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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 57 prime cattle, 35 over thirty month cattle, 6,017 prime hoggs and 6,242 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 3rd March, 2011.

57 prime cattle were forward, with a better show of bullocks on offer yet again trade didn’t disappoint. Well finished heifers regularly making 175p-187p and bullocks 170p-185p. Top price of the day was 187p for a Limousin heifer shown from A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwell Green, 182.5p Houghton House, 175.5p Slealands, 173.5p Dashwell Green and High Stenries, 171.5p Dashwell Green, Wicket Thorn and Houghton House, 170.5p Dashwell Green; British Blue 185.5p, 182.5p Gardrum, 173.5p Dashwell Green; Charolais 177.5p Hallburn, 174.5p Upper Mains, 173.5p Wicket Thorn, 172.5p High Stenries.

Bullocks topped at 184.5p for British Blue from The Gill, 183.5p Beckhall, 171.5p The Gill; Charolais 180.5p High Stenries; Limousin 174.5p Slealands, 172.5p, 167.5p Dashwell Green, 166.5p The Gill, 164.5p Dashwell Green & The Gill; Blonde d’Aquitaine 176.5p Dashwell Green. Bullocks to a top per head of £1,299 for Charolais from High Stenries; Limousin £1,247 Dashwell Green, £1,165 Sceughdyke, £1,159 The Gill, £1,155 Dashwell Green; British Blue £1,226, £1,200 The Gill; Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,200 Dashwell Green. Heifers to £1,187 and £1,149 for British Blues from Gardrum; Charolais £1,119 Wicket Thorn, £1,054 Upper Mains, £1,044 Wicket Thorn; Limousin £1,076 Houghton House, £1,067, £1,025 Wicket Thorn.

A plainer show of OTM’s were on offer with mainly feeding cows forward. Top price of 135.5p (£1,077) for a Limousin bullock from T. Armstrong & Sons, Sceughdyke. Cows to 124.5p for a Limousin from Low Peninver Farm, others 119.5p Riggfoot; Angus 118.5p Low Peninver, 111.5p, 107.5p Kildaloig; Charolais 116.5p, 105.5p Skipness; Friesian 113.5p Harelawhole, 105.5p Highmoorhead; British Blue 113.5p Low Peninver; Blonde d’Aquitaine 109.5p Sceughdyke. Cows to a top per head of £827 for Limousin from Low Peninver; Blonde d’Aquitaine £821 Sceughdyke; Friesian £805 Halltown; British Blue £766 Low Peninver. Bulls to 103.5p for Limousin from Burnside.

An excellent show of 6,017 prime hoggs met extreme rates to the usual ring of buyers. The sale average was 195.7p per kilo overall with an SQQ (32kg-45kg) of 197.8p. All types of hoggets easily sold and were short of buyers requirements. An excellent consignment of 410 hoggs from Jim Crick, Beech Farm, Suffolk sold to an average of 212p per kilo for export weight hoggs. Top price per kilo of 254p for Beltex from Messrs Storrow, Willimoteswick. Top per head of £117.50 for Beltex from Wood Farm, others £107.50, £106.50 Wood Farm; Suffolk £116.50 Pirntaton, £105.50 Sceughdyke; Texel £115.50 Pirntaton, £110.50 Brown House, £109.50 Wood Farm; North Country Cheviot £100.50, £97.80, £97.50 Ericstane, £97.50 West Millhills; Blackface £98.50 Corsebank, £96.50 Dryhope, £95.50 Milnmark, £94.50 Damhead; Charollais £97.50 Leaona Villa, £90.50 Colte Coates, £90 Becton Hall; Leicester £96.50 Easter Dawyck, £90.50 Kirksteads; Hill Cheviot £92.80 Sceughdyke, £88.50 Fauld Farm, £88 Kilnfordcroft; Lleyn £91.50 Westerhouses; Greyface £91.50 Justicetown and The Chapel, £89.80 Riggfoot, £87.20 Stubsgill; Zwartbles £90 Viewfields; Swaledale £77.80 East Unthank, £72.20, £70.50 Kilncroft; Half Bred £77.50 Plumpe; Cheviot Mule £74.50 Riggshield.

