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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly sale of store cattle in Dumfries on Monday 16th September 2013.

504 cattle forward

Buyers were in attendance from a wide distant ensuring trade for all classes bouyant.

232 Bullocks ave 224.7p to 275.9p and £1530

61 Holstein Friesian Bullocks ave 154.4p to 180p and £890

211 Heifers ave 210.4p to 317p and £1490

Principal Prices


Limousin to £1530 Trailflat, £1490 North Bowerhouses, £1410(x2) Trailflat, £1200 Nethertown, £1145 (x2), £1130 Cocklicks, £1120 Park, £1120 (x2) Woodhead, £1100 (x5) Ballaggan, £1080 (x4) Kirkland
Charolais to £1260 Martingirth, £1065 Knocksheen
Angus to £1200 (x8) Arnmannoch, £1160 (x2) Barwhanny, £1150 (x3) Auchlane, £1125 Holm of Daltallochan, £1020 Boreland Southhill
British Blue to £1110 Auchlane, £94 0(x4) Harwood on Teviot
Stabiliser to £1075 (x7) South Mains
Simmental to £1090 Landis, £965 (x2) Borgue House
Blonde to £975 Castlefairn
Shorthorn to £965 Borgue House
Holstein Friesian to £890 (x3) Park, £880 (x6) Auchlane


Limousin to £1490 (x2), £1465, £1425 (x2), £1350, £1340 North Bowerhouses, £1200 Woodhead, £1160 (x2) West Lanegate, £995 (x2) Edingham, £980 Kirkhaugh
Charolais to £1260 Park, £1080 (x4) Westlanegate, £1060 Beastockrigg, £965 (x2), £960 (x5) Westlanegate, £920 (x8) Woodcroft
Simmental to £915 (x3) Borgue House
British Blue to £990(x5, £920 (x4) Harwood on Teviot, £920 Landis
Angus to £1080 (x3), £1035 (x3), £1020 (x4) Barwhanny, £975 (x7) Newlands, £955 (x2) Netherhall

Per Kilo


Limousin to 275.9p Nethertown, 266.1p Trailflat
Charolais to 245.2p Knocksheen, 242.9p Martingirth
Simmental to 233.8p Hightownhead, 231.3p Borgue House
Blonde to 233.8p Castlefairn
British Blue to 249.3p Stockbridgehill, 239.3p Harwood on Teviot
Angus to 236.7p Barwhanny, 235.3p Arnmannoch
Stabiliser to 230p South Mains


Limousin to 317p Struanlee, 244.1p Nethertown
Charolais to 240p Park, 230p West Lanegate
British Blue to 232.9p Harwood
Angus to 218.2p Barwhanny

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