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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 48 prime cattle, 22 over thirty month cattle, 5,140 prime lambs and 6,441 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 26th November, 2009.

Clean cattle were a similar trade selling to a top of 188.5p for a Limousin bullock from Hallburn, followed at 182.5p The Haining House; British Blue 164.5p Newtown, 162.5p Nunscleugh; Devon 153.5p The Nook; Charolais 145.5p Fenton Farm; Blue Grey 130.5p Sewing Shields; Friesian 124.5p Fenton Farm. Heifers to 177.5p and 174.5p for Limousins from Hallburn, 168.5p Nunscleugh; Charolais 162.5p Hallburn, 161.5p Sceughdyke; British Blue 153.5p Houghton House; Angus 153.5p Plumpe.

OTM cattle were a smaller show. Limousin bullocks to 124.5p Whamtown; British Blue 118.5p Plumpe. British Blue heifers 116.5p Plumpe. Limousin cows to 109.5p Hilltop, 102.5p Woodhead, 99.5p The Throp; Friesian 95.5p Becton Hall, 94.5p, 91.5p Brisco Hill, 90.5p Plumpe; Charolais 90.5p Enzieholm; Angus 81.5p Clarghyll; Blonde d’Aquitaine 74.5p Hepplehill.

Another large entry of 5,410 lambs were forward to a full ring of buyers who ensured a buoyant trade throughout, averaging 166.8p per kilo overall. The 4,116 lambs over 36kg averaged 165.6p and the 1,024 under 36kg averaged 169.2p.

Lambs sold to a top of £87.50 per head and 204p per kilo for Texel lambs from T.C. Whiteford, Tercrosset Farm, West Hall. Other Texels to £83.80 also from Tercrosset, £81.20 Dashwell Green; Suffolk £83.80, £79.80 Sceughdyke, £77.80 Cowcorse; Charollais £76.20 Dashwell Green, £74.20 Hallburn and Dashwell Green; Hill Cheviot £73.50 Falnash; Greyface £73.50, £73.20 Reaygarth, £72.80 Miller Hill and Westloch; Half Bred £73.20 Adderston Shiels; North Country Cheviot £72.80, £72.50 Hownam Grange, £72.20 Adderston Shiels; Leicester £72.50 Kirkland Green; Bleu d’Maine £72.50 Netherhirst; Blackface £70.80 The Gall, £70.20 Thornton Tower; Cheviot Mule £69.20 Outertown, £67.80 Falnash and Outertown; Oxford £65.80 Guards; Herdwick £65.50 Tarnside House; Jacob £65.20 Killeonan; Dorset £62.20 Hillside; Wendsleydale £56.50 Tarnside House; Swaledale £52.50 Wolfcleugh Cottage.

The 1,024 Light lambs sold to a top of £69.80 for Texels from Walton Highrigg, others £64.20 East Field of Wiston; Suffolk £65.80 Coshogle; Blackface £61.80 Brydekirk Mains and Pitland Hills, £60.20 Broadmeadows; Jacob £61.80 Windy Hill; Greyface £61.20 Nellfield, £60.80 Northgillbank; North Country Cheviots £60.50 Killean; Charollais £59.80 Tarnside; Hill Cheviot £56.80 Allfornaught; Swaledale £51.80 Williamston; Herdwick £47.80 Kirkland Green.

The 6,441 ewes met met a similar trade and the sale was topped at £122.50 for a Charollais tup from Crumhaugh Hill; Texel £108.50 Willimoteswick, £106.50 Severs, £100 Crumhaugh Hill; North Country Cheviot £102.50 Hownam Grange, £100 Church Road; Suffolk £100.50 Severs, £97.50 Coytre; Leicester £86.50 Cara View; Hill Cheviot £86 Crosskeys; Blackface £70.50 East Murton; Easycare £64.50 Barnside; Jacob £56.50 Brae Edge Farm; Swaledale £56.50 Round Meadows. Heavy ewes to £110.50 for Texels from East Murkle, £110, £102 Dashwellgreen, £100.50, £100 Tercrosset; Suffolk £102.50 Kirkland Green, £98.50 Severs, £95.50 Church Road; North Country Cheviot £96.50, £92.50 Broomhill Bank, £90.50 East Murkle; Charollais £94.50, £80.50 Roadside; Cheviot Mule £92.50 Hownam Grange, £76.50 Colmslie Hill; Half Bred £92.50 Waterloo, £85.50 Stackbraes; Leicester £90.50 Stackbraes, £88.50 Kirkland Green; Beltex £78.50 Tercrosset; Greyface £75 Crosskeys, £73.50 Coytre, £72.50 Dashwell Green and Round Meadows; Easycare £60.50 Godscroft; Romney Marsh £57.50 Barnside.

Light ewes to £69.50 for Blackfaces from The Gall, £67.50 Netherplace, £65.50 Townfoot; Hill Cheviot £62.50 Blackhaugh, £60.50 Stackbraes; Swaledale £62.50 Crosskeys, £50.50 High Burnfoot; Herdwick £58.50 Stybeck; Jacob £56.50 Colmslie Hill; Welsh Mountain £52.50 Stackbraes; Lleyn £44.50 The Height; Shetland £39.50 Haithwaite.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 175.5p (155.6p)
Heavy to 188.5p (154.7p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 177.5p (156p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 182.0p (163.7p)
Standard to 199.0p (174.4p)
Medium to 204.0p (165.6p)
Heavy to 190.0p (154.9p)
Overweight 151.0p (142.7p)

Light to £69.50 (£41.82)
Heavy to £110.50 (£64.06)

Cast Rams to £122.50(£67.70)

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