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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 43 prime cattle, 1 young bull, 60 over thirty month cattle, 6,187 prime lambs and 7,184 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 4th November, 2010.

Prime cattle met another flying trade with more numbers required to fill buyers orders. Top price of 184.5p for a British Blue heifer from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn, purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown. Charolais heifers to 175.5p from E. & A. Graham, Upper Mains and purchased by J.A. Jewitt Ltd, Wholesalers; 164.5p, 163.5p Hallburn, 162.5p Sceughdyke; Limousin 163.5p Houghton House and Hallburn. Bullocks to 169.5p for a Limousin from Nether Onsett, 166.5p Brydekirk Mains, 163.5p Haining House and Brydekirk Mains; Bazadaise 162.5p Swaites; Saler 157.5p Nether Onsett; Charolais 151.5p Sceughdyke. Limousin bullocks to £1,135.15 and £1,079.10 Haining House; Saler £1,104.05 Nether Onsett. British Blue heifers to £1,060.88 Hallburn; Limousin £1,021.88 Hallburn; Charolais £1,001.30 Sceughdyke, £997.35 Hallburn, £992.25 Upper Mains.

A better show of fleshy cows on offer saw trade for them sharper, top price of 120.5p for a Limousin cow from J.N. Hall, Harelawhill, 111.5p Bonshawside, 110.5p Harelawhill, 108.5p Nunscleugh, 107.5p Swaites, 106.5p Nunscleugh, 105.5p Gallowberry, 104.5p Nunscleugh, 103.5p Englishtown and Harelawhill, 100.5p Englishtown; Angus 94.5p Lynnshield; Simmental 93.5p Bruntons Hill; Charolais 84.5p Moss Side, 82.5p Burnside. Limousin cows to £897.73 Harelawhill, £817.65, £778.88 Englishtown, £769.35 Bonshawside, £758.45 Burnfoot on Esk, £740.03 Harelawhill.

cheviot lambs

Another large entry of 6,187 lambs was forward to a full ring of buyers. Trade for lambs under 42 kilos was buoyant but a larger show of heavy lambs meant the sale average was 158.9p/kilo (162p/kilo under 45 kilos).

The sale was topped at 214p per kilo for Beltex from Mouldy Hills and to £100 per head for Texels from Kirkton, others £92.50 Derwent, £89.50 Walton Woodhead; Beltex £95.50, £87.20, £85.50 Mouldy Hills, £83.50 Gallowberry; Suffolk £79.50 Cloverdale, £77.80 Tinnis Hall; Charollais £77.20, £76.80 Leaona Villa, £74.50 The Old Police House; Hill Cheviot £74.80 Catslackburn, £65.20 Murtholm; Cheviot Mule £71.20 Carterton, £67.20 Falnash and Skelfhill; Greyface £70.80 Nunscleugh, £69.20 Penpeugh, £68.80 Kirkland Green; Herdwick £69.80 High Moat; North Country Cheviot £69.80 Whiteknowe, £68.80 Langholm Mill, £67.50 Gillesbie House; Leicester £67.50 Spoutbank, £67 Chapel Farm, £66.50 Penpeugh; Swaledale £67.50, £59.80 Burn House; Half Bred £66.20 Dodgonstown, £65.80 Adderston Shiels; Blackface £64.80 Penpeugh, £64.20 Minsca, £63.20 Tone Hall; Lleyn £63.80 Glebelands.

Lightweight lambs sold to £63.80 for Texels from Sharplaw Farms, £62.50 Willimoteswick; Greyface £57.20 Murraythwaite; Cheviot Mule £57.20 Terrona; Roussin £56.80 Debog; Suffolk £56.80 Pryhill; Blackface £56.20 Megdale, £55.20 Brownrigg; Hill Cheviot £53.80 Murtholm; Swaledale £49.80 Williamston, £48.80 Howburn.

sheep alleys
Another monster show of 7,184 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade similar to last week in the build up to Kabani. The sale was topped at £128.50 for North Country Cheviot rams from Bayles; Leicester £116.50 Midtodhills, £90.50 Peela Hill; Texel £108.50 Chapel Farm, £105.50 Coytre; Hill Cheviot £106.50 Bayles, £86.50 Carterton; Beltex £98.50 Haithwaite; Suffolk £88.50 Swainsteads, £86.50 Kilncroft; Blackface £80.50 High Staward, £76.50 Newbigging, £72.50 Catslackburn; Zwartbles £78.50 Easter Dawyck; Swaledale £68.50 Harwood Shield, £64.50 High Burnfoot.

Heavy ewes to £120.50 for Texels from Harwood Shields, others £108.50 Waterloo, £107.50 Bensons Fell Farm; Suffolk £118.50 Alton, £117.50 Durran Mains; North Country Cheviot £98.50 Durran Mains, £95.50 Skaill, £89.50 Durran Mains; Leicester £96.50 Westside, £84.50 The Nook; Beltex £94.50 Alton, £92.50 Haithwaite; Charollais £91.50 Golden Lane; Half Bred £90.50 Guards Mill; Greyface £86.50 Lanehead, £78.50 Leaona Villa, £74.50 Stackbraes; Cheviot Mule £78.50 Newbigging, £72.50 Skelfhill; Easycare £62.50 Mossfennan. Hill ewes to £72.50 Potholm, £71.50 Halliday Hill, £69.50 Newbigging; Blackface £66.50 Rusheylaw, £64.50 Brownleazes, £62.50 High Staward; Welsh Mountain £58.50 Butterdales, £54.50 Relief; Lleyn £64.50 Rammerscales, £57.50 East Mains, £56.50 Guards; Swaledale £54.50, £53.50 Hackford, £52.50 Whitton, £50.50 Roachburn; Jacob £52.50 Haithwaite; Herdwick £50.50 Haithwaite, £42.50 Hayclose; Shetland £34.50 Barrock Mains and Barrogill Mains.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 166.5p (158.8p)
Heavy to 169.5p (152.1p)

-------p (-------p)
Medium to 158.5p (145.7p)
Heavy to 184.5p (155.5p)

Young bulls to 109.5p (109.5p)

Light to 205.0p (164.6p)
Standard to 199.0p (167.6p)
Medium to 214.0p (159.6p)
Heavy to 199.0p (148.5p)
Overweight 171.0p (139.9p)

Light to £72.50 (£40.99)
Heavy to £120.50 (£65.33)

Cast Rams to £128.50 (£67.27)

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