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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 59 prime cattle, 4 young bulls, 41 OTM cattle, 3686 prime hoggs, 409 prime lambs and 3057 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th May, 2009.

A smaller show of clean cattle with averages 3.5p up on the week. Top priuce was 179.5p for a Charolais heifer from Sceughdyke to W Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, others to 174.5p, 172.5p Sceughdyke, 173.5p Hallburn. Limousin heifers 177.5p & 173.5p from Dashwellgreen to Messrs Nattrass, Butcher & M Wharton Meats, also to 172.5p, 171.5p Hallburn.

Limousin bullocks from The Gill & Hallburn sold to 177.5p, others to 175.5p Hallburn, 173.5p Dashwellgreen, 172.5p Sceughdyke, 171.5p Houghton House & Dashwellgreen; Belgian Blues 171.5p Haining House; Blondes 171.5p Hallburn.

Young bulls sold to 143.5p for Holstein/Friesian from Southlambhill.

Another good show of OTM again sold at high rates with Angus cows to 132.5p No 3 Stonehouse, 130.5p Ifferdale, 123.5p Johnstonebank; Limousin 127.5p Gardrum, 121.5p No 3 Stonehouse, 118.5p; Northgreenhill; Belgian Blues 127.5p Wickerthwaite; Simmental 115.5p, 113.5p Old Irvine; Friesian 111.5p, 109.5p Todhillrigg; Salers 108.5p Cadgillhead. Belgian Blue OTM bull to £1420 from Ladyhousesteads.

There was an excellent show of 410 spring lambs which met a fast selling trade to a full ring of buyers. The 349 over 36kg averaged 206.6p and the 61 under 36kg averaged 210.2p. The overall average was 208.8p. The sale was topped at £134.50 for Texel lambs from Messrs Sutherland, Carran, Thurso and to 286p for Texels from the same home. Other Texels to £109.50 Kilnfordcroft, £100 Old Rectory; Suffolks £100 Land & Kilnfordcroft, £98.50 Kilnfordcroft; Oxfords £82.50 Guards. Lightweight lambs to £77.50 for Texels from Keldhead, £76.50 Mossthorn; Suffolks £70.50 Wallholm; Greyface £62 Redhouse; Jacobs £75.50 Zetland; Dorsets £67.50 Zetland.

Lambs 17-25.4kg Greyface 180p Redhouse.

Lambs 25.5-32kg Suffolk 202p Lydden; Texel 211p Carran; Dorset 198p Zetland.

Lambs 32.1-39kg Suffolk 207p Wallholm, 200p Thorns; Texel 231p Thorns, 226p Carran & Newington; Charollais 193p Wallholm; Jacob 210p Zetland; Dorset 205p Zetland

Lambs 39.1-45.5kg Suffolk 209p, 208p Sceughdyke, 207p Kimmeter Green; Texel 243p Kilnfordcroft, 236p Old Rectory, 227p Kirkland Hall & Mossband Hall.

Lambs 45.6-52kg Suffolk 210 Kilnfordcroft & Land; Texel 286p Carran 213p Corries Mill, 208p Old Rectory.

Another large show of 3686 prime hoggs were forward meeting an animated trade with many well fleshed hoggs making 180-200p. The 1555 hoggs over 36kg averaged 176p, the 1601 hoggs under 36 kg averaged 175p, the 438 shearlings averaged 145p. The overall sale average was 170p. The sale was topped at £100.50 for Texel hoggs from Stackbraes and to 211p for Beltex from Messrs Park, Stonehouse.

Other Texels to £100 Hillside, £91.50 Gateside; Suffolks £92.50, £90.50, £89.20 Gateside; Cheviots £89.50, £88.50 Bloan; Charollais £75 Castle Nook; Greyface £86.50 Newington, £83.20 Sockbridge Hall, £80.50 Gateside; Blackface £84.50 Kilbride, £80.50 Smalmstown, £79.50 Southend; North Country Cheviot £82.20 Southend, £78.50 Todholes; Swaledale £66.50 Stonehouse, £59.50 Cardewlees; Herdwicks £53.50 Sockbridge Hall; Beltex £100 Castle Nook, £90.50 Hillside; Leicester £60 Arnicle & Newington; Lleyns £68.50 Sloda Hill; Zwartbles £86.50 Hillside.

