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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 95 prime cattle, 13 OTM cattle, 4368 prime hoggs and 3836 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 16th April, 2009.

Clean cattle again met a fast selling trade with a top price of 186.5p for a Belgian Blue bullock from D & E Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh, others to 183.5p Beckhall. Limousin 184.5p, 181.5p Faulding Cleugh, 181.5p Hallburn & Toppin Castle, 179.5p Corby Castle Estate.

Belgian Blue heifers to 186.5p from Messrs Blaylock, Hallburn; Limousin 181.5p Hallburn, 174.5p Houghton House, 173.5p Toppin Castle; Charolais 181.5p Hallburn.

A small show of OTM cattle were very dear with Limousin cows at record prices of 167.5p & 155.5p from Nunscleugh, others to 131.5p Hallburn; Angus 136.5p Hallburn; Jersey 105.5p Kirtlebank, Holstein Friesian 109.5p Coombe Crags.

sheep pens

There was an excellent show of hoggs selling to a larger than usual ring of buyers. The overall sale average was 197.2p with the 3363 hoggs over 36kg averaging 197.1p and the 1005 under 36kg averaged 196.5p. Export type hoggs up to 45 kg averaged 201.86p. The sale was topped at £131.50 for Texel hoggs from Messrs MacTaggart, Dunjop and to 280p for Beltex hoggs from Messrs Stoddart, Hillside. 41 pens of hoggs soldat £100 or more.

Other Texels to £125 Crookholm, £122.50, £120.50 Hillside, £116.50 Old Rectory; Suffolk x £112.50 Hillside, £110.50, £106.50 Stackbraes; Cheviot £95.20 Hoddamtown, £94.50 Blackrigg, £93.80 High Knells, Bloan & Wicketthorn; Charollais £78.80 Castle Nook; Greyface £94.50 Sockbridge Hall, £94 Dunjop, £92.20 Finnieness; Leicester £86.50 Stackbraes; Blackface £93.80 Smalmstown, £91.80 Nether Onsett, £90.80 Smalmstown; North Country Cheviot £100.50, £99.50 Oakwell, £98.50 Sockbridge Hall; Swaledale £73.80, £72.20 Settereth Park; Herdwick £80.50 Hillside; Jacob £75.80 Hillside; Beltex £119.50 Hillside, £114.50 Sleetbeck, £107.50 Oakwell; Masham £64.80 Tarnside; Zwartbles £86.50 Dykerow; Roussin £77.80 Kirtlebank; Dorset £82.50 Castle Nook.

Lightweight hoggs to £82.50 for Texels from Castle Nook, £77.20 Pasturewood; Suffolk x £70.50 Swaites, £67.50 Riddell; Cheviot £76.20 Southlambhill & Tushielaw; Charollais £70.50 Sleetbeck; Greyface £70.20 Cleuchhead, £69.80 Maidencoats; Blackface £73.80 Barlaes, £69.50 Kirtlebank; North Country Cheviot £73.80, £73.20 Harelawhole: Swaledale £61.50 Castle Nook, £57.50 Westernhopeburn; Jacob £56.50 Hillside; Lleyns £69.80 The Mark; Welsh £61.50 Longbrough Fauld.

Prices per kilo:

17-25.4kg – Blackface 184p Castle Nook.

25.5-32kg – Cheviot 186p Castle Nook; Greyface 185p Low Eals, 183p Wydon, 182p Nether Rusko; Blackface 196p Maidencoats, 193p Uppercleugh; North Country Cheviot 198p Castle Nook; Welsh Mountain 212p Longbrough Fauld.

32.1-39kg – Suffolk 212p Castle Nook, 206p Catslackburn, 202p Newington; Cheviot 217p Philiphaugh, 212p Tushielaw & Southlambhill, 210p Underwoodhouse & Laws Hall; Texel 236p Castle Nook, 214p Pasturewood, 213p, 212p Castle Nook; Charollais 207p Sleetbeck; Greyface 207p Newington & Cleuchhead, 206p Cleuchhead; Blackface 211p Barlaes, 208p Smalmstown; North Country Cheviot 215p, 213p Whins, 211p Harelawhole, 210p Castlewigg; Jacobs 199p Hillside; Beltex 276p Oakwell, 239p Uppercleugh; Roussin 205p Kirtlebank.

39.1-45.9kg Suffolk 207p Plumpe & Branteth, 201p Crawfordjohnmill; Cheviot 219p Blackrigg, 218p High Knells, 216p Bloan; Texel 280p, 278p, 277p, 258p Hillside; Greyface 205p Plumpe, 201p Castle Nook; Blackface 210p Crowdieknowe, 206p, 204p, 202p Smalmstown; North Country Cheviot 226p Oakwell, 223p Sockbridge Hall, 221p Oakwell, 211p Carruthers; Beltex 254p Sleetbeck, 243p Oakwell, 204p Nunscleugh.

Hoggs 46kg+ Suffolk 225p Hillside, 200p Dunjop, 199p Castle Nook; Cheviot 192p Sockbridge Hall, 191p Smalmstown; Texel 223p Old Rectory, 216p Oakwell, 214p Sockbridge Hall, 211p Dykehead; Greyface 189p Nunscleugh; Blackface 195p Smalmstown; North Country Cheviot 199p Carruthers, 197p Woodhousehill & Oakwell; Beltex 239p Hillside.

A super show of cast ewes and rams met another fast selling trade even if slightly less than last weeks dizzy heights. The sale was topped at £140.50 for Suffolk rams from Philliphaugh and Charollais rams from Hoddamtown, with ewes to £134.50 for Texels from Riddle Cottage. 439 ewes were sold at £100 or more. The sale averaged £76.52.

Other Suffolk rams to £116.50 Severs, £110.50 Ballyrobert, £108.50 Railway; Texel £130.50 Hamlet Garden, £120.50 Wydon, £115.50 Adderston Shiels; Other Charollais £110.50 Mosside; Bleu de Maine £126.50 Stackbraes; Leicester £110.50 Philiphaugh; Blackface £68.50 Linhope; North Country Cheviot £104.50 Philiphaugh, £98.50 Ballyrobert; Jacob £76.50 Pennine View; Beltex £104.50 Wydon, £102.50 Waltonwoodhead; Lleyn £70.50 Easthouse; Zwartbles £90 Colmslie Hill; Dorset £98.50 Killough.

Suffolk ewes £130.50 Kilnfordcroft, £128.50 Roadside & Riddle Cottage, £122.50 Kilnfordcroft, £119.50 Wellington, £116.50 Ballyrobert; Other Texels £132.50 Stackbraes, £128.50 Severs, 124.50 Demense; Rouge £102.50 Roadside; Charollais £118.50 Ballyrobert, £115.50, £104.50 Seavers; Halfbred £126.50 Ballinliss; Greyface £88.50 Easthouse, £86.50 Wysebyhill Cottage, £84.50 Corries Mill, £84.50 Blunderfield West; Cheviot Mule £90.50 Clackmae; Leicester £96.50 Catslackburn; North Country Cheviot £102.50 Hamletm £94.50 Ballinliss & Severs; Beltex £96.50 Hillside & Woodhead; Lleyns £82.50 Stackbraes; Zwartbles £98.50 Woodhousehill, £94.50 Castle Nook.

Light ewes to £72.50 for Swaledales from Kelmore Hills, £68.50 Spoutbank, £66.50 Gapshield & Kelmore Hills; Cheviot £66.50 Meikledale, £60.50 Colmslie Hill, £59.50 Tushielaw; Blackface £66.50 Catslackburn & The Mark, £64.50 Meikledale; Herdwicks £50.50 Stackbraes; Jacob £58.50 Tarnside House.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 179.5p (170.7p)
Heavy to 186.5p (168.4p)

Light to ------p (-------p)
Medium to 167.5p (149.3p)
Heavy to 186.5p (164.7p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 212.0p (185.0p)
Standard to 276.0p (201.8p)
Medium to 280.0p (203.5p)
Heavy to 239.0p (185.6p)
O/Weight ------p (-------p)

Light to £72.50 (£47.22)
Heavy to £134.50 (£81.32)

Cast Rams to £140.50 (£89.84)

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