The 1,883 light weight hoggs sold to a top of £79.50 for Texels from High Stenries, £72.80 Low Dunashery; Beltex £76.50 Faulding Cleugh, £73.50 Willimoteswick; Suffolk £74.20 Beech Farm, £73.20 Low Dunashery; Charollais £72.80, £68.80 Beech Farm; Hill Cheviot £69.80 Sorbie, £65.80 Low Tirfergus; Blackface £69.20 Knockreoch, Howthat and Milnmark; Romney Marsh £68.50 Beech Farm; Greyface £67.80 Kirkland Green, £65.80 Low Tirfergus; North Country Cheviot £67.80 Longoe Farm, £62.80 Catslackburn; Easycare £63.80 Westerhouses; Oxford £63.50 Newington; Swaledale £63.50 Kirkland Green, £61.50 Newbiggin; Herdwick £54.80 Hillside.

An impressive show of 6,242 cast ewes and rams sold to a full ring of buyers which ensured trade was £4 to £5 dearer on the week, with all classes sought after. The sale was topped at £146.50 for Charollais tups from Waterside, others £138.50 Sockbridge, £134.50 Hallburn; Texel £140.50 Newbigging, £130.50 Severs, £128.50 Sibmister; Leicester £138.50 The Steel, £126.50 High Love Lady Shield, £124.50 East Unthank; Suffolk £138.50 Roadside, £130.50 Pirntaton, £124.50 Cowburnrigg; North Country Cheviot £130.50 Ericstane, £126.50 Linton House, £122.50 Newbigging; Border Leicester £106.50 Tangy Farm; Beltex £106.50 Glendearg and Severs, £86.50 Stackbraes; Hill Cheviot £98.50 Raeburnfoot, £88.50 Castslackburn, £86.50 Glendearg; Blackface £93.50 Waterside, £84.50 Wanwood Hill, £80.50 Boreland; Swaledale £68.50 East Unthank; Shetland £50.50 Fountanbleau; Jacob £39.50 Newbigging.

Heavy ewes to £136.50 for Suffolks from Foutanbleau & Sceughdyke and for Texels from Clyth Mains, Sunnycroft and Roadside, other Suffolks £133.50 Roadside, £128.50 Colte Coates, other Texels £134.50 Severs, £132.50 Boreland, Severs and Flass; Leicester £128.50 Newbigging and The Side, £120.50 Parcelstown; Charollais £128.50 Sockbridge, £126.50 Roadside, £124.50 Severs; Half Bred £126.50, £120.50 Linton House, £120.50 Fountanbleau, £116.50 Whins; Beltex £124.50 Sharplaw, £118.50 Bluebell, £103.50 Fountanbleau; Greyface £122.50 Pirntaton, £108.50 Boreland and Newtown, £107.50 Temon, £106.50 Springwells, £104.50 Fellend; North Country Cheviot £120.50 Fountanbleau, £114.50 Bardnaclaven and Wester Dunnet, £113.50 Ericstane; Rouge de l’Quest £114.50 Severs; Milk Sheep £108.50 Colte Coates; Dorset £90.50 Fountanbleau; Zwartbles £82.50 Miller Hill; Wensleydale £80.50 Stackbraes; Easycare £56.50 Glenapp.

Hill ewes to £96.50, £90.50 Sharplaw; Blackface £94.50 Collinbank, £92.50 The Steel, £86.50 Cowburnrigg, £84.50 D’Mainholm; Cheviot £90.50 Springwells, £86.50 Alton and Linton House, £84.50 Kirksteads, £80.50 Clockeil; Swaledale £77.20, £74.50 Todhillwood, £70.50 East Unthank, £62.50 Nunscleugh; Kendal Rough £69.50 Low Northsceugh; Lonk £68.50 Colte Coates; Jacob £66.50 Stackbraes; Shetland £57.50 Sockbridge, £50 Plumpe; Herdwick £50.50 Border Rigg, £39.50 Kirkland Green.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 174.5p (161.1p)
Heavy to 184.5p (167.8p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 173.5p (168.1p)
Heavy to 186.5p (168.3p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 235.0p (193.7p)
Standard to 254.0p (196.5p)
Medium to 246.0p (199.5p)
Heavy to 222.0p (185.2p)
O/weight to 194.0p (171.6p)

Light to £96.50 (£57.53)
Heavy to £136.50 (£93.05)

Cast Rams to £146.50(£94.87)

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