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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 63 prime cattle, 3 young bulls, 34 OTM, 4,369 prime hoggs and 4,088 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th February, 2009.

All classes of clean cattle were dearer on the week by 5p. Top price pf 187.5p, 186.5p, 182.5p for Limousin heifers from Messrs Blaylock, Hallburn. Charolais 186.5p High Stenries; Blondes 176.5p Toppin Castle. Limousin bullocks to 186.5p Toppin Castle; Blondes 183.5p The Gill; Belgian Blues 182.5p Hallburn.

The 34 OTM cattle on offer were overall lacking flesh. Trade was the same as last week with Belgian Blue cows to 117.5p Copperthorns; Angus 117.5p Archerbeck; Friesian 111.5p Evertown; Limousin 111.5p Copperthorns. Limousin bulls 113.5p Summerhill.

sheep pens

A smaller show of hoggs but a very good show for quality and the full ring of buyers were all keen for sheep. The 2947 hoggs over 36 kilo averaged 177.4p with the 1422 under 36 kilo averaging 166p. The overall sale average was 174.4p. The sale was topped at £100 for Texel hoggs from Mrs. Rorison, Clonrae and to 213p for Beltex from Messrs Reid, Glendearg. The highlight of the sale was a consignment of 455 top quality Texel, Beltex and North Country Cheviot hoggs from Messrs MacTaggart Bros. Castle Douglas which averaged £84.00 per head and 191p/kg. Good hoggs between 36kg and 45kg frequently sold at £38 to £45 over the weight with Mules easily making £30 over. Most light lambs up to 30kg were £20-£25 over the weight.

Other Texels to £96.50 Wallend, £95.50 Oakwell Road; Suffolks £95.50 Oswie, £93.50 Crawsknowe, £91.50 Ashley Park; Cheviots £95.50 Catslackburn, £92.50 Sceughdyke, £82.80 Gateside; Charollais £83.80, £79.80 Sceughdyke; Charollais £79.80 Skelton Wood End; Halfbreds £84.50 Glencroft; Greyface £82.80, £78.50 Oswie, £77.50 Newtown; Cheviot Mules £68.20 West Foreshield; Leicesters £73.50 Philiphaugh, £70 Upper Hindhope; Blackface £79.50 Glendearg, £77.20 Upper Hindhope, £76.20 Justicetown; North Country Cheviots £93.50 The Land, £90.50 Langberrick, £88.50 Philiphaugh; Swaledales £68.20 West Foreshield, £62.50 Sunday Sight, £59.80 Whitbysteads; Herdwicks £71.80, £67.20 Allfornaught; Beltex £80.80 Oakwell Road; Lleyn £81.50 The Mark; Cambridge £96.50 Stichill; Dorset £80 Stichill.

Light lambs to £66.50 for Texels from Newton, £63.20 Newhouses; Suffolks £62.20 Murtholm, £58.80 High Floweryhirst; Cheviots £65.20, £64.20 Gateside; Charollais £60.20 Clonrae, £57.20 High Floweryhirst; Greyface £62.80 D’Mainholm, £57.80 Carsewadda, £57.50 South Slealands; Cheviot Mules £60.80 Murtholm; Blackface £62.80 Dashwellgreenm £58.80 Kirkland, £57.20 Pitland Hills; Swaledales £56.20 Newholme, £48.50 Whitbysteads; Herdwicks £52.50 Whitbysteads; Beltex £61.80 Newlands; Welsh £57.20, £56.20 Hollybush.

Hoggs 17-25.4kg – Blackface 151p Graystale, 147p Derwent.

Hoggs 25.5 – 32kg – Cheviot 183p Bloch; Blackface 176p Sorbie; Texel £174p Castlemilk; Herdwicks £169p Whitbysteads; Greyface 167p Catslackburn; Roussin 165p Debog; Suffolk 163p Derwent.

Hoggs 32.1 – 39kg – Beltex 213p Glendearg; Texel 205p Oakwell Road, 195p Clerkhill & Netherton; Cheviot 189p Clerkhill & Gateside; Suffolk x 186p Gateside; Charollais 186p Gateside.

Hoggs 39.1-45.9kg – Texel 198p Clerkhill, 197p, 196p, 193p Oakwell Road; Beltex 192p Oakwell Road; North Country Cheviot 188p, 186p Oakwell Road; Suffolk 183p The Mark.

Hoggs 46kg+ - Texel 204p Clonrae, 203p Oakwell Road; North Country Cheviot 187p The Land, 185p Oakwell Road; Suffolk 184p Oswie; Charollais 182p Sceughdyke.

Another good show of ewes and rams were forward and were the dearest trade of the year so far. The sale was topped at £122 for 2sh Texel tup from Messrs Smith, Crumhaughhill and ewes to £106.50 for Texels from Messrs Robb, Dinwoodie Green, others to £104.50 Graystale, £101.50 Waterloo, £100 Flass; Suffolks £96.50 Flass & Waterloo £93.50 Severs, £89.50 Gateside; Charollais £90.50 Wester Parkgate, £87.50 Ballinliss, £86.50 Wester Parkgate; Halfbreds £89.50 Stackbraes, £82.50 Whins, £78.50 Broomlands & Winterhope; Greyface £84.50, £79.50 Graystale, £77.50 Lumsdaine; Cheviot Mules £82.50 Broomlands, £80.50 Chapel; Leicesters £89.50 Newbigging Wall, £88.50 East Mains, £85.50 Scarrowmanwick; North Country Cheviot £94.50 Graystale; £79.50 Watten, £73.50 Sharplaw; Beltex £95.50 Tercrosset.

Light ewes to £65.50 for Cheviots from Chapel, £64.50 West Deloraine, £63.50 Allfornaught; Blackface £63.50 Newbigging Walls, £57.50 Wanwood Hill, £55.50 Chapel; Swaledales £56.50 Graystale, £50.50 High Crossgill, £48.50 Gapshield; Herdwicks £39.50, £38.50 Allfornaught; Shetlands £47.50 East Mains, £40.50 Netherstenries.

Other Texel rams to £94.50 Gateside, £92.50 East Mains; Suffolks £88.50 Gateside, £84.50 East Mains, £80 Nether Onsett; Cheviots £67.50 Stackbraes & Winterhope; Charollais £75.50 Winterhope, £74.50 Ballinliss; Leicester £81.50 Laidlawsteel; Blackface £60.50 Butterdales, £58.50 Laidlawsteel & Granton; North Country Cheviot £64.50 Bardnaclaven; Swaledale £39.50 High Crossgill; LLeyn £50.50 East Mains; Shetland £29.50 Graystale; Dorset £70.50 Hollybush; Romney Marsh £58.50 Highbeck.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 158.5p (154.4p)
Heavy to 186.5p (169.2p)

Light to 144.5p (144.5p)
Medium to 163.5p (150.5p)
Heavy to 187.5p (164.8p)

Young Beef Bulls to 153.5p (147.2p)

Light to 183.0p (162.7p)
Standard to 213.0p (174.2p)
Medium to 198.0p (180.1p)
Heavy to 204.0p (173.2p)
O/Weight ------p (-------p)

Light to £65.50 (£41.64)
Heavy to £106.50 (£63.20)

Cast Rams to £122.00 (£56.83)

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