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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 63 prime cattle, 1 young bull, 26 over thirty month cattle, 7,369 prime lambs and 5,182 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 24th September, 2009.

Clean cattle were a similar trade selling to a top of 170.5p for a Limousin heifer from H. & W.G. Robley, Townfoot and purchased by Sean McGimpsey, others to 169.5p Hallburn and Stormont, 160.5p Townfoot; Charolais 167.5p, 161.5p 157.5p Hallburn, 156.5p Upper Mains. Limousin bullocks to 165.5p Hallees, 163.5p Nether Onsett, 160.5p Townfoot, 159.5p Newtown; Charolais 155.5p Castlemains; British Blue 154.5p Shawhead. Young bulls to 143.5p for Limousin from Stormont.

The 26 Over Thirty Month cattle were sharper on the week and sold to a top of 145.5p for a Limousin bullock from Sewingshields; Shorthorn 100.5p Boghall. OTM heifers to 95.5p for Shorthorn from Boghall. OTM bulls to £1,130 for a Limousin from Jerriestown. Cows to 117.5p for Limousin from Low Peninver, 108.5p D’Mainholm; Angus 111.5p Low Peninver; Friesian 105.5p Killegruer; Hereford 95.5p Blindhillbush; Blue Grey 86.5p Thomasdene; British Blue 79.5p Killegruer.

A large show of 7,369 prime lambs were cheaper on the week. Top price per kilo was 189p for Texels from Mossband House. Top per head of £73.50 for Suffolks from Drinkstone, others £70 Stackbraes; Texel £72.20 High Greenhill, £71.80 Rinnion Hills; Greyface £66.50 Highside, £63.80 Peela Hill; Charollais £64.80 Leaona Villa, £59.80 Aldermanseat; Half Bred £58.80, £56.80 Dodgsonstown; Cheviot Mule £57.80 Falnash, £52.80 Parkhill; Leicester £58.20 Allensgreen; North Country Cheviot £57.20 Adderston Shiels; Beltex £55.20 Hilltop; Hill Cheviot £51.20 Parkhill, £50.80 Sorbietrees; Blackface £50.80 Allensgreen, £49.80 Arnicle; Easycare £47.50 East Fortissat; Swaledale £46.50 Waterloo.

The 1,310 lightweight lambs sold to a top price of £53.20 for Texels from Rockcliffe Cross; Suffolk £50.20 Broadhaugh; Hill Cheviot £47.80 Catslackburn; Greyface £46.80 Arnicle; Blackface £46.80 Hawick Farm; North Country Cheviot £46.20 Catslackburn; Jacob £44.80 Copperthorns; Easycare £44.80 East Fortissat; Herdwick £44.20 Mossband House; Swaledale £38.80 Highside and East Unthank.

The 5,182 ewes and rams were forward to the usual ringside of buyers. Heavy ewes sold to £88.50 for Suffolks and Charollais from Hamlet Garden, other Suffolks £78.50 South Riccalton, £76.50 Dolphinston; Leicester £86.50 The Nook (Forster); Texel £86.50 Haithwaite and Sunnycroft, £85.50 Hamlet Gardens, £84.50 Sunnycroft and Clement Leazes; Half Bred £82.50 Hamlet Garden; North Country Cheviot £76.50 Waterloo, £75.50 Reaster; Beltex £74.50 Hamlet Garden; Greyface £69.50, £66.50 Boreland, £64.50 Haas Grove and High Greenhill; Cheviot Mule £69.50 Clement Leazes; Easycare £44.50 East Fortissat.

Light ewes to £65.50 for Cheviots from Girnwood and Hamlet Garden, £55.50 Stackbraes, £50.50 Bankhead and South Riccalton; Blackface £56.50, £52.50 The Steel Farm, £48.50 Stackbraes, £46.50 Northfield; Swaledale £56.50 Stotsfold, £46.50 Haithwaite, £41.50 Stotsfold; Lleyn £44.50 Glebelands; Herdwick £34.50 Croft House; Jacob £34.50 Croft House.

Rams to £100.50 for a Leicester from Stotsfold; Texel £94.50 Cara View, £92.50 High Greenhill; Charollais £78.50 Hamlet Garden; Suffolk £76.50 The Nook; North Country Cheviot £74.50 Waterloo; Hill Cheviot £67.50 Newbiggin, £64.50 Upper Hindhope; Blackface £62.50 Boreland, £59.50 Crowhall, £58.50 Whitefield; Swaledale £30.50 Howburn.


Light to 160.5p (110.7p)
Medium to 158.5p (149.9p)
Heavy to 165.5p (152.1p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 170.5p (145.0p)
Heavy to 169.5p (154.8p)

Young bulls to 143.5p (143.5p)

Light to 166.0p (131.4p)
Standard to 189.0p (135.9p)
Medium to 168.0p (131.0p)
Heavy to 138.0p (127.3p)
Overweight 123.0p (117.3p)

Light to £65.50 (£32.93)
Heavy to £88.50 (£55.87)

Cast Rams to £100.50(£60.83)

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