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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 60 prime cattle, 11 over thirty month cattle, 6,819 prime lambs and 5,981 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 2nd December, 2010.

An excellent turnout of quality cattle for the Christmas show and sale. An increased number of buyers present ensured all classes met a flying trade. The show was kindly sponsored by Jobsons Animal Health with a special prize donated by Nutrivet CF for the Champion and Reserve.

Champion with owner Mr James Retson, Gardrum and judge Mr Peter Kemp
Champion with owner Mr James Retson, Gardrum and judge Mr Peter Kemp.
Sadly on Monday 6th December, Peter Kemp was trajically killed in a road traffic accident. We extend to his wife and all the family our very deepest sympathy on the loss of such a well liked and loyal supporter of Longtown Mart and a friend to many.

The show was ably judged by Mr Peter Kemp who awarded the Champion ticket to a British Blue heifer from J. Retson & Son, Gardrum and later realised 224p (£1,321.60), purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown.

Champion shown by Messrs J & S Retson, Gardrum, Eastriggs
Champion shown by Messrs J & S Retson, Gardrum, Eastriggs

The Reserve ticket went to Mr P. Armstrong, High Moat, Longtown for a Limousin steer selling at 208p (£1,300) to Messrs Nattrass, Butcher, The Market, Carlisle.

Reserve Champion shown by Peter Armstrong, High Moat, Longtown
Reserve Champion shown by Peter Armstrong, High Moat, Longtown

The Best British Beast was awarded to a Galloway steer from W.G. & H.M. Kyle, Spoutbank, which realised 167.5p to Mr Steven Stoddart.

Native Champion shown by Messrs Kyle, Spout Bank, Walton
Native Champion shown by Messrs Kyle, Spout Bank, Walton

Principal prices:- British Blue heifer 224p Gardrum; 207.5p Beckhall, 179.5p Toppin Castle, 173.5p Houghton House; Limousin 201.5p Houghton House, 195.5p, 190.5p, 189.5p Hallburn, 186.5p Houghton House, 177.5p, 175.5p Toppin Castle; Charolais 187.5p Houghton House and Sceughdyke, 172.5p Sceughdyke, 167.5p Hallburn (x2); Bazadaise 178.5p Swaites; Simmental 169.5p Hallburn. Bullocks to 208p for Limousin from High Moat, 180.5p Dashwell Green, 179.5p Nether Onsett, 173.5p Hallburn, 171.5p, 167.5p (x3) Dashwell Green, 163.5p Nether Onsett; Charolais 173.5p Hallburn, 165.5p, 163.5p Fenton, 162.5p, 158.5p Sceughdyke; British Blue 167.5p Dashwell Green, 166.5p Becton Hall.

Due to the weather a small show of OTM cattle were forward but nevertheless trade remained buoyant. Top price of 125.5p for a Charolais heifer from Messrs Ritson, Swaites. Limousin cows to 99.5p and 97.5p from Englishtown; Friesian 95.5p The Stubb, 84.5p Stonewalls; Shorthorn 81.5p Brisco Hill.

cheviot lambs

The Christmas show and sale attracted an impressive entry of 63 pens of 10, ably judged by Mr. James Thompson of Vion Foods who awarded the championship to a pen of 10 Beltex from Messrs Hope, Albierigg scaling 44kg and realising £175 or 398p/kg to Mr. J Tucker.

champion lambs from Messers hope, Albie Rigg, Canonbie
Champion Lambs from Messers Hope, Albie Rigg, Canonbie

The reserve went to a pen of 10 Texels from Messrs Lawson, Kirkland Green scaling 46kg and realising £100 or 217p/kg to the Judge.

Reserve Champion Lambs from Messers Lawson, Kirkland Green
Reserve Champion Lambs from Messers Lawson, Kirkland Green

Texel lambs: 1st Kirkland Green, £100 to Vion, 2nd Waltonwoodhead £100 to J Tucker.Beltex lambs: 1st Albierigg £175 to J Tucker, 2nd Waltonwoodhead £122 to J Tucker
Continental lambs: 1st Gass £81 to J Tucker, 2nd Allfornaught £77 to J Tucker
Suffolk lambs: Sceughdyke £84 to B Vevers, 2nd Kirkland Green £80 J Tucker
North of England Mule lambs: 1st Kirkland Green £76 to B Vevers, 2nd Nunscleugh £74 to B Vevers
Scotch Mule lambs: 1st Mains of Collin £71 to B Vevers, 2nd Albierigg £74.50 to M Lomax
North Country Cheviot lambs: 1st Naddle £70 to J Tucker
South Country Cheviot lambs: 1st & 2nd Sorbie £70 to Woodhead Bros & J Tucker
Blackface lambs: 1st Wanwood Hill £70.50 to A Dawson, 2nd Sorbie £74 B. Vevers

