bullocks and Heifers met a more animated demand.

202 Bullocks to 217.8p ave 183.6p and £1115
64 Holstein Friesian Bullocks to 152p ave 131.6p and £740
221 Heifers to 207.2p ave 178p and £1060

Principal prices

Charolais £1080 Auchenhill, £1040 (x3) Cormaddie, £1025, £995 (x4) Netherhall
Angus £1115, £970 (x4) Raeburnhead, £1030 (x3) Auchenage, £990 Sunnyhill, £960 Glenjaan
Limousin £1005 (x2), £925 (x7) Kirkbride, £990 Castlefairn, £980 Sunnyhill, £950 (x3) Cormaddie
Simmental £970 (x2) Kirkbride, £905 Maxwellbank
Blonde £940 Castlefairn
British Blue £880 (x7) Harwood
Holstein £800 (x2) Shenrick, £740 Hightae
Per kilo Bullocks
Limousin 217.8p Sunnyhill, 211.9p Borgue House
Charolais 212.2p Cormaddie, 203.1p Netherhall
Angus 208.4p Sunnyhill, 200p Glenjaan
Blonde 204.1p Castlefairn
Stabiliser 194.4p South Mains
Principal Prices
Charolais £1025 (x3) Barshill, £1025 Hillhead, £955 (x3) Barshill, £910 (x6) Netherhall
Limousin £1040 Bush of Craigs, £910 (x4 Ballaggan, £910 Netherhall
Simmental £910 (x6) Borgue House
Angus £1060, £960 (x2), £945 Raeburnhead, £910 Netherhall, £860 (x4) Auchenage
Per kilo Heifers
Charolais 207.2p Auchenhill, 206.9p Barshill
Angus 207.2p Auchenhill
Limousin 201.3p Borgue House
Simmental 202p Borgue House

A plain show of Young Calves saw £108 for a Holstein Friesian Bull from Messrs Bunting Midtown. More numbers required to fulfil buyers' requirements.

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