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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 53 prime cattle, 22 OTM, 6,028 prime hoggs and 4615 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th February, 2009.

75 Cattle forward quality clean cattle sharper on the week, Top Prices 180.5p, 179.5p for Limousin Bullocks from N Forster, Haining House, others to 176.5p, 175.5p Upper Tinwald, 173.5p Houghton House, 172.5p Hallburn. Top Price Bullock £1331 Haining House. Charolais Heifer from J & N Blaylock & Son, Hallburn sold to 179.5p, 178.5p, Blonde Heifer from M/S R Neill, Upper Tinwald sold to 179.5p, Limousin Heifers from Hallburn to 171.5p.

OTM in short supply maintained late high rates. Limousin Bullock to 143.5p, £1090 Fenton. Galloway Bullocks to 131.5p Skitby, Fries Heifers to 121.5p, Short Heifers to 134.5p, 126.5p Synton Park Head. Belgian Blue comes to 118.5p Synton Park Head. Limousin comes to 114.5p The Dinley, B & W comes to 110.5p Low Moat, Meuse-Rhine-Issel to 106.5p Englishtown, Blue Grey to 94.5p Bloch

sheep pens

Another massive show of 6028 Hoggs. A full ring of buyers and heavy show in the south ensured the best trade of the season so far. The 3256 Hoggs over 36Kg averaged 172.8p with the 2731 under 36Kg averaging 158.7Kg. The overall Sale average was 168.2p. The Sale was topped at £103.50 for Beltex Hoggs from Mactaggart Bros, Castle Douglas and to 250p for Beltex from Mr T Gribbon. Waterside, Cargen Bridge.

Good Quality Texel and Suffolk Hoggs regularly sold between £40 and £40 over weight, with English Mules fully £30 over. The best show of Hoggs for quality in many weeks saw buyers keen for all weight classes and many best Texels and Beltexs Hoggs sold over 200p mark.

Principal Prices:

Heavy ave 172.8p
Beltex £103.50 Mactaggarts, £100 Waterside; NCC £100.50 Kelsocleugh, £84.50 Whiteknowe, £83.20 The Land; Texel £100 Walkerdyke, £100 Shankbridge End, £96.50 Walston Mill; Suffolk £90.50 Demense, £89.50 Becton Hall, £88.50 Falla; Cheviot £88, £78.80 Potholm, £77.50 Aimshaugh; Charollais £88.80 (x2), £82.20 Shinn Road; BDM £83.20 Low Lonning; Half Bred £83.80 Hillhead, £79.80 Stackbraes; Chev Mule £80.50 Sceughdyke; Cross £78.80 Walston Mill, £78.50, £77.50 Farney Shield; Blackface £77.50 Corsebank, £70.50 Plumpe, £69.80 Sceughdyke; Leicester £72.50 Stackbraes, £70 Reaygarth; Swaledale £68.50 Burn House, £66.80 Kirkhaugh, £65.50 Aimshaugh

Light ave 158.7p
Beltex £77.50 Sceughdyke, £61 Mossband House; Texel £66.50, £59.80 Castle Nook, £64.50 Falla; Sufffolk £62.20 Archerbeck, £60.20 Castle Nook, £59.50 Cacklet Hill; Cross £61.20 Castle Nook, £61.20 Kirkwood Mains, £60.80 Mains of Collin; Blackface £59.20, £54.20 Westerkirk, £48.80 Cara View; Cheviot £58.50 Crawfordjohn Mill, £48.80 Cara View; Charollais £56.80 Kirkwood Mains, £55.50 High Floweryhirst; NCC £56.80 Tails of Watten, £56.80 Hownam Grange, £53.80 Drummure; Lleyn £56.20 High Dovecote; Swaledale £52.80 Kirkhaugh, £50 Greystoke Castle Farms; Jacob £50 Craigdhu; Welsh £40 Longbrough Fauld.

