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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 55 prime cattle, 20 OTM cattle, 6,628 prime lambs and 9,509 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 25th September, 2008.

A small show of cattle with quality sorts in short supply selling to 191.5p for a Limousin bullocks from Messrs Ritson, Swaites purchased by Messrs Nattrass, Butcher, Carlisle, others to 183.5p, 180.5p, 177.5p Hallburn. Galloways to 157.5p Skitby to W Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown. Limousin heifers to 185.5p from Hallburn to Border Meats, others to 178.5p, 177.5p The Beeches; Charolais 170.5p Hallburn.

The OTMs saw well fleshed sorts maintaining late high rates with plainer sorts cheaper. Simmental cows to 121.5p (£978) Holme House. Limousin cows to 118.5p (£930) Summerhill and 107.5p (£817) Sorbie, 103.5p Holme House; Galloway 111.5p, 109.5p Demense; Belgian Blues 110.5p Nunscleugh; Holstein Friesians 106.5p (£734) Harelaw Hole.

The Company had forward a total of 16,137 head of prime and cast sheep. This is the larges entry of sheep since pre foot and mouth in 2001. A new centre record of 9,509 cast ewes and rams were forward together with a further 6,628 prime lambs. A level trade was held for all classes of stock throughout the day and a total clearance was achieved.

A large show of lambs sold to a full ring of buyers and easily upheld recent rates, The lambs averaged 126.5p. The 4,235 lambs over 36 kilos sold to £68 and averaged 129.6p. The 2,393 lambs under 36 kilo sold to £52.20 and averaged 118.9p.

Top price per head was £68.80 for Suffolk lambs from Stackbraes and Texel lambs from TV & M Storey, Tinnis Hall. Other Suffolks to £64.80 Boreland, £63.20 Sceughdyke; Other Texels £65 Clerkhill, £64 Greensburn; Charollais £57.80 Leona Villa, £55.80, £54.80 Thornthwaite Close; Halfbreds £61.80, £58.80 High Moat, £57.20 Chapel; Greyface £60.80 Harelawhill, £57.20 Lipwood Well, £56.80 Hightown & Chapel; Cheviot Mules £56.80 Hackford, £50.80 Commonside, £48.80 Parkhill; Leicesters £50.80 Parcelstown, £49.50 Penpeugh; Blackface £52.80 Barnglieshead, £47.80 Allensgreen, £45 Ellenbank; North Country Cheviot £57, £54.20, £50.80 Humbleheugh; Swaledale £42.80 Bullshill, £40 Howburn; Jacob £52.20 Craigdhu; Beltex £54.20 Blacksmiths Cottage; Zwartbles £47.20 High Crindledyke.

Lightweight lambs to £52.20 for Texels from Clerkhill, £48.20 No 4 Stonehouse; Suffolks £48 Hallburn, £47.20 High Crubasdale; Cheviots £42.20 Catslackburn, £38.80 Cara View & High Crubasdale; Charollais £47.50 Hallburn; Greyface £43.80 Commonside, £43.20 Wolfhills; Blackface £43.80 Penpeugh, £41.80 Newlands; North Country Cheviot £43.80 Commonside; Swaledale £36 Glenbeg, £35.80 Kilnstown; Beltex £45.80 Blacksmiths Cottage.

The record show of cast ewes and rams were presented to a full ring of buyers and ensured that heavy ewes were dearer on the week and short of requirements, with well fleshed hill ewes maintaining recent rates although plainer, less fleshed types harder to cash. The sale was topped at £78.50 for Texels from Messrs Angus, Oldfield, £72.50 Old Walls, Redbanks, Kennachy, £70.50 Rosgill Hall & Shawhill; Suffolks £58.50 Greengatehouse, £56.60 Shawhill, £55.50 Langton Mill; Halfbreds £54.50, £50 Glencroft; Greyface £54.50 Shawhill, £46.50 Fagra, £45.50 Nookton; Cheviot Mule £53.50 Crowhall Farms, £52.50 Maxton, £51.50 Torwoodlea Mains; Leicesters £61.50 Tappaitlane, £52.50 East Mains; North Country Cheviot £59.50 Uppertofts, £56.50 Waterloo, £55.50 Dounreay.

Light ewes to £38.50 for Cheviots from Hackford & Falnash, £36.50 Granton; Blackface £34.50 Albierigg, £33.50 Craigdhu, £32.50 Brownleazes; Swaledale £28.50 Wolfhills, £27.50 Hackford, £26.50 Naddle; Herdwicks £17.50 Laalsteins; Shetland £15 Redbanks, £14.50 Haymont.
Prime rams to £62.50 for Suffolks from Queenshaugh, £57.50 Balnahard; Cheviots £50 Queenshaugh; Texels £58.50 Stackbraes, £56.50 Old Walls & Greenbank Close; Charollais £60.50 Stackbraes; Leicesters £50 Arnicle, £47.50 Crowhall Farms; Blackfaces £40.50 Queenshaugh, £39.50 East Mains, £36.50 Allensgreen; North Country Cheviots £51.50 Waterloo, £50 Oldfield, £48.50 Balnahard; Beltex £52.50 Hobbiesburn, £50 Stackbraes; Zwartbles £53.50 Falside Hill Farms.


Light to 139.5p (112.5p)
Medium to 191.5p (159.8p)
Heavy to 183.5p (161.5p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 178.5p (144.4p)
Heavy to 185.5p (150.2p)

Light to 134.0p (114.8p)
Standard to 145.0p (129.2p)
Medium to 150.0p (129.8p)
Heavy to 140.0p (128.3p)
O/Weight ------ (-------p)

Light to £38.50 (£19.49)
Heavy to £78.50 (£36.04)

Cast Rams £62.50 (£36.31)

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