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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 55 prime cattle, 57 over thirty month cattle, 4,567 prime lambs and 6,497 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 6th October, 2011.

A poorer show of prime cattle due to the time of year saw trade much the same on the week. Prices peaked at 218.5p for a Charolais heifer from J. Baty & Son, Broomhills, others to 211.5p Upper Mains and British Blue heifers also to 211.5p Beckhall.

Limousin – 199.5p Newtown, 197.5p Sceughdyke, 193.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 190.5p Townfoot, Fenton Farm, Wyseby Hill Cottage and Newtown.
Charolais – 218.5p Broomhills, 211.5p Upper Mains, 191.5p Smallholms.
British Blue – 211.5p, 193.5p Beckhall.
Limousin – 208.5p Sceughdyke, 199.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage.

British Blue - £1,356 Broomhills.
Limousin – £1,307, £1,276 Fenton Farm, £1,257 Newtown.
Charolais – £1,474 Broomhills, £1,427 Upper Mains, £1,245 Broomhills.

A bigger show of 57 Over Thirty Month cattle saw meated cows a little less on the week. Top price of 160.5p for a Galloway from A. Murray & Sons, Sewing Shields.

Galloway – 160.5p, 139.5p Sewing Shields.
Blue Grey – 143.5p Sewing Shields.
British Blue – 141.5p Morley Hill.
Limousin – 141.5p Morley Hill, 136.5p Roachburn and Stonehall, 134.5p, 133.5p, 126.5p Morley Hill, 125.5p Stonehall, 123.5p (x2) Knarr Farm.
Simmental – 126.5p Grassfield.
Hereford – 122.5p Killeonan.
Friesian – 111.5p Dockray Hall, 108.5p Townhead.

Limousin - £1,004 Morley Hill, £989 Roachburn, £910 Morley Hill, £887 Stonehall, £881 Roachburn and Morley Hill.
Friesian - £976 Townhead, £802 Dockray Hall, £800 Jerriestown.
British Blue - £948 Morley Hill.
Galloway - £874 Sewing Shields.

A smaller show of 4,567 lambs was forward, but a full ring of buyers saw lambs in demand, resulting in a fine average of 170.2p/kg, up 8p on the week. More export weight lambs (38-42 kilos) could have been sold to advantage!!

Top price per kilo of 204p for Texels from Crumhaugh Hill and for Beltex from Bankhead. Top per head of £90.50 and £87.80 for Texels from Crumhaugh Hill, £87.20 Greensburn, £85.80 Crumhaugh Hill, £85.20 Stotsfold; Suffolk £86.80 Hallburn, £86.20 Slealands, £85.80 Guards Mill; Greyface £82.80 High Wreay, £76.80 Crossibeg, £74.80 Henrys Hill and Weeds Farm; Beltex £81.20, £78.80 Sorbies; Charollais £80 Kilnford Croft, £77.80 Leaona Villa, £75.80 Beckhall; North Country Cheviot £77.20 Pilmuir, £74.80 Adderston Shiels, £73.80 Pilmuir; Cheviot Mule £75.20 Macharioch Farm; Half Bred £73.80 High Moat; Blackface £70.20 Pitland Hills, £69.80, £66.80, £66.20 East Fortissit, £66.20 Craighousesteads; Leicester £70.20 Woodhouse; Hill Cheviot £62.80 Mainside; Herdwick £62.80 Pingle;

The 1,158 light lambs sold to a top of £67.50 for Beltex from Bankhead; Texel £66.80 Newington, £61.80 Mid Harrietfield; Blackface £63.20, £62.20, £60.80 East Fortissit; Suffolk £62.80 Park Nook; Hill Cheviot £61.80 Catslackburn; Charollais £60.80 Crossibeg; Easycare £57.20 East Fortissat; Greyface £53.80 Yulescroft; Swaledale £51.80 Roachburn.

Yet again another strong show of 6,497 cast ewes and rams were forward, selling to the usual ring of buyers. Good, heavy, best selling ewes were short of requirements, whilst a lot more plain hill ewes were forward and meeting less trade. The sale would be £3 to £4 up for good ewes.

Top of £138.50 for Texel rams from Graystale, others £128.50 Crawthat, £122.50 Derwent; Blackface £94.50 Newbigging, £77.50 Upper Kidstone, £72.50 Carminnons Estate; Hill Cheviot £90.50 High Chesters, £80.50 Lirrit; Zwarbles £88.50 Lirrit; Suffolk £88.50 Broadhaugh, £76.50 Lirrit; Leicester £88.50 Fordlands and Overacre; Charollais £84.50 Newbigging; Swaledale £76.50 Wolf Hills, £74.50 Round Meadows, £72.50 Spital Hills; Jacob £59.50 Fountain Bleau.

Heavy ewes to £130.50 for Texels from Newbiggin, £128.50 Lirrit, Bellmount and Old Wall; Suffolk £116.50 Kilnford Croft, £106.50 Coytre, £102.50 Mossburnford; North Country Cheviot £108.50 Oldfield, £98.50 Overacre, £98.50 Lirrit; Cheviot Mule £106.50 Linton House, £105.50 Graystale; Leicester £98.50 Newbiggin, £96.50 Sheepriggs; Half Bred £98.50 Bluebell, £84.50 Lirrit; Greyface £88.50 Cowburnrigg, £87.50 Graystale, £85.50 Mossburnford. Hill ewes to £82.50 and £78.50 for Cheviots from Potholm, £74.50 Hownam Grange; Lleyn £78.50 Newbigging; Blackface £73.50 Stotsfold, £70.50 Yatesfield, £69.50 Sewing Shields; Easycare £67.50 Kersheugh, £62.50 Mossfennan; Swaledale £65.50 Stotsfold and Hesleywell, £62.50 Roachburn; Herdwick £39.50 Townfoot.

Goats to £78.50 Nether Stenries, £76.50 Fairnbank.


Light to 167.5p (134.4p)
Medium to 190.5p (170.2p)
Heavy to 199.5p (181.2p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 182.5p (178.2p)
Heavy to 218.5p (187.5p)

Light to 184.0p (166.7p)
Standard to 204.0p (174.8p)
Medium to 204.0p (171.6p)
Heavy to 176.0p (160.4p)
O/weight to 169.4p (161.2p)

Light to £82.50 (£45.99)
Heavy to £130.50 (£74.36)

Cast Rams to £138.50 (£75.96)

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