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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 18th March 2013.

379 Forward – Buyers were out in force requiring all types of cattle. Trade continues to improve.

Prior to the sale the Show Cattle were judged by Mr Sam Carlisle who awarded the Best Single to G & T Fitzsimon, Sunnyhill with a 12 month old British Blue Bullock (520Kg) selling at £1200.

Best Pen also awarded to G & T Fitzsimon, Sunnyhill for Limousin Bullocks (420Kg) selling at £1010.

241 Bullocks averaged 219.5p to 298.4p and £1355
38 Holstein Friesian Bullock averaged 170.4p to 185p and £815
100 Heifers averaged 211.7p to 256.9p and £1205

Principal Prices

Angus to £1355, £1090 Trolane, £1080 Dalswinton, £1080 Cushag, £1080 Backburn, £1035 Brownrigg, £1030 Barbuie
Simmental £1270, £1215, £1175, £1095 Barbuie
Limousin £1240 Tregallon, £1160 Park, £1105, £1030 Barbuie
Charolais £1120 East Buccleugh, £1095, £1060 Dalswinton, £1035 Foregirth, £1020 Shawfield
Blonde £1220 Panlands, £990 Cushag
British Blue £1200, £1065 Sunnyhill, £965 Trolane
Shorthorn £1090, £1075 Butterdales
Holstein £815 Hightae

Limousin £1205 Trolane, £1170, £1075 Tregallon, £935 Cormaddie
Charolais £1115 Dalswinton, £935, £925 Cormaddie
Shorthorn £905 Butterdales
Angus £890 Beastockrigg, £885 Trolane

Per Kilo

Charolais 298.4p, 272.1p Powhillon, 258.2p Shawfield, 246.4p Foregirth, 243.1p Nisbet
Simmental 261.3p, 250p Barbuie, 243.3p Bush of Craigs
Limousin 240.5p Sunnyhill, 240p Bush of Craigs, 238.5p Tregallon
British Blue 243.4p Shawfield, 230.8p Sunnyhill
Angus 248.4p Powhillon, 243.4p Shawfield, 230.3p Brownrigg
Shorthorn 233.7p Butterdales

Charolais 256.9p Cormaddie, 237p Shawfield, 236p Nisbet, 225.3p Backburn
Limousin 238.8p Tregallon, 233.7p No 2 Tregallon
Angus 212.8p Nisbet

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