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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 76 prime cattle, 0 young bulls, 11 over thirty month cattle, 6,421 prime lambs and 6,853 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 1st December, 2011.

A total of 19 cattle were on display at the Christmas Show & Sale of prime cattle, where the Judge Mr Daniel Kemp cast his eye over them and awarded the Championship to a Limousin heifer shown by Messrs J.W. Vevers, High Stenries which later realised 240p (£1,296) and was purchased by local butchers W. Kirkup & Sons, Longtown.

3 - Overall Champion Beast - Lim Hfr from J W Vevers, High Stenries
Overall Champion Beast - from J W Vevers, High Stenries

The reserve ticket was awarded to W.H. & M. Sisson & Sons, Fenton Farm for a Limousin steer selling at 216p to W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Silloth Shop.

4 - Reserve overall Champion Beast - from Messrs Sissons & Sons, Fenton Farm
Reserve overall Champion Beast - from Messrs Sissons & Sons, Fenton Farm

Also awarded was the cup for The Best British Beast which was given to a Galloway steer shown by A. Carruthers & Sons, Peela Hill, which went on to realise 218p purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Longtown.

5 - Best British Breed from A Carruthers & Sons, Peela Hill
Best British Breed from A Carruthers & Sons, Peela Hill

We would like to thank The Judge Mr Daniel Kemp, The Sponsors Jobsons Animal Health and a special prize donated by Nutrivet CF for the Champion and Reserve, also to the vendors who have supported the Show and to everyone supporting us each week.

Prize List

CHAMPION: Limousin Heifer from Messrs J W Vevers, High Stenries, 240p to W Kirkup & Sons, Longtown

RESERVE CHAMPION: Limousin Steer from WH & M Sisson & Sons, Fenton, 216p to W Kirkup & Sons, Silloth

1st - WH & M Sisson & Sons, Fenton (Reserve Champion)
2nd - Messrs R Neill, Upper Tinwald, 215.5p, W Kirkup & Sons, Longtown

1st - Messrs T Armstrong & Sons, Sceughdyke, 196.5p, W Kirkup & Sons, Longtown

1st - WH & M Sisson, Fenton, 213.5p, W Kirkup & Sons, Longtown

1st - D J Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage, 209.5p, Megahy, Gordon

1st - A Carruthers & Son, Peela Hill, 218p, W Kirkup & Sons, Longtown
2nd - Mr P J Armstrong, High Moat, 195.5p, W Kirkup & Sons, Longtown

1st - Messrs J W Vevers, High Stenries (Champion)
2nd - D J Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage, 207.5p, Border Meats, Lockerbie

1st - Messrs J W Vevers, High Stenries, 226.5p, S.McGimpsey, Thorns
2nd - Messrs T Armstrong & Sons, Sceughdyke, 208.5p, Border Meats, Lockerbie

Galloway – 218p Peela Hill, 198.5p Summerhill, 196.5p Spoutbank, 194.5p Summerhill, 188.5p Spoutbank.
Limousin – 216p Fenton Farm, 215.5p Upper Tinwald, 211.5p Brydekirk Mains, 210.5p, 208.5p Dashwell Green, 208.5p Beckhall, 207.5p, 205.5p The Gill, 198.5p Bleatarn and Sceughdyke, 195.5p Sceughdyke, 194.5p Dashwell Green.
British Blue – 214.5p The Lake, 213.5p Fenton Farm.
Simmental – 200.5p Dashwell Green.
Charolais – 196.5p Sceughdyke.
Shorthorn – 195.5p High Moat.

Limousin – 240p High Stenries, 218.5p Upper Tinwald and Hallburn, 214.5p Swaites, 213.5p Yett Farm, 211.5p, 209.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 207.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 199.5p Hallburn, 198.5p Low Hallburn and Brydekirk Mains, 194.5p Houghton House.
Charolais – 226.5p High Stenries, 212.5p Brydekirk Mains, 210.5p, 208.5p Sceughdyke, 196.5p Hallburn, 190.5p Sceughdyke.
Bazadaise – 199.5p, 195.5p Houghton House.

Limousin – £1,400 The Gill, £1,378 Dashwell Green, £1,369 Sceughdyke, £1,368 Upper Tinwald, £1,360 Fenton Farm, £1,344 Dashwell Green, £1,319 Sceughdyke.
British Blue – £1,377 Fenton Farm.
Charolais – £1,326 Sceughdyke.

Charolais – £1,378, £1,313 Sceughdyke, £1,200 High Stenries.
Limousin – £1,296 High Stenries, £1,256 Upper Tinwald, £1,215 Wyseby Hill Cottage.

OTM’s were very short of numbers selling to a top of 137.5p Englishtown.

Limousin – 137.5p Englishtown, 111.5p Roachburn.
Friesian – 119.5p Becton Hall, 111.5p Roanstree.

Friesian – £1,039 Becton Hall, £903 Roanstree.
Limousin – £990 Englishtown.

Another outstanding show of 6,421 prime lambs sold to a full ring of buyers, resulting in the best average seen this week and for some time. The whole sale averaged 212.1p per kilo, with the SQQ weight range averaging and excellent 214.2p per kilo.

Today we held our Annual Xmas Show and Sale which saw an entry of 42 pens of ten. Judging was ably carried out by Mr Andrew Dawson, Sedburgh, who made an excellent job and awarded the Championship to regular, longtime customers, Messrs Cavers, Sorbie, Langholm for a pen of ten Beltex scaling 44kilos and realising £150 (341p per kilo) to Mr J. Tucker.

1 - Overall Champion sheep from Messrs Cavers, Sorbie
Overall Champion sheep from Messrs Cavers, Sorbie

The reserve champions went to a pen of superb Texel lambs from Messrs Whiteford, Tