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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 85 prime cattle, 26 OTM cattle, 4587 prime hoggs, 112 prime lambs and 2693 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 7th May, 2009.

All classes of clean cattle were sharper. Top was 175.5p for Limousin bullock from JC & D Nicholson, The Gill, others to 173.5p Houghton House, Corby Castle & Netheronsett. 172.5p Haining House, Corby Castle, 171.5p Houghton House & Corby Castle; Belgian Blues 173.5p The Gill.

Charolais heifers to 172.5p Sceughdyke; Limousin 171.5p Hallburn; Devon 173.5p Dashwellgreen.
The OTM were again in short supply with prices maintaining late extreme rates. Friesian cows to 129.5p Becton Hall, 116.5p Gallhills, 114.5p Becton Hall; Limousin 127.5p Blindhillbush, 126.5p Gallhills & Gallowberry, 123.5p Englishtown; Angus 125.5p Sceughdyke; Shorthorn 119.5p West Deloraine; MRI 109.5p Streethead.

Champion Spring Lamb
Champion Spring Lamb

At the opening show and sale of new season spring lambs there was an impressive entry of 112. The show was ably judged by Mr. Andrew Dawson who awarded the following:-

Single lambs – Champion H Martindale, Lands for an outstanding 50kg Suffolk lamb which realised £122 (244p) and was purchased by Brian & Wendy Ross proprietors of the local Robin Hood Inn, Smithfield. 2nd H Martindale, Land 47kg realising £96, 3rd Messrs Carruthers, Glenzierfoot 44kg realising £97.

Pair of lambs – Champion H Martindale, Lands 45kg realising £100, 2nd Messrs Carruthers, Glenzierfoot 40 kg realising £93, 3rd JN Hall, Harelawhill 47kg realising £88. The overall average for the lambs was 202p.

Suffolk lambs £122, £100 Lands, £98 Kilnfordcroft; Texel £100 Mossband Hall, £97, £93 Glenzierfoot; Charollais £82 Smalmstown; Leicester £75 Harelawhill; Zwartbles £90, £87.50 Holmlea; Oxford £83.50, £80 Guards.

Another large show of prime hoggs were presented to a busier ringside of buyers with an overall average of 179.9p. The 3547 hoggs over 36 kg averaged 178p and the 1040 under 36kg averaged 180p. Many export type hoggs were regularly 190-210p. Top price per kilo went to T Gribbon, Waterside for Beltexs at 222p. Top price per head was £105.50 for Suffolks from Sockbridge Hall. Other Suffolks £96.50 Sockbridge Hall, £94.50 Melford; Cheviot £88.20, £86.20 Wicketthorn, £85.80 Smalmstown; Texel £98.50 Sockbridge Hall, £97.50 Hillside, £96.50 Kellah; Charollais £91.50, £87.50 Melford, £81.50 Edge; Greyface £86.20 Sockbridge Hall, £85.50 Melford, £84.20 Wanwood Hill; Cheviot Mule £64.50 Bloch; Blackface £95.20, £89.20, £88.80 Smalmstown; North Country Cheviot £94.50 Sockbridge Hall, £92.50 Broomhills, £89.50 Sockbridge Hall; Swaledale £69.50 Streethead; Beltex £98.50 Hillside, £96.50 Waterloo, £91.50 Hillside; Lleyn £74.50 Edge, £70.80 Newington; Zwartbles £79.50 Sockbridge Hall; Ryeland £70 Hollybush.

Lightweight hoggs to £73.20 for Cheviots from Smalmstown, others to £72.20, £69.80 Blackrigg; Texel £65.60 Farmers Close, £65.20 Waterloo; Charollais £56.50 Brocklewath; Greyface £69.20, £65.50 Newington; Blackface £69.20 Harden, £61.80 Cairnbowie, £60.50 Streethead; North Country Cheviot £67.80 Plumpe; Swaledale £50 Newington; Beltex £69.50 Winterhope, £60 Waterside.
Prices per kilo. 25.5-32kg – Cheviot 195p Beechcroft; Greyface 194p Graystale; Blackface 199p Cairnbowie; Beltex 222p Waterside; Shetland 150p Cardewlees.

