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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 57 prime cattle, 3 young bulls, 42 over thirty month cattle, 5,163 prime lambs and 6,092 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 1st September, 2011.

A smaller show of 60 prime cattle witnessed the dearest trade ever seen at this centre. With a new buyer in attendance the averages broke the £2 barrier to give an overall average of 205p. More cattle are required to fulfil orders. Top price of 239.5p twice, firstly for a Limousin heifer from J. Retson & Son, Gardrum, and for a Charolais heifer from Messrs J.W. Vevers, High Stenries.
Limousin bullocks topped at 231.5p from Mr I. Nelson, Outertown.
Limousin – 231.5p Outertown, 223.5p Toppin Castle, 221.5p, 219.5p, 217.5p Outertown, 217.5p Toppin Castle 213.5p, 212.5p Nether Onsett, 204.5p Outertown.
Blonde d’Aquitaine – 228.5p Gardrum, 198.5p Outertown.
Charolais – 217.5p High Stenries, 204.5p Outertown.
Simmental – 196.5p Outertown.
Blue Grey– 192.5p, 187.5p Sewing Shields.
Charolais – 239.5p, 223.5p, 216.5p (x2), 213.5p, 206.5p High Stenries, 197.5p Sceughdyke.
Limousin – 239.5p, 238.5p Gardrum, 236.5p Upper Tinwald, 229.5p Toppin Castle, 228.5p Upper Tinwald, 216.5p Newby Farm, 215.5p, 209.5p Outertown, 209.5p Sandbed, 200.5p Brisco Hill.
British Blue – 223.5p Outertown, 218.5p, 215.5p Beckhall, 214.5p Sceughdyke, 206.5p Beckhall.
Shorthorn – 207.5p Outertown.

Limousin – £1,537 Nether Onsett, £1,486 Toppin Castle, £1,445 Nether Onsett, £1,359, £1,337, £1,331, £1,295 Outertown.
Blonde d’Aquitaine - £1,359 Outertown, £1,313 Gardrum.
Charolais – £1,337 High Stenries.
Simmental – £1,306 Outertown.
Charolais – £1,472, £1,385, £1,345, £1,331, £1,311, £1,223 High Stenries.
Limousin - £1,413 Gardrum, £1,405, £1,371 Upper Tinwald, £1,371 Gardrum, £1,361 Outertown, £1,250 Toppin Castle, £1,215 Sandbed.
British Blue - £1,259 Beckhall, £1,211 Sceughdyke, £1,168 Beckhall.
Shorthorn - £1,224 Outertown.
Friesian - £1,143 Sandbed.

Over Thirty Month Cattle were a larger better show for quality on offer and saw a sharper trade.
Limousin – 165.5p, 156.5p Nunscleugh, 154.5p, 145.5p Moss Side, 145.5p Morley Hill and Sceughdyke, 144.5p, 139.5p Morley Hill.
Blue Grey – 161.5p, 159.5p Sewing Shields.
Galloway – 158.5p, 155.5p Sewing Shields.
Simmental – 152.5p High Stenries.
Welsh Black – 139.5p Becks Farm, 136.5p Windyknowe.
Blonde d’Aquitaine – 137.5p The Hagg.
Shorthorn – 123.5p, 121.5p, 119.5p Laverhay.
Gelbvieh – 113.5p Sleetbeck.
Limousin – 137.5p Morley Hill.
Galloway – 129.5p Becks.
Simmental – 122.5p Moss Side.
Limousin – £1,266, £1,083 Moss Side, £1,075, £1,017 Nunscleugh, £1,003 Sceughdyke, £968 Morley Hill.
Simmental – £1,235 High Stenries.
Blue Grey – £917, £912 Sewing Shields.
Blonde d’Aquitaine – £907 The Hagg.

Young bulls – more needed to fill buyers orders.
Limousin – 174.5p Becton Hall.

