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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 45 prime cattle, 0 young bulls, 25 OTM cattle, 5,347 prime lambs and 5,988 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 23rd October, 2008.

A small show of clean cattle with trade the same as last week. Limousin bullocks to 167.5p from Messrs Blaylock, Hallburn, others to 165.5p Swaites. Limousin heifers 164.5p Hallburn, 163.5p Brydekirk Mains.

A smaller show of OTM cattle maintained late rates with Limousin cows to 127.5p Harelaw Hill. Blondes 111.5p, 108.5p Blackhouse; Friesians 109.5p Riddings; Charolais 107.5p Barnglies; Hereford 104.5p Barnglies.

There was a larger show of prime lambs and with the usual ring of buyers saw trade steadier on the week following market trends. The best type Texel lambs were easily sold and lambs are now required to be belly clipped. The overall average was 110.4p. The 4,042 lambs over 36 kilos averaged 112.6p with the 1,305 lambs under 36 kilos average 101.1p. The sale was topped at £69.80 for Beltex lambs from Mouldy Hills and to 155p from the same home. Other Beltex £59.50 Mouldy Hills; Suffolk x £64.20 Dyke, £63.80 Oswie, £62.20 Boreland; Cheviot £47.20 Becks; Texels £62.80 Demainholm, £62.50 Wallend, £61.20 Sorbie; Charollais £50 Sceughdyke; Greyface £54.20 Westloch, £50 Reaygarth & Boreland; Cheviot Mules £47.80 Falnash; Leicesters £51.20 Highside; Blackface £48.20 Westloch, £45 Pitland Hills; North Country Cheviot £47 Whiteknowe; Zwartbles £64.50 Cleughbrae.

Lightweight lambs topped at £44.20 for Texels from Tarnside, £41.20 Upper Dounreay; Suffolk x £37 Broadhaugh; Cheviot £39.20, £38.80 Catslackburn; Bleu de Maines £29.50 Henrys Hill; Charollais £36 Townfoot; Greyfaces £43.20 Copperthorns, £37.20 Tower; £35.80 Tower; Blackfaces £36.20 Brackenthwaite & Tinnis Farm, £33.80 Megdale; North Country Cheviots £36.20 Killean Estate; Swaledales £31.20 Bateyshield.

Another large show of 5,961 ewes were forward to a full ring of buyers and easily upheld recent rates, selling to a top of £76.50 for Texel ewes from Ballyrobert, £74.50, £73.50 Ballyrobert; Suffolk x £50.50 Waterloo, £48.50 Ballyrobert & Winterhope; Suffolks £66.50 Cleughbrae; £61.50 East Mains; Bleu de Maines £60.50 Ballyrobert; Charollais £68.50 Ballyrobert; Halfbreds £43.50 Stackbraes, £42.50 Midhouse; Greyfaces £42.50 Borrans Hill, £38.50 East Mains & Low Carry House; Leicesters £49.50 Sanders Close, £48.50 Woodhouse; North Country Cheviot £53.50 Carruthers, £50.50 Winterhope, £49.50 Waterloo; Beltex £50.50 East Mains.

Lightweight ewes to £34.50 for Cheviots from Earlside, £33.50 Haymont, £27.50 Snar; Blackfaces £31.50, £28.50 Sewing Shields, £27.50 Mossfennan & Boreland; Swaledales £24.50 Fordlands, £23.50 Netherton; Herdwicks £27.50 Netherton; Shetlands £16.50 Haymont.

Prime rams to £63.50 for Texels from Ballyrobert, £62.50 Haymont & Stackbraes; Suffolk x £56.60, £52 Goytre; Leicesters £50.50 Low Carry House; Blackface £39.50 Riskenhope, £32.50 Whitchesters; North Country Cheviots £53.50 Blackpark, £49.50 Goytre; Beltex £55.50 Waterloo; Lleyns £45.50 Goytre; Kendal Roughs £38.50 Churchview; Romney Marsh £51.50 Viewfield.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 165.5p (151.4p)
Heavy to 167.5p (145.7p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 163.5p (160.4p)
Heavy to 164.5p (141.6p)

Young Beef Bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 119.0p ( 98.1p)
Standard to 132.0p (110.2p)
Medium to 155.0p (113.0p)
Heavy to 118.0p (110.5p)
O/Weight 113.0p (107.5p)

Light to £34.50 (£16.71)
Heavy to £76.50 (£32.77)

Cast Rams £100.00 (£37.86)

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