Principal prices outwith prize list Texels 44kg £100 Summerhill. Beltex £97 Mouldy Hills

In the general section of the prime lamb sale there was an excellent show of lambs forward and a credit to vendors due to adverse weather conditions. The overall sale averaged 167.2p SQQ average (32kg-50kg) 171.8p/kg.

Suffolks £88.50 Broomhills, £87.80 Colte Coates, £87.50 Sceughdyke; Cheviot £70 Sorbie; Texel £90 Crawsknowe & High Stenries; Charollais £84.50 Broomhills, £79.80 Mosside & East Cliffe; Halfbreds £67.20 Earlside; Greyface £81.20 Beeches, £77.20 Reaygarth, £76.80 Cowrigg; Mule £76 Kirkland Green, £74.50 Nunscleugh & Albierigg; Cheviot Mule £73.80 Springwells, £72.20 Skelfhill; Blackfaces £74, £71.50 Sorbie, £71.50 Garvilland; North Country Cheviot £70 Naddle; Beltex £175 Albierigg, £122 Waltonwoodhead, £100 Kirkland Green & Waltonwoodhead; Leicester £67.50 The Side, £65 High Bishopton; Llynn £71.80 Glengar.

Lightweight lambs: Texel £67.80 Brydekirk Mains, £63.80 Newington; Cheviot £61.80 Naddle; Charollais £63.80 Gateside; Greyface £60.80 Langholm; Blackface £61 Spoutbank, £58.80 Arnicle; Swaledale £46.80 Naddle; Herdwick £47.80 Tarnside House.

Also forward in wintering conditions was a strong show of ewes and rams with all classes dearer on the week. Plain ewes were very dear and scarce. The sale topped at £128.50 for Charollais ewes from Messrs Pottinger, Baillie, £122.50 Meinfoot; Suffolk £124.50 Blue Dial, £116.50 Bardnaclaven, £106.50 Westhouse; Texel £124.50 Barndaclaven, £120.50 Little Galla, £116.50 The Land; Bleu de Maine £96.50 Roadside; Halfbred £95.50 Stackbraes, £94.50 Wester Middleton; Greyface £86.50 Hayside, £84.50 Cardew Hall, £83.50 Sykehead; Cheviot Mule £88.50 Colmslie Hill, £86.50 Glendearg, £80.50 Whitchesters; Leicester £88.50 High Bishopton, £86.50 Drumhumphry; North Country Cheviot £116.50 Broomhillbank, £98.50 Tain Olrig, £96.50 Damside; Beltex £80.50 Naddle, £78.50 Glendearg.

Hill ewes Blackface £75.50 Smallgate, £74 The Steel, £71.50 The Steel; Swaledale £52.50 Gallowberry, £50.50 Whitchester, £49.50 Naddle; Herdwick £48.50 Stybeck; Jacob £56.50 Wiston; Cheviot £72.50 Cardew Hall, £70.50 Wynd, £69.50 Mid Murthat & Westhope.

Rams to £124.50 for Texels from Hass Grove, £118.50 Chapel, £112.50 Little Galla; Cheviot £86.50 Potholm, £80.50 Springwells; Charollais £86.50 South Port; Leicester £90.50 Cleughbank, £88.50 Cowcorse; Blackface £64.50 Newbigging; North Country Cheviot £96.50 Bardnaclaven; Hampshire £92.50 Cowcorse; Suffolk £106.50 West Farm, £92.50 South Port, £90.50 Hollows Mill.


Light to 156.5p (156.5p)
Medium to 167.5p (167.5p)
Heavy to 208.0p (164.4p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 164.5p (160.9p)
Heavy to 224.0p (176.2p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 323.0p (170.6p)
Standard to 212.0p (173.6p)
Medium to 398.0p (170.9p)
Heavy to 217.0p (159.7p)
Overweight 163.0p (148.9p)

Light to £75.50 (£54.05)
Heavy to £128.50 (£75.62)

Cast Rams to £124.50(£76.37)

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