Light hoggs to £68.50 for Cheviots from Graystale; Suffolks £60 Thorns, £59.50 Haithwaite; Texels £66.80 Stonehouse, £62.50 Newington, Plumpe & Haithwaite; Greyface £61.50 Stonehouse, £58.50 Sloda Hill; Blackface £66.80 Clonrae & Heathery Hall, £64.80 Heathery Hall; North Country Cheviot £68.50 Waterloo; Swaledale £51.50 Haithwaite; Herdwicks £52.50 Sockbridge Hall & Beechcroft; Jacobs £60.50 Zetland, Beltex £67.50 Stonehouse; Shetland £53.50 Haithwaite.

Hoggs 25.5-32kg Suffolk 173p Newington; Cheviot 178p Castlenook; Texel 172p Beechcroft; Greyface 167p Cairnbowie; Blackface 185p Graystale; Beltex 211p Stonehouse.

Hoggs 32.1-39kg Suffolk 191p Clonrae; Cheviot 201p Graystale; Texel 193p Baillie & Craig; Greyface 194p Geltsdale; Blackface 191p Heathery Hall; North Country Cheviot 190p Waterloo; Swaledale 151p Haithwaite; Beltex 207p Hillside.

Hoggs 39.1-45.9kg Suffolk 194p Gateside; Cheviot 187p Gateside; Texel 200p Stonehouse; Greyface 191p Clonrae; Blackface 186p Clonrae; North Country Cheviot 191p Southend; Beltex 197p Waterside.

Hoggs 46kg+ Suffolk 193p Gateside; Cheviot 195p Bloan; Texel 195p Gateside; Greyface 184p Newington; Blackface 175p Smalmstown; Beltex 175p Castle Nook.

A full ring of buyers saw another flying ewe trade with a centre record being achieved at £146.50 for Suffolk rams sold from Alton Farm, others to £136.50 Tails of Watten, £122.50 Bluebell; Texel £130 Riggheads, £120 Hermitage, £118.50 Hallum; Charollais £122.50, £120.50 Severs, £112.50 Tuckfield; Halfbreds £110.50 Sevears; North Country Cheviot £78.50 Barrogill Mains, £72.50 Todholes.

204 ewes sold at or above the £100 barrier and more could have been sold to advantage. Top for heavy ewes to £140.50 for Texels from Loughrigg, £128.50 Kennachy, £124.50 Hillside, £116.50 Bluebell; Suffolks £138.50, £130.50 Bluebell, £128.50 Tiffinthwaite, £126.50 Bluebell; Bleu de Maines £77.50, £74.50 Haythwaite; Charollais £116.50 Loughrigg, £112.50 Hamlet, £106.50 Seavers; Halfbreds £124.50 Bluebell, £108.50 Huntington; Greyfaces £85.50 Bluebell, £82.50 Corries Mill & Stackbraes; Cheviot Mule £86.50 Muircleugh; North Country Cheviot £90.50 Stemster Mains, £84.50 Bluebell, £78.50 Balnahard; Beltex £76.50 Hamlet, £68.50 Hillside; Leicester £94.50 Seavers; Lleyn £60.50 Wardrew; Dorset £89.50 Tuckfield.

Light ewes to £64.50 for Cheviots from Pitogarty, £55.50 Priesthaugh, £54.50 Allfornaught & Georgefield; Blackface £60.50 Easthouse, £59.50 Beachmenach & Blackhaugh, £57.50 Stackbraes & Easthouse; Swaledales £51.50 Reathwaite, £48.50 Shankfieldhead, £47.50 High Parkfoot, Reathwaite & Burnhouse; Herdwicks £58.50 Stackbraes; Jacobs £52.50 Cardewlees, £49.50 Hillside; Shetland £46.50 Almagill.


Light to 164.5p (164.5p)
Medium to 177.5p (156.9p)
Heavy to 177.5p (163.2p)

Light to ------p (-------p)
Medium to 156.5p (141.2p)
Heavy to 179.5p (163.1p)

Young Bulls 143.5p (135.8p)

Light to 211.0p (161.8p)
Standard to 207.0p (169.3p)
Medium to 200.0p (176.8p)
Heavy to 195.0p (174.8p)
Shlgs 191.0p (145.8p)

Light to 211.0p (204.7p)
Standard to 231.0p (212.8p)
Medium to 243.0p (207.3p)
Heavy to 286.0p (196.8p)
Overweight 175.0p (175.0p)

Light to £64.50 (£44.97)
Heavy to £140.50 (£74.14)

Cast Rams to £146.50 (£90.20)

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