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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 47 prime cattle, 30 over thirty month cattle, 2,495 prime lambs and 3,319 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 9th July, 2009.

Prime cattle saw averages up a little on the week (1p-2p). Top price of 172.5p for a sweet little Limousin heifer from A. & W. J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen and purchased by Malone Butchers Ltd., Edinburgh, others 171.5p Wyseby Hill, 165.5p Hallburn, 164.5p Dashwellgreen; Charolais 159.5p Hallburn. Limousin bullocks to 165.5p Houghton House, 161.5p The Gill, 160.5p Dashwellgreen; Simmental 159.5p Sceughdyke; British Blue 155.5p Burnside.

The 30 Over Thirty Month cattle forward met a firm trade and more could have been sold. Top price of 125.5p for a Limousin cow from M.P. Tattersall, Enzieholm, others 123.5p (x2) Nunscleugh, 112.5p Copperthorns, 109.5p Copperthorns and Nunscleugh; Charolais 117.5p Swaites; Angus 104.5p Berry House; Blonde d’Aquitaine 100.5p Blackhouse.

Another large show of 2,495 prime lambs selling to a larger than usual ring of buyers who were all very active, resulting in the highest average of the week, levelling at 162.7p per kilo. The 2,112 lambs over 36 kilos averaged 162.2p per kilo and the 383 lambs under 36 kilos averaged 166.6p per kilo.

The sale was topped at £90 for Texels from Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall, and to 184p per kilo for Texels from Messrs Bell, The Fitz. Texel £88.80 Barnglies, £86.50 High House; Zwartbles £87.80 Old Walls; Suffolk £86.50 Upper Mains, £86.20 Barnglies, £80 Shoestanes; Charollais £80.50 Cardew Hall; Bleu d’Maine £73.80 Middle Farm; Oxford £65.80 Guards; Beltex £64.80 West Hills; Hill Cheviot £63.80 Hillview; Greyface £63.80 Hillview, £61.20 Wallend; North Country Cheviot £62.20 Stackbraes.

Another good show of 3,319 cast ewes and rams were forward. A full ring of buyers saw a flying trade for good lean ewes and well fleshed horned ewes, with plainer and thick fat ewes easier on the week.

The sale was topped at £120.50 for heavy Texel ewes from Haithwaite, others £106.50 Newbigging, £100.50 Newry; Suffolk £95.50 Kilnfordcroft, £94.50 Newbigging, £91.50 Pates Hill; Leicester £90.50 Broomhills, £84.50 Primside Mill, £80.50 Gate & West; Charollais £88.50 Pates Hill, £78.50 Roadside, £71.50 Haythwaite Lane; Cheviot Mule £80.50 Whitstone Hill, £72.50 Mossburnford; North Country Cheviot £74.50 Newbigging, £73.50, £71.50 High Moat; Half Bred £73.50 Waterside, £70.50 Whins; Greyface £71.50 Whamtown and Tonehall; Beltex £60.50 Newbigging.

Hill ewes to £59.50 for Cheviots from Cardewlees, £55.50 Wydon Eals, Broomhill and Upper Hindhope; Blackface £59.50 Newbigging, £55.50 Beechcroft, £54.50 Newbigging; Swaledale £57.50 Cottage Farm, £51.50 Sockbridge Hall, £45.50 Kirkhaugh; Welsh Mountain £56.50 West Hottbank, £53.50 Gate & West; Jacob £54.50 Beechcroft; Beulah £53.50 Gate & West; Herdwick £43.50 Haithwaite, £39.50 Plumpe; Shetland £43.50 Newbigging.

Rams to £94.50 for Suffolk from Newry; Texel £91.50 Coytre, £86.50 Newbigging; Charollais £90.50 Newry, £88.50 Coytre; Hill Cheviot £70.50 Catslackburn; Swaledale £55.50 Newbigging; Blackface £54.50 Newbigging.

Light to ------p (-------p)
Medium to 160.5p (152.1p)
Heavy to 165.5p (150.1p)

Light to ------p (-------p)
Medium to 172.5p (159.5p)
Heavy to 171.5p (161.8p)

Young bulls ------p (-------p)

Light to 167.0p (157.5p)
Standard to 184.0p (164.1p)
Medium to 176.0p (162.1p)
Heavy to 183.0p (156.0p)
Overweight 167.0p (144.1p)

Light to £59.50 (£36.00)
Heavy to £120.50 (£67.36)
Cast Rams £94.50 (£55.87)

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