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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their Fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 27th May 2013.

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200 Forward – more grazing cattle trade brisk.
111 Bullocks to 247.6p ave 215.9p and £1090
10 Holstein Friesian to 172p ave 172p and £645
67 Heifers to 262.6p ave 201.4p and £1150
12 Bulls to 235.8p ave 214.8p and £885

Per Head
Angus to £1090, £1040, £1000 Trolane
Limousin to £905 No 6 Howes
Simmental to £970 Castlefairn
British Blue to £860 No 6 Howes

British Blue to £1150 Longbridgemuir
Simmental to £890 Castlefairn
Angus to £780 Auld Mills

British Blue to £885 Todholes
Limousin to £820 Lawston

Per Kilo
Angus to 247.6p Raehills, 231.1p Trolane
Charolais to 240p Martingirth, 233.3p Cree Mill
Limousin to 240p Martingirth, 237.5p Greenbrae

Angus to 262.2p Raehills
Limousin to 246.2p Glenlaught, 240p Tundergarth Mains
Charolais to 217p Martingirth
British Blue to 217p Longbridgemuir

Limousin to 235.8p Lawston
British Blue to 215.9p Todholes

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