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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 53 prime cattle, 33 over thirty month cattle, 5,576 prime lambs and 4,092 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 3rd September, 2009.

All classes of clean cattle were sharper. Top prices of 189.5p, 186.5p and 184.5p paid by W. Kirkup & Son, Butchers, Longtown for Limousin bullocks from Haining House, Ladyhousesteads and Hallburn, others to 173.5p Dashwellgreen and Hallburn. Limousin heifers to 170.5p from Newham Hall Farm.

The 33 Over Thirty Month cattle on offer saw quality sorts dearer with Limousin heifers to 137.5p Sandbed. British Blue bullocks to 118.5p Owlethirst. Charolais cows to 119.5p Ryehill; Angus 117.5p and 115.5p The Throp; Limousin 114.5p High Greenhill, 112.5p Copperstone; Black & Whites 93.5p Rowanburnfoot. Angus cows £1,034, £843 The Throp; Charolais £956 Ryehill; Limousin £812 High Greenhill; Shorthorn £648 Newham Hall Farm.

Another large show of 5,576 prime lambs was forward and met animated bidding, which resulted in an overall average of 148.6p. The 4,250 lamb over 36 kilos sold dearer on the week to average 148.7p. Best type Texel and Beltex lambs were regularly 165p-170p. Top price per kilo of 172p for Beltex lambs from Balgray Hill. Top price per head of £75.80 for heavy Leicester lambs from Ravenswood Cottage; Texel £74.80 Uppercleuch, £71.80 East Mains; Suffolk £74.20 Uppercleuch, £70.80 East Mains; Beltex £68.80 Balgray Hill, £65.80 Sorbie, £63.80 Albierigg; Hill Cheviot £57.80 Murtholm; Charollais £69.20 Hallburn, £67.20 Dashwellgreen; Greyface £64.20 Stubsgill, £62.20 Nunscleugh; Blackface £63.20 Low Cairndoon, £62.50 Caberston; North Country Cheviot £61.80 Clover Hill; Cheviot Mule £61.20 Skelfhill, £58.80 Parkhill.

The 1,326 lightweight lambs maintained recent rates to average 148.1p. Texel £57.80 Killean; North Country Cheviot £56.80 Maidencoates; Hill Cheviot £54.80 Beachmenach; Suffolk £54.50 Eastfield of Wiston; Charollais £53.20 Beachmenach; Greyface £51.80 Beechcroft; Herdwick £51.20 Powheads; Blackface £51.20 Baitlaws; Beltex £49.80 Maidencoates; Oxford £46.20 Sandholm; Swaledale £45.20 High Edges Green; Leicester £41.80 Haithwaite.

A smaller show of 4,092 cast ewes and rams were forward to a larger ringside of buyers which ensured all classes sold dearer on the week. Top price of £150 for a Texel ram from Rhoin Farm, Cambeltown, others £100 Hamlet Gardens; Suffolk £98.50 Waterloo; North Country Cheviot £90 Waterloo; Leicester £78.50 Seavers; Oxford £76.50 Golden Lane; Romney Marsh £72.50 Holme Farm; Dorset £69.50 Seavers; Beltex £66.50 Hobbiesburn; Lleyn £58.50 East Mains; Beulah £53.50 Hamlet; Shetland £42.50 East Mains; Swaledale £39.50 Ravenwood Cottage; Blackface £37.50 Haithwaite. Heavy ewes to £95.50 from Texels from Haithwaite, others £93.50 Derwent; Suffolk £86.50 Lintlaw, £85.50 Holme Farm; Charollais £84.50 Seavers; Half Bred £82.50 Stackbraes; Millenium Blue £82.50 Seavers; North Country Cheviot £78.50 Achaurole Mains, £72.50 Hamlet Gardens; Cheviot Mule £78.50 Barnglies; Leicester £75.50 Vicarage; Greyface £74.50 Vicarage, £65.50 High Glentriplock and Achaurole Mains; Oxford £70.50 Golden Lane; Romney Marsh £59.50 Holme Farm; Zwartbles £54.50 Mossband House. Hill ewes to £64.50 for Lleyns from Tundergarth Mains, £59.50 East Mains; Cheviot £60.50 Binks, £59.50 Raeburnfoot and Whitchesters; Blackface £59.50 Rusheylaw, £53.50 Maidencoates and Rusheylaw; Swaledale £57.50 Coldshield; Kerry Hill £33.50 Laalsteins; Herdwick £32.50 Laalsteins.


Light to 125.5p (125.5p)
Medium to 173.5p (173.5p)
Heavy to 189.5p (164.6p)

Light to 149.5p (124.9p)
Medium to 170.5p (154.2p)
Heavy to 170.5p (156.3p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 169.0p (143.3p)
Standard to 169.0p (153.1p)
Medium to 172.0p (148.2p)
Heavy to 150.0p (140.0p)
Overweight 126.0p (119.7p)

Light to £64.50 (£35.75)
Heavy to £95.50 (£61.20)

Cast Rams to £150.00(£56.29)

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