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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 89 prime cattle, 1 young bulls, 40 over thirty month cattle, 5,743 prime lambs and 4,428 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 27th August, 2009.

Clean cattle were slightly cheaper. Top prices for Limousin bullocks of 179.5p Hallburn, 175.5p The Lake, 173.5p Dashwellgreen. Heavy Charolais bullocks to 169.5p The Lake. Limousin heifers to 167.5p Loughrigg.

A mixed show of 40 Over Thirty Month cattle was forward, well fleshed sorts maintained late rates, plainer sorts cheaper. Limousin bullocks to 127.5p Chapeltown; Charolais 121.5p Spoutbank. Limousin cows 130.5p Nunscleugh; Charolais 114.5p Moss Side. Limousin bulls 97.5p Clarghyll.

Another large show of 5,744 prime lambs were forward with an overall average of 144.6p. The 1,073 lambs under 36kilos averaged 155.4p and the 4,670 lambs over 36kilos averaged 142.8p. Best Texel and Beltex lambs were in demand and regularly sold between 155p and 165p. Top price per kilo of 178p for Texels from Messrs Milburn, Wallend, with a top price per head of £70 for Texels from Messrs Bell, Burnside, Kirkton, others £69.80 Cumcrook; Suffolk £69.80 Reaygarth, £67.80 Miller Hill; Dorset £62.50 Bellburn Wood; North Country Cheviot £61.80 Carruthers; Charollais £61.80, £60.80 Dashwellgreen; Half Bred £61.80 Adderston Shields; Greyface £61.80 Miller Hill, £61.20 The Side; Beltex £60.20 D’Mainholm; Leicester £60 Bleathchfield; Cheviot Mule £58.20 Chapel Farm; Leicester £57.80 Nunscleugh; Blackface £55.20 Clover Hill, Albierigg and Allensgreen; Kerry £52.80 Whitcastles.

Lightweight lambs were very much in demand selling to £60 for Texels from Beechcroft; Suffolk £53.20 High Floweryhirst; Dorset £53.20 Bellburn Wood; Charollais £52.80 Tarnside; Greyface £52.80 Tinnis; Blackface £51.50 Spoutbank; Jacob £51 Cardewlees; Half Bred £47.80 Maidencoates; Shetland £47.20 Cardewlees; Swaledale £43.80 Batey Shield; Herdwick £41.20 Mossband House; Zwartbles £38 Maidencoates;

A smaller show of 4,428 cast ewes and rams were forward to a smaller ringside of buyers. Trade for heavy ewes and best horned types were slightly easier, with plain ewes maintaining recent rates. Top price of £94.50 for heavy Texel ewes from Walton Woodhead, others £93.50 Roadside, £92.50 East Mains; Suffolk £87.50 Newry, £86.50 Colmslie Hill; Bleu d’Maine £86.50 Walton Woodhead; Charollais £86.50 Roadside; North Country Cheviot £74.50 Newry, £73.50 Carruthers, £71.50 East Mains, £70 Rose Farm; Cheviot Mule £71.50, £70.50 Colmslie Hill, £64.50 Ormiston; Leicester £68.50 Crawthat and Roachburn; Greyface £66.50 Ashley Park, £65.50 East Mains, £62.50 Golden Lane and East Mains; Half Bred £63.50 Wester Ulston; Romney Marsh £57.50 Barnside; Beltex £56.50 Brabster; Cambridge £55.50 Golden Lane; Masham £47.50 Bidlake; Dorset £46.50 Bleatchfield. Light ewes to £58 for Blackfaces from Poltalloch, £51.50 Stackbraes, £47.50 Golden Lane, £44.50 Poltalloch; Cheviot £56.50 Ballyrobert, Raeburnfoot and Raby Grange, £55.50 Terrona, £54.50 Solwaybank; Kerry Hill £46.50 Nether Stenries; Swaledale £43.50 Broomhouse, £40.50 The Old Police House, £39.50 Brisco Hill. Rams to £95.50 for Texels from Townfoot, £88.50 East Mains and Roman Fm, £84.50 Third Farm; Beltex £80 The Old Police House; Charollais £79.50 Winterhope; Leicester £77.50 Knarr; Hill Cheviot £76.50 Catslackburn; Suffolk £74.50 Golden Lane; Blackface £70.50 Roman Fm; Herdwick £38.50 Laalsteins.


Light to 160.5p (139.1p)
Medium to 164.5p (160.5p)
Heavy to 179.5p (154.4p)

Light to 129.5p (129.5p)
Medium to 161.5p (145.4p)
Heavy to 167.5p (151.0p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 167.0p (155.4p)
Standard to 178.0p (146.9p)
Medium to 159.0p (141.6p)
Heavy to 149.0p (135.4p)
Overweight 127.0p (126.6p)

Light to £58.00 (£32.71)
Heavy to £94.50 (£60.50)

Cast Rams to £95.50 (£59.03)

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