Hoggs 17-25.4Kg - Cheviot 173p Castle Farm; Hoggs 25.5-32Kg – Beltex 187p, 184p Graystale; Charollais 183p Kirkwood Mains; Cheviot 181p Granton; Texel 180p Aldery Tarrace; Blackface 175p Glenshanna; Hoggs 32.1-39Kg – Texel 221p Waterside, 215p Sceughdyke, 202p Castle Nook, 199p Kirkland Green, 196p Nunscleugh, Suffolk 189p Milnholm, NCC 185p Kelsocleugh, Cheviot 185p Wanwood; Hoggs 39.1-45.9Kg – Beltex 250p Waterside, 246p, 225p Mactaggart Bros, 201 Allanshaws, BDM 203p Low Lonning, Texel 202p Ifferdale, 200p Hermitage, 200p Townhead, Zwartble 189p Beckhall, NCC 187p Kelsocleugh, Charollais 186p Becton Hall; Hoggs 46+Kg - Texel 196p Waterside, Beltex 191p Waterside, 186p Becton Hall

Also forward was another tremendous show of 4615 ewes with the best show of quality forward in a long time, selling to a full ring of buyers keen for sheep. The sale was topped at £117 closely followed at £110 for Suffolks from Martindale, lands and £100(x2) for Texels from Cunningham, Walkerdyke.

Principal Prices:

Heavy Ewes
Suffolk £117, £110, £88.50 Land, £92.50 Graystale, £88.50 East Mains, £84.50 Ballyrobert; Texel £100 (x2), £92.50 Walkerdyke, £90.50 Severs Road, £90 Ballyrobert; Leicester £86.50 Stair Est, £78.50 Allanshaws, £77.50 Nunscleugh; Beltex £84.50 Road Side, £77.50 Walkerdyke; Charollais £80.50, £79.50 (x2) Ballyrobert, £78.50 Road Side; NCC £77.50 (x2) Allanshaws, £76.50 Graystale; Cross £75.50 (x2) Gate & West, £70.50 Coytre; Chev Mule £74.50 Muircleugh, £68.50 High Stenries; Zwartble £62.50 Burn House; Half Bred £57.50 Watling

Light Ewes
Cheviot £58.50 Potholm, £57.50 Mossband, £56.50 Corries Mill; Blackface £59.50 (x2) Calla, £56.50 Hallidayhill, £54.80 Stair Est; Swaledale £50.50 Nunscleugh, £48.50 Howburn, £47.50 Campingholm; Herdwick £32.50 (x2) Laal Steans, £30.50 High Aketon; Shetland £38.50, £30.50 Longbrough Fauld

Texel £94.50 Walkerdyke, £80.50 East Mains, £80 Potholm; NCC £88.50 Ericstane, £66.50 Drummure; Leicester £86.50 East Mains, £79.50 Nilston Rigg, £73.50 Nunscleugh; Suffolk £81.50 Huntington, £66.50, £64.50 Falla; Cheviot £61.50 Kelsocleugh, £58.50 Toftholm; Beltex £58.50 Maidencoates; Cross £57.50 Watling; Blackface £57.50, £54.50 Nilston Rigg, £53.50 Netherwood; Charollias £50.50 Graystale; Swaledale £50.50 First Watling


Light to 156.5p (147.2p)
Medium to 159.5p (155.1p)
Heavy to 180.5p (164.8p)

Light to 129.5p (129.5p)
Medium to 152.5p (152.5p)
Heavy to 179.5p (158.2p)

Young Beef Bulls to 142.5p (133.6p)

Light to 187.0p (155.0p)
Standard to 222.0p (164.5p)
Medium to 250p (177.5p)
Heavy to 196.0p (168.7p)
O/Weight ------p (-------p)

Light to £59.50 (£36.97)
Heavy to £117.00 (£61.56)

Cast Rams to £94.00 (£51.54)

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