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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 91 prime cattle, 2 young bulls, 42 OTM cattle, 5,519 prime lambs and 7,172 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 2nd October, 2008.

In the prime cattle section well fleshed clean cattle met a dearer trade. Top price of 186.5p, 182.5p for Limousin from Messrs Blaylock, Hallburn, others to 180.5p, 178.5p Upper Tinwald, 165.5p Houghton House and Netheronsett, 161.5p Houghton House & Toppin Castle, 160.5p Hallees. Limousin heifers to 180.5p Hallburn, 173.5p Bleatarn, 173.5p, 171.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 168.5p Newtown, 165.5p Nirvana & Brisco Hill, 164.5p Brisco Hill. Charolais 168.5p Sceughdyke, 167.5p Hallburn, 165.5p Wicketthorn. Young bulls to 139.5p for Limousin from Brydekirk Mains.

More OTMs were on offer with heavy sorts and bullocks and heifers dearer. Plainer sorts were a similar trade. Limousin bullocks to 126.5p (£1024) Eden Farm, Galloway bullocks 126.5p, 120.5p (£771) Eden Farn; Simmental bullocks 121.5p (£686) Eden Farm; Charolais 107.5p Clarghyll; Friesian heifers 115.5p (£710) Hethermill; Charolais 106.5p Clarghyll; Angus 94.5p Eden Farm. Limousin cows to 127.5p Newtown, 124.5p Hallburn, 123.5p Harelaw Hill, 115.5p Upper Tinwald, 112.5p Hallburn; Belgian Blues 117.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 108.5p Harelawhill; Simmental 116.5p, 115.5p Hallburn, 107.5p Smallholm; Friesian 103.5p Townhead. Shorthorn bulls to 93.5p The Row.

Another large show of prime lambs forward with the overall average slightly down on the week at 123.4p, but good well fleshed lambs 37-45 kilos sold regularly in excess of 130p. Consignors are reminded that most companies present in the auction require lambs to be farm assured. It would now be beneficial for all farmers to be farm assured, especially for lambs 36 kilos and over. Also to avoid the dreaded belly clipping being thrown upon us to soon, farmers would also be asked to tidy up the docks on dirty lambs to ensure clipping stays away as long as possible. The 3,795 lambs over 36kg averaged 125.06p with the 1,546 under 36 kilos averaging 117.5p kilo. Top price was £75.50 for Texels from SL Flett & Son, Redbanks, £72.80 Barnglies, £67.20 Redbanks; Suffolks £67.20 Sceughdyke & Demense, £65.80 Redbanks & Demense, £64.80 Barnglies; Cheviots £46.80 Milnholm, £45.80 Granton, £44.20 Haggiston Holm; Bleu de Maines £60.20 Solway Bank; Charollais £66.20 Burnhouse, £64.20 Chestnuts, £60.20 Glebelands & Chestnuts; Greyface £63.80 Sykehead, £54.80 Burnhouse, £54.20 Low Cairndoon; Cheviot Mule £71.50 Barnglies, £63.80 Stackbraes, £58.80 Barnglies; Leicesters £44.20 The Side; Blackfaces £48.20 High Dubwath, £47.80 Archerbeck, £46.20 Chapel; Jacob £45.80 Parks Farm; Beltex £59.20 Mouldy Hills, £54.50 Naddle & Mouldy Hills, £51.80 D’Mainholm; Zwartbles £52.80 Old Wall, £46.50 Dykerow; Dorsets £50, £46.80 Guards.

Lightweight lambs to £58 for Texels from J Bendle, The Nook, £48.80 Solway Bank; Suffolks £46.80 Broadhaugh, £42.80 Gibbs Hill, £41.80 Burnbrae; Cheviots £44.80 Killean; Charollais £40.80 Drumcork; Greyface £46.20 The Side, £44.80 Grassfield; Blackfaces £47.80 Peela Hill, £44.20 Dryhope; Swaledales £28.20 Naddle; Jacobs £33.80 Woodside Cottage & Millcourt; Zwartbles £37.80 Stackbraes.

Another large show of ewes and rams were forward with the usual buyers present. Heavy well fleshed ewes were firmer on the week & the lighter hill ewes proving a lot harder to cash owing to sheer volume of the same type of ewes forward. The sale was topped at £80.50 for Texel ewes from Messrs Millar, Crookholm, others to £74.50 High Dubwath, £69.50 Wydon. Suffolks £60.50 Kirkhouse, £58.50 Kirkhope & Colmslie Hill; Suffolks £63.50 Finchley, £57.50 North House; Greyfaces £50.50 Barsalloch, £49.50 Newton, £42.50 Barsalloch; Cheviot Mules £53.50 Balgray Hill, £50 The Croft; Leicesters £59.50 Barsalloch, £47.50 East Mains, £46.50 Lintley & Whiteside; North Country Cheviots £54.50 Sebay, £53.50 Broomhill Bank, £51.50 Thura Mains; Beltex £56.50 Mouldy Hills, Zwartbles £42.50 Dykerow.

Light ewes to £38.50 for Cheviots from Hillcrest, £36.50 High Chesters, £35.50 Queenshaugh; Blackfaces £35.50 Brownleazes, £33.50 Medomsley Edge, £31.50 East Mains; Swaledales £24.50 Gallowberry, £21.50 Howburn; Herdwicks £27.50 Barsalloch; Jacob £33.50 Parks Farm, £30.50 Redbanks,

Rams sold to £78.50 for Texels from Oaklands, £76.50 High Dubwath, £74.50 Crookholm; Charollais £60 Queenshaugh; Blackfaces £32.50 Queenshaugh, £27.50 Silloans; North Country Cheviot £44.50 Queenshaugh; Swaledale £39.50 Garretshiels; Cheviot £38.50 Finchley, £37.50 Toftholm; Suffolk £56.50 Queenshaugh, £42 Nethertofts.


Light to 122.5p (117.9p)
Medium to 158.5p (140.0p)
Heavy to 186.5p (161.7p)

Light to 124.5p (124.5p)
Medium to 162.5p (135.6p)
Heavy to 180.5p (153.7p)

Young Beef Bulls to 139.5p (134.4p)

Light to 137.0p (112.7p)
Standard to 161.0p (122.6p)
Medium to 141.0p (125.5p)
Heavy to 143.0p (124.6p)
O/Weight 140.0p (120.5p)

Light to £38.50 (£15.75)
Heavy to £80.50 (£31.50)

Cast Rams £78.50 (£31.97)

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