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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 118 prime cattle, 1 young bull, 35 OTM cattle, 4,928 prime lambs and 6,410 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th August, 2008.

All classes of clean cattle were dearer on the week. Top price of 175.5p for a Limousin heifer from Messrs Blaylock, Hallburn, others to 174.5p Newby Farm, 173.5p Bydekirk Mains, 172.5p Hallburn, 169.5p Swaites, 168.5p Dykehead Farm. Heavyweight Charolais heifers from E & A Graham, Upper Mains to 168.5p & 165.5p.

Limousin bullocks to 172.5p from Messrs Blaylock, Hallburn, 167.5p Bloan Farm, 166.5p Houghton House. Charolais bullocks 167.5p Hallburn, 166.5p Raeburnfoot.

The OTM cattle were a mixed show for quality with trade dearer, Limousin cows to 130.5p Summerhill, 115.5p Oakshaw & Byreburnside. Charolais cows 124.5p Sceughdyke; Angus 133.5p Waltonwoodhead, 110.5p Birchtimber Hill; Galloways 106.5p Camping Holm; Shorthorns 105.5p Summerhill, Friesians 104.5p Becton Hall; Simmental 108.5p Upper Glendivan.

Prices per head Charolais £1114 Sceughdyke; Limousin £822 Summerhill.

The prime lambs were presented to the normal ring of buyers, with a brisk trade throughout for best fleshed lambs, The average was 2p/kg up on the week to level at 130.6p overall.

The sale was topped at £71 for Texel lambs from Messrs Dodd, The Park, Allendale and to 151p from Messrs Cartner, Clerkhill. Other Texels to £64.20 Barnglies, £63.80 Eskdale Street; Suffolks £69.80 Sceughdyke, £67.20 Westloch, £66.80 Faugh Beeches, £63.80 Barnglies; Cheviot £50.80 Tarrasfoot; Charollais £67.20 The Chestnuts, £56.80 Hallburn, £56.80 Dashwellgreen; Halfbreds £54.20 Ridley Stokoe, £51 Earlside; Greyface £58.20 Chapel & Roachburn, £54.20 Kirkhouse; Cheviot Mule £53.20 Parkhill; Leicesters £48 Upperburnmouth; Blackface £53 Westloch; North Country Cheviot £51.20 Clover Hill; Swaledale £40 Foul Lonning; Beltex £55.20 Nunscleugh & Howgillside; Lleyn £56.80, £52.20 South Bowerhouses, Oxford £49.20.

Lightweight lambs were again a large show for numbers but upheld recent rates. Texels £50.20 Balure, £48.20 Georgefield; Suffolks £45 Kilnknowe, £43.80 Gatehouse Cottage, £39.80 Ridley Stokoe; Cheviots £38 Kilbride Farm; Charollais £46.80 Hallburn; Greyface £42.80 Arnicle; Blackface £46.20 Black Mountain Farms; £45.20 Blackburn, £41.80 Riskinhope; North Country Cheviot £46 Whitefield £42.20 Catslackburn; Swaledale £40.20 Greystoke Castle, £35.80 Kilnstown.

A similar show of ewes and rams saw all classes easily maintaining last weeks high rates. Top was £80 for Texel ewes from Roadside, £74.50 Roachburn, £73.50 Easthouse; Beltex £75 Newry, £74.50 Halfway House; Suffolks £68.50 Roadside; Suffolk x £61.50 Moorhills, £60 Roadside; Halfbreds £56.50 Killimster; North Country Cheviots £64.50 Sockbridge Hall; Charollais £67.50 Ballyclare; Cheviot Mules £56.50 Easthouse, £53.50 Winterhope; Greyface £50 Winterhope, £48.50 Stackbraes, Wester Dawyck & Parkhill; Rouge £51.50 Waltonwoodhead; Bleu de Maines £68 Waltonwoodhead.

Hill ewes to £49.50 for Cheviots for Cheviots from Whitcastle, £47.50 Setterah Park; Blackfaces £42.50 Bush of Ewes; Swaledales £33.50 Roachburn, £31.50 Kirkland Green; Gritstones £34 East Mains; Lleyn £33.50 The Height.

Rams to £80 for Suffolks from Rosefield, Texels £74.50 Dormansteads, Cheviots £53.50 Winterhope; Charollais £65.50 Winterhope; Beltex £61.50 Milnholm; Lleyns £49.50 Easthouse; Leicesters £58.50 Finnieness; Blackfaces £38.50 Chapel; Swaledales £34.50 Bog; Herdwicks £26.50 £Stybeck.


Light to 153.5p (138.2p)
Medium to 161.5p (139.2p)
Heavy to 172.5p (154.2p)

Light to 157.5p (145.6p)
Medium to 169.5p (143.9p)
Heavy to 175.5p (151.1p)

Young Beef Bulls to 139.5p (139.5p)

Light to 137.0p (119.5p)
Standard to 151.0p (131.6p)
Medium to 147.0p (133.5p)
Heavy to 145.0p (139.5p)
O/Weight 134.0p (107.0p)

Light to £49.50 (£19.59)
Heavy to £80.00 (£40.80)

Cast Rams £80.00 (£38.48)

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