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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 99 prime cattle, 2 young bulls, 57 OTM, 5,159 prime hoggs and 5,141 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 8th January, 2009.

A larger show of clean cattle again met a fast selling trade. Top price of 185.5p paid to LE Grice & Son, Newton for a Limousin heifer, others to 183.5p Toppin Castle, 182.5p Houghton House; Charolais 181.5p Hallburn.

Limousin bullocks to 184.5p Dashwellgreen, 183.5p Hallburn, 180.5p Upper Tinwald & Hallburn; Belgian Blues 181.5p The Gill.

Top gross for bullocks £1304 Dashwellgreen. Top gross for heifers £1160 Upper Mains.

Young bulls sold to 145.5p for Black & Whites from TB Imrie, Harelaw Hole.

The OTM met the dearest trade for a long time and were well short of requirements. Top price of 139.5p for a Limousin cow from Nunscleugh, 119.5p Becks; Simmental 127.5p Philiphaugh; Blondes 127.5p Blackhouse; Belgian Blues 127.5p Snab; Friesians 125.5p The Green & Stubbyknowe, 116.5p Todhillrigg; Angus 125.5p Randalinton.

Limousin OTM heifers to 125.5p Blackhouse; Charolais 115.5p Sceughdyke; Friesian 118.5p Ashfield. Galloway bulls to 91.5p Summerhill; Limousin 91.5p Stonehall. Charolais cows to £993 Sceughdyke; Belgian Blues £981 Snab; Limousin £962 Nunscleugh; Friesian £884 Harelawhole; Simmental £854 Philiphaugh; Blondes £816 Blackhouse.

sheep pens

The large show of hoggs were presented to a larger than ususal ring of buyers and saw the dearest trade of the season so far. The overall sale average was 161.5p with the 3,610 lambs over 36 kilos averaged 164.8p and the 1549 under 36 kilos averaged 148.3p.

The sale was topped at £104.50 for Texel hoggs from R Forsyth, Baltier, who also sold at £102.50 and £100.50.

Top price per kilo was 194p for Texels from Messrs Cartner, Clerk Hill. Other Texels to £92.50 Rosehill; Suffolks £84.80, £84.20, £80.80 Dunjop, £80.20 Sunnycroft; Cheviots £76.50 Roan, £73.50 Kirkhouse, £72.50 Adyar; Charollais £87.50 Sceughdyke, £76.80 Hallburn, £74.80 Mosside; Greyface £73.80, £73.20 Dunjop, £72.20 Boreland; Cheviot Mules £76.80 East Mains, £62.20 Catslackburn; Leicesters £65.50 Sanders Close; Blackface £72.80 Barlaes, £70.20 Kirkhouse, £67.80 Barlaees; Swaledales £59.50 Street House, £52.20 Ballywillan; Herdwicks £54.80 Hillside; Zwartbles £71.80 Williamswood & Miller Hill.

Light lambs to £64.80 for Texels from Clerk Hill, £62.20 High Stenries, £57.20 Windyhill; Suffolks £60.20 Acreknowe, £55.20 Sykehead & Springkell; Cheviots £58.80 Bloch & Clerkhill & Tushielaw; Charollais £53.50 Cossibeg, £53.80 Drinkstone, £53.20 Dalbhraddan, £52.20 Macherquhat; Blackfaces £60.20 Kirkhouse, £46.20 Debog; Swaledales £49.80 Westburnhope, £42.20 Greystoke Castle, £41.20 Westburnhope.

Also forward were an excellent show of cast ewes and rams which sold at the dearest rates of this season to an increased ring of buyers. The sale topped at £94.50 for Texels from C Hastings, Rosehill. Others to £90 Ballyrobert, £88.50 Woodhead, Rosehill & Middle Farm; Suffolks £88.50, £86.50 Roadside & Huntington, £84.50 Ballyrobert, £82.50 Blackburn; Bleu de Maine £76.50 Middle Farm; Charollais £82.50, £74.50 Ballyrobert; Halfbreds £76.50 Burnfoot On Esk, £75.50 Huntington, £71.50 Burnfoot on Esk; Greyface £68.50 Calder Farms, £67.50 Connon, £65.50 Brokenheugh & Camieston; Leicesters £78.50 Quarry House, £76.50 Ashfield, £75.50 Sanders Close; North Country Cheviot £72.50 Nottingham Mains, £66.50 Roadside, £59.50 Ballyquillan; Beltex £80.50 Ballyrobert.

Lightweight ewes to £59.50 for Cheviots from Woodfoot and Blackfaces from Stooprigg. Other Cheviots £56.50 Ballyrobert, £55.50 Sykehead; other Blackfaces £56.50 Quarry House, £55.50 Stooprigg; Swaledales £46.50 Quarry House, Todhillwood & Yewtree; Herdwicks £33.50, £32.50 Allfornaught; Shetlands £38.50 Laythes, £30 Ballyrobert.

Rams to £78.50 for Texels from Ballyrobert, £75.50 Laythes, £74.50 West Nubbock; Suffolks £62.50 Barrockend & Riddell Farms; Cheviots £58.50 Catslackburn, £57.50 Twislehope; Charollais £70.50 Broomhouse, £67.50 The Wreay; Leicesters £68.50 Northfield, £67.50 Springwells; Blackface £49.50 Pirntaton & Ronchan; North Country Cheviot £58.50 Ballywillan; Swaledale £40.50 Ballywillan; Jacobs £49.50 The Wreay; Beltex £55.50 Maidencoates; Lleyn £66.50 Over Whitlaw.


Light to 153.5p (143.6p)
Medium to 159.5p (159.5p)
Heavy to 184.5p (166.2p)

Light to 131.5p (129.5p)
Medium to 167.5p (162.5p)
Heavy to 185.5p (165.2p)

Young Beef Bulls to 145.5p (141.6p)

Light to 174.0p (143.0p)
Standard to 194.0p (158.0p)
Medium to 186.0p (167.6p)
Heavy to 177.0p (157.6p)
O/Weight ------p (-------p)

Light to £59.50 (£40.06)
Heavy to £94.50 (£57.21)

Cast Rams to £78.50 (£53.03)

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