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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 52 prime cattle, 1 young bulls, 34 over thirty month cattle, 4,872 prime lambs and 4,834 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 18th November, 2010.

A good show of prime cattle forward met a sharper trade with a top price of 176.5p twice for a British Blue heifer from W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House, purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown and for a Limousin heifer from J. & N. Blaylock & Sons, Hallburn purchased by Jewitt Ltd Wholesalers, other Limousins to 172.5p, 169.5p Hallburn, 167.5p Wickerthwaite, 166.5p Nirvana; other British Blue 168.5p Houghton House; Charolais 167.5p Nirvana, 163.5p Hallburn; Bazadaise 165.5p Swaites. Limousin bullocks to 173.5p from A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen, purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, 168.5p Becton Hall, 165.5p, 163.5p Dashwell Green, 163.5p Nether Onsett, 161.5p Slealands and Nether Onsett; Bazadaise 164.5p Swaites; Charolais 154.5p Sceughdyke.

A smaller show of 34 OTM’s forward met a brisk trade and sold to 123.5p for a Simmental cow from J. & J. & D. Taylor, Englishtown, 99.5p Grassfield and Morley Hill, 91.5p Bushfield; Limousin 109.5p Englishtown, 106.5p Ladyhousesteads, 102.5p Englishtown, 101.5p Ladyhousesteads; Friesian 97.5p Harelawhole. Bulls to 101.5p for Limousin from Trough Head.

cheviot lambs

Another good show of 4,872 prime lambs saw more heavy lambs over 45 kilos forward with export weight lambs very short of requirement. The scale average was 157.2p per kilo. 4,141 lambs over 36 kilos averaged 156.9p and the 711 lambs under 36 kilos averaged 160.2p. SQQ average 160.5p per kilo.

The sale was topped at 207p per kilo for Texel from Low Longthwaite and to £92.50 per head for Texels from Kirkton and Sunnycroft, others £91.50 Dormansteads, £88.20 Kirkton; Charollais £83.50 Nunscleugh, £79.80 Kirkbarrow Hall and Ardlamy; Beltex £91.50 Gallowberry, £82.80 Kirkbarrow Hall, £76.80 Low Longthwaite, £68.20 Hallburn; Suffolk £78.50 Cardew Hall, £76.80 Kirkbarrow Hall, £76.20 Sceughdyke; Greyface £72.80 Sceughdyke, £72.20 Nunscleugh, £70.20 Stubsgill; Half Bred £72.80, £70.20 High Moat; North Country Cheviot £67.80 Newbigging; Leicester £67.50 Sewing Shields; Lleyn £67.20, £66.80 South Bowerhouses; Blackface £66.50 Newbigging, £64.80 Sorbie, £61.80 Castlemilk; Swaledale £66.50 Howburn; Dorset £65.80 The Farm, Aikton; Cheviot Mule £65.20 Ryehills; Hill Cheviot £64.80 Sorbie, £63.80 Upper Hindhope, £61.80 Priesthaugh; Lonk £64.80 Bush of Ewes.

The 711 lightweight lambs sold to £67.80 for Beltex from Bankhead; Hill Cheviot £62.20 Commonside; Texel £60.80 Commonside, £59.80 East Field of Wiston; Blackface £58.80 Bush of Ewes, £53.80 Sweetshawhead; Suffolk £56.80 Tushielaw; Greyface £55.80 Hott Farm, £54.20 Cross House; Welsh Mountain £48.80 East Steel; Swaledale £46.80 Greystoke Castle.

Another good show of 4,834 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers. Trade was similar with good big ewes short of requirements. The sale was topped at £124.50 for a Texel ram Westside, others £118.50 Upper Tofts, £110.50 Brisco Hill; Beltex £114.50 Upper Tinwald, £104.50 Nunscleugh, £92.50 Upper Tofts; Suffolk £108.50 Riddell Farm, £106.50 Carpet Farm, £100.50 Broadhaugh; Leicester £96.50 Morley Hill, £88.50 Alton; Charollais £90.50 Alton; Hill Cheviot £89.50 Newbigging, £78.50 Skelfhill; North Country Cheviot £88.50 Newbigging; Blackface £78.50 Devonport Farms, £64.50 Upper Hindhope; Swaledale £62.50 Lilswood Cottage, £60.50 Westburnhope. Heavy ewes to £120.50 for Suffolks from Glebelands, others £116.50 Shaw Cottage South; Texel £119.50 Westside, £98.50 North Deanhead; Beltex £113.50 Willimoteswick; Leicester £112.50 North Deanhead, £94.50 Sewing Shields, £82.50 Brisco Hill; Greyface £90.50, £88.50, £87.50 Sharplaw; Charollais £88.50 Waterloo, £86.50 Stackbraes; Half Bred £88.50 Netherplace; North Country Cheviot £84.50 Carpet Farm, £78.50 Waterloo, £76.50 Whiteknowe and Waterloo; Cheviot Mule £78.50 Borthaugh, £72.50 Arnmannoch; Zwartbles £75.50 Old Wall. Light ewes to £83.50, £60.50, £53.50 for Lleyns from Glebelands; Blackface £67.50 Reaygarth, £60.50 Bush of Ewes, £58.50 Blakelaw and Killinochonoch; Cheviot £66.50 Butterdales, £59.50 Stackbraes; Swaledale £53.50 Nunscleugh, £52.50 Roachburn, Brisco Hill and Copperthorns; Welsh Mountain £49.50 Longrow; Jacob £45.50 Skelfhill; Herdwick £38.50 Butterdales.
Goats to £80.50 West Cluden.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 161.5p (154.5p)
Heavy to 173.5p (155.9p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 165.5p (145.0p)
Heavy to 176.5p (155.9p)

Young bulls to 107.5p (107.5p)

Light to 178.0p (156.4p)
Standard to 207.0p (164.1p)
Medium to 204.2p (159.2p)
Heavy to 192.0p (149.3p)
Overweight 171.0p (143.0p)

Light to £83.50 (£41.73)
Heavy to £120.50 (£67.41)

Cast Rams to £124.50 (£68.10)

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