Another large show of 5,163 prime lambs on was forward to the usual ring of buyers and some new faces. The sale averaged 177.6p per kilo overall which will be 10p per kilo ahead of most centres this week. Export lambs of good quality and flesh keenly sought after and more can now be sold to advantage. The sale was topped at 232p per kilo for Texels from The Fitz and to £111.50 per head for Texels from The Fitz and from Kirkton, others £109.50 Kirkton, £108.50 The Fitz, £107.50 Kirkton; Bleu d’Maine £98.50, £79.50 Ormiston Lodge; Suffolk £92.50 Fenwick, £89.50, £85.80 Sceughdyke; Charollais £87.20 Becton Hall, £84.50 Harelawhill, £83.80 Leaona Villa; Beltex £85.50, £82.20 Sorbie; Greyface £76.20 Roachburn, £75.20 Midtodhills and Allensgreen; North Country Cheviot £75.80 Oldfield and Corriehills, £74.20 Whitefield; Zwartbles £74.50 Williamwood; Oxford £74.50, £67.80 Guards; Blackface £74.20 Allensgreen, £64.80 Greensburn, £64.20 Syart; Cheviot Mule £73.80 Branxholm Braes, £71.80 Priesthaugh; Leicester £69.80 Woodhouse; Jacob £63.50, £57.80 Zetland; Swaledale £56.20 Roachburn.

Another large show of 6,096 cast ewes and rams were forward with trade starting slower but firming as the day went on. Ewes in general being around £3 to £4 easier on the week but good big ewes still short of requirements. The sale was topped at £152.50 for a Texel ram from Newbigging, others £136.50 Derwent House, £126.50 Lirrit; Leicester £128.50 Morley Hill; Charollais £120.50 Newbigging; Suffolk £120.50 Lirrit, £118.50 Wallend, £96.50 Clackmae; North Country Cheviot £116.50 Lirrit; Lleyn £106.50 West Brims; Hill Cheviot £103.50 Clackmae; Blackface £96.50, £90.50 Pirntaton, £88.50 Tecket; Beltex £93.50 Uppercleuch; Easycare £90.50 Mossfennan; Swaledale £80.50 Morley Hill; Woodland £70.50 Lirrit; Jacob £58.50 Colterscleugh; Manx £43.50 Cooilingel.

Heavy ewes to £140.50 for Texels from West Brims, others £138.50 Waterside, £136.50 West Farm; Suffolk £126.50 Lirrit, £124.50 Beechgrove, £120.50 Wellington Farm; Charollais £108.50 Tinnis Hall; Leicester £108.50 Pirntaton, £100.50 West Farm, £92.50 Tecket; North Country Cheviot £97.50, £94.50 Lirrit, £88.50 Byers Farm; Cheviot Mule £91.50, £89.50 Harwood House, £86.50 Clackmae; Beltex £90.50 Woodhead; Greyface £89.50 Derwent House, £86.50 Kirknewton, £85.50 Tinnis Hall.

Hill ewes to £85.50 for Cheviots from Branxholm Braes, £75.50, £74.50 Solwaybank, £74.50 Burnside, £73.50 Carterton; Blackface £78.50 Bellfield, £69.50 Allensgreen and Tecket, £68.50 Newbigging; Woodland £76.50 Longrow; Swaledale £65.50 Morley Hill, £64.50 Spoutbank, £58.50 Todhillwood, £54.50 Low Hallburn; Lleyn £60.50 Stackbraes; Herdwick £55.50 Knarr Farm, £52.50 Margaret Drive; Jacob £52.50 Barend.

Goats to £66.50 Stackbraes.


Light to 182.5p (156.6p)
Medium to 217.5p (191.3p)
Heavy to 231.5p (210.9p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 169.5p (169.5p)
Heavy to 239.5p (207.6p)

Young bulls to 174.5p (160.6p)

Light to 198.2p (168.9p)
Standard to 199.0p (178.0p)
Medium to 220.0p (178.3p)
Heavy to 232.0p (171.8p)
O/weight to 195.6p (157.2p)

Light to £85.50 (£51.37)
Heavy to £140.50 (£80.34)

Cast Rams to £152.50(£93.13)

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