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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 58 prime cattle, 20 over thirty month cattle, 3,148 prime lambs and 4,819 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 14th July, 2011.

58 prime cattle maintained recent good rates with quality sorts scarcer.

Limousin x bullocks to 208.5p from J.C. & D. Nicholson, The Gill, others 199.5p Toppin Castle and The Gill, 193.5p (x3) Dashwell Green, 193.5p The Gill, 191.5p (x2) Dashwell Green; British Blue 203.5p Toppin Castle, 195.5p Dashwell Green; Charolais 192.5p Sceughdyke.

Bullocks to £1,309 Sceughdyke, £1,306 Dashwell Green, £1,296 The Gill, £1,292 Toppin Castle.
Limousin x heifers to 203.5p Toppin Castle, 194.5p (x2) Upper Tinwald, 190.5p Becton Hall; British Blue 203.5p Toppin Castle.

Heifers to £1,295 Becton Hall, £1,205 Upper Tinwald, £1,159 Plumpe.

20 Over Thirty Month cattle – trade firm. Cows to 133p Slealands, 131p Bonshawside, 130p, 129p Greystoke Castle.

The 3,148 prime lambs were the largest show of the season to date. A full ring of active buyers saw an average of 195p per kilo, well ahead of the averages seen elsewhere this week.

The sale was topped at 224p per kilo for Texels from Messrs Wyllie, Meinbank and to £99.20 per head for Texels and Suffolks from Messrs Clubbs Old Wall.

Also included in the sale was a Show & Sale of Suffolk lambs to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Society.

The Show was in pens of 10 and was ably judged by Mr Andrew Dawson, Sedbergh, who awarded the Championship to a pen from Messrs Fleming, Falnash, Teviot which scaled at 41kilos realising £82.20 to the judge, 2nd prize went to T. Armstrong & Sons, Sceughdyke for a pen scaling at 44 kilos and realising £84.80 to R.J. Vevers, 3rd place went to Gelston Castle Farms, Castle Douglas which scaled 40 kilos and realised £79.20 to Riley & Sons.

Champion Suffolk X Lambs
Champion Suffolk X Lambs

Principal prices – Texel £99.20 Old Wall, £97.80 Stubsgill, £97.20 Upper Mains; Suffolk £99.20 Old Wall, £96.50 Barnglies and The Land; Charollais £91.50 How Farm, £81.20 Westhills; Zwartbles £83.50 How Farm; Half Bred £81.80 Earlside; Beltex £80.80 Falnash; Greyface £80 Stubsgill, £78.20 Muirfield, £75.80 Crosshill; Cheviot Mule £77.80 Peela Hill, £76.20 Crossdykes; Oxford £73.20 Guards; Easycare £72.20 Longrow.

Light weight lambs continued to sell well and averaged 205p per kilo but their value is being backed up by a buoyant store lamb trade. Texels £73.80 Golden Lane, £73.50 Meinbank; Suffolk £70.20 Linton House, £69.80 Coshogle; Charollais £68.80 Mossthorn; Greyface £67.20 Westernhopeburn, £60.80 Penfoel; Blackface £63.50 Smithy Court, £60 Newlands.

The firm again had forward a large show of 4,819 cast ewes and rams which sold to the usual ring of buyers and met a very sound trade, although £5 - £6 easier on last weeks unseasonal flyer.

The sale was topped at £156.50 for Texels ewes from Westfield, £143.50 Ormiston, £140.50 Newbigging; Suffolk £128.50 Severs, £126.50 Newbigging, £124.50 Roadside; Charollais £128.50 Priestdykes, £124.50 Cannon Park, £122.50 Woodcroft; Millenium Blue £126.50 Old Rectory; North Country Cheviot £122.50, £108.50 Lirrit, £107.50 Earlside, £106.50 Hermitage; Beltex £122.50 Sibmister, £98.50 Stackbraes, £90.50 Rumsdale House; Greyface £122.50 Fountanbleau, £106.50 Stubsgill, £104.50 How Farm; Leicester £120.50 Holylee and Severs, £113.50 Peela Hill; Cheviot Mule £116.50, £94.50 Clackmae; Half Bred £110.50 Fountanbleau, £103.50 Whins; Dorset £90.50 Porteath.

Hill ewes to £96.50 for Cheviots from Hawthorns, £94.50 Westerkirk, £88.50 Haythwaite Lane; Blackface £89.50 Knockreoch, £84.50 Cowcorse and Peela Hill, £82.50 Marygate; Lleyn £86.50 Lirrit; Swaledale £78.50 Cottage, £76.50 Kirkland Green, £72.50 Bayles; Herdwick £76.50 Westfield, £64.50 Cottage; Kerry Hill £69.50 Golden Lane; Jacob £66.50 Tarnside House, £50.50 Porteath; Shetland £53.50 Stackbraes, £50.50 Porteath; Soya £48.50 Lirrit; Welsh Mountain £39.50 East Field of Wiston, £36.50 The Bents.

Rams to £140.50 for Texels from Craigh Dhu West, £128.50 North Greenhill and Castlemilk; Leicester £138.50 Kirkland Green, £133.50 Castlemilk; Charollais £132.50 Lirrit, £130.50 Severs; North Country Cheviot £133.50 Newbigging, £112.50 Lirrit; Suffolk £132.50 Lirrit, £130.50 Falla; Beltex £118.50 Holylee Farm Cottage, £113.50 Stackbraes; Lleyn £96.50 Lirrit; Blackface £93.50 Craig Dhu West, £91.50 Newbigging; Hill Cheviot £90.50 Sundhope; Shetland £70.50 Craig Dhu West; Herdwick £66.50 Porteath.


Light to 165.5p (165.5p)
Medium to 181.5p (158.3p)
Heavy to 208.5p (186.3p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 169.5p (152.9p)
Heavy to 203.5p (177.1p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 224.0p (209.7p)
Standard to 220.0p (199.0p)
Medium to 213.0p (192.8p)
Heavy to 205.0p (192.4p)
O/weight to 177.0p (168.7p)

Light to £96.50 (£59.95)
Heavy to £156.50 (£96.50)

Cast Rams to £140.50(£104.88)

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