32.1-39kg Suffolk 185p Sockbridge Hall, 179p Melford; Cheviot 206p, 205p Blackrigg, 203p Smalmstown; Texel 208p Pasturewood, 204p Wanwood Hill; Greyface 202p Bush of Ewes, 192p Newington; Cheviot Mule 170p Bloch; Blackface 199p Smalmstown, 198p Harden; North Country Cheviot 207p, 205p, 202p Harelawhole, 201p Plumpe; Beltex 204p Winterhope; Lleyn 186p Newington.

39.1-45.9kg Suffolk 191p Butterdales & Sockbridge Hall, 190p Scarlett Hall; Cheviot 206p Todhillrigg, 200p Smalmstown; Texel 206p Scarlett Hall, 200p Stackbraes & The Ash; Greyface 196p Bush of Ewes, 190p Heathery Hall; Blackface 200p, 198pSmalmstown, 192p Branteth; North Country Cheviot 196p Branteth, 191p Broomhills; Beltex 209p, 208p Hillside.

46kg+ Suffolks 191p Melford, 189p Sockbridge Hall, 188p Heathery Hall; Cheviot 192p Wickethorn; Texel 200p Dykehead, 199p Hillside & Smalmstown; Charollais 186p Melford, 177p Edge; Greyface 179p Wanwood Hill, 178p Glendearg; Blackface 194p, 193p Smalmstown; North Country Cheviot 193p Broomhills, 190p Sockbridge Hall; Beltex 205p Hillside.

A smaller show of cast ewes and rams were forward to a full ringside of buyers. All classes were sharper on the week with good selling ewes easily £12 dearer. Top price was £120.50 for Texel rams from Seavers Road, £100.50 Severs Road & Middle Farm & Roadside; Suffolk £100 Severs Road, £87.50 Melford; Rouge £102.50 Meinfoot; Charollais £98.50, £96.50 Stackbraes; Leicester £100.50 Easthouse, £88.50, £86.50 Fordlands, £84.50 Kellah; Blackface £57.50 Whiteholme; North Country Cheviot £76.50 Kirkbeck; Beltex £69.50 Stackbraes; Dorset £75 Severs.

Heavy ewes sold to £118.50 for Texels from Woodhead, others to £105.50 Bellhead, £101.50 Roadside; Suffolk £114.50 Wiltonburn, £96.50 Greenah-villa, £93.50 Severs Road; Bleu de Maine £95.50 Bellhead; Charollais £100.50 Bellhead, £97.50 Roadside, £94.50 Bellhead; Halfbred £78.50 Winterhope, £77.50 Melford; Greyface £80.50 Haregills, £78.50 Melford & Tister & Killimster; Cheviot Mule £74.50 Mossburnford, £64.50 High Chesters; Leicesters £102.50 The Ash, £89.50 Kellah; North Country Cheviot £88.50 Roadside, £86.50 Severs; Beltex £93.50 Winterhope, £88.50 Easthouse, £78.50 Hillside; LLeyn £66.50 Thomasdene; Zwartble £86.50 Holmlea; Oxford £78.50 Bellhead; Dorset £70.50 Severs.

Light ewes to £70.50 for Blackfaces from Kellah, £68.50 Easathouse, £66.50 Achalone; Cheviot £64.50 Raeburnhead, £60.50 Candybank; Swaledale £56.50 Milescott, £55.50 Stackbraes, £54.50 Gallowberry; Herdwicks £46.50 Stackbraes; Jacob £45.50 Tarnside House.


Light to 141.5p (120.2p)
Medium to 172.5p (161.6p)
Heavy to 175.5p (162.0p)

Light to ------p (-------p)
Medium to 164.5p (150.3p)
Heavy to 173.5p (159.0p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 222.0p (177.7p)
Standard to 208.0p (182.9p)
Medium to 209.0p (182.9p)
Heavy to 205.0p (174.6p)
Shlgs 171.0p (136.3p)

Light to 211.0p (207.6p)
Standard to 214.0p (206.1p)
Medium to 233.0p (198.5p)
Heavy to 244.0p (186.6p)
Overweight 178.0p (172.6p)

Light to £70.50 (£42.40)
Heavy to £118.50 (£71.12)

Cast Rams to £120.50 (£67.55)

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