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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart Plc had forward 83 prime cattle, 1 young bull, 32 OTM cattle, 1749 prime hoggs, 730 prime lambs and 2960 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 4th June, 2009.

Prime cattle met a flying trade with a quality show of cattle on offer. Averages up 4.5p on the week. Top selling to 188.5p for a Limousin bullock from A Irving, Toppin Castle and purchased by W Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown, others to 183.5p Corby Castle to Nattrass, Butchers, 182.5p Faulding Cleugh, 180.5p Toppin Castle, 179.5p The Gill & Faulding Cleugh. Charolais to 184.5p Hallburn, 178.5p, 172.5p Corby Castle, 169.5p Hallburn.

Limousin heifers to 185.5p Toppin Castle, 178.5p Dashwellgreen, 174.5p Hallburn, 172.5p Sceughdyke; Charolais 183.5p, 168.5p Hallburn; Belgian Blue 173.5p Hallburn.

OTM cattle upheld recent high rates to a top of 139.5p for a Shorthorn steer from P Bell, Boghall, other Belgian Blues to 127.5p Burnside. Charolais cows 129.5p Hallburn, 199.5p Burnside; Limousin 116.5p Harelawhill, 115.5p Roachburnm 113.5p, 111.5p Nickies Hill; Holstein Friesians to 122.5p, 104.5p Becton Hall; Hereford 115.5p Hallburn; Saler 114.5p Hallburn.

A larger show of spring lambs selling to the ususal buyers and averaging 195.9p. The sale was topped at £98 for Texel lambs from Messrs Nixon, Longstrumble and to 214p for Texels from Messrs Carruthers, Glenzierfoot. Other Texels to £96.50 Creca, £95.50 Swainsteads; Suffolks £92 Land, £90.50 Riddings Hill, £90 Swainsteads; Charollais £76.20 Butterdales; Greyface £72.80 Clerkleap; Zwartbles £83.80 Miller Hill, £80 Falside Hill; Oxfords £76.80 Guards.

Light lambs to £75.20 for Texels from Middle Farm, others to £73.80 Nirvana, £72.80 Shankbridgend; Suffolks £69.20 Greenburn, £65.20 Wallholm; Halfbreds £68.50 Rosebank; Greyface £68.50 East Gallaberry; Blackface £63.50 East Gallaberry.

The hoggs met an exceptional trade for the time of year selling to a top of £96.50 for Texels from Lydden and to 200p for Cheviots from Messrs Smithson, Bloan. 1507 hoggs averaged 173.2p with the 244 shearlings average 142p.

Other Texels to £90.50 Gateside, £89.50 Stackbraes; Suffolks £96.20 Lydden, £92.50 Stackbraes, £90.50 Kersheugh; Cheviots £87.50, £86.20 Bloan; Charollais £83.50 Glendearg, £76.50 Newington; Greyface £82.50 Eastside, £81.50 Hudspeth; Blackface £86.50 Eastside, £85.50 Stackbraes; North Country Cheviot £66.50 Gateside; Swaledale £64.50 Eastside; Jacob £72.50 Burnbrae; Beltex £89.50 Kersheugh & Hillside, £88.50 Kersheugh & Hillside.

Light hoggs to £71.50 for Cheviots from Glendearg, £60.50 Stonehouse; Suffolks £68.80 Stonehouse, £68.50 Hillside; Texels £67.50, £66.50 Newington; Greyface £62.80 Eastside, £61.80 Stonehouse; Blackface £64.80 Gateside, £64.50 Burnbrae, £63.20 Plumpe; North Country Cheviot £65.50 Wallholm; Swaledale £51.20 Beechcroft; Herdwick £53.80 Stonehouse; Beltex £63.50 Hillside.

A good show of cast ewes and rams with the usual ring of buyers present ensured trade remained similar on the week and more could have been sold to advantage. 97 ewes sold at £100 or more with the sale being topped at £136.50 for Suffolk rams from Englishtown. Others to £128.50 Gateside, £122.50 Roadside; Cheviot £94.50 Alton; Texels £116.50 Gateside, £112.50 Hillside & Whinfield, £104.50 Roadside; Rouge £96.50 Roadside; Charollais £114.50 Roadside, £90.50 Roadside; Blackfaces £73.50 Coytre; North Country Cheviot £79.50 Ballinliss; Swaledale £62.50 Westernhopeburn; Oxford £116.50 Guards; Isle de France £80.50 Ballinliss.

Heavy ewes to £122.50 for Texels from Tiffenthwaite, £118.50 Eastkirk, £116.50 Sceughdyke, £114.50 Tercrosset; Suffolk £114.50 Longstrumble, £108.50 Newry, £106.50 Newry, £102.50 Tiffenthwaite; Bleu de Maines £85.50 Newry; Charollais £114.50 Roadside, £98.50 Gateside, £96.50 Ballinliss; Halfbred £92.50 The Grange, £90.50 Miller Hill; Greyface £94.50 Newry, £84.50 Oswie; Cheviot Mule £79.50 Alton; North Country Cheviot £86.50 Tofts of Tain, £77.50 Rosebank; Beltex £86.50 Tercrosset, £82.50 Stackbraes; Leicester £90.50 Newry; Oxford £88.50 Guards.

Light ewes to £66.50 for Blackfaces from Highend, £65.50 Newbigging, £56.50 Blindhillbush; Cheviot £57.50 Allfornaught, £54.50 Tarnside, £53.50 Netherstenries; Swaledale £53.50 Highedgesgreen, £52.50 The Park, £51.50 Reaygarth; Herdwick £35.50 Laalsteins; Shetland £37.50 Hallum, £31.50 Laalsteins.


Light to 165.5p (165.5p)
Medium to 161.5p (152.9p)
Heavy to 188.5p (168.2p)

Light to ------p (-------p)
Medium to 156.5p (156.5p)
Heavy to 185.5p (165.5p)

Young Bulls to 148.5p (148.5p)

Light to 195.0p (177.9p)
Standard to 199.0p (171.8p)
Medium to 200.0p (172.5p)
Heavy to 197.0p (165.9p)
Shlgs 192.0p (130.8p)

Light to 205.0p (192.1p)
Standard to 214.0p (198.0p)
Medium to 214.0p (194.9p)
Heavy to 196.0p (182.5p)
Overweight 179.0p (172.6p)

Light to £66.50 (£39.81)
Heavy to £122.50 (£74.52)

Cast Rams to £136.50 (£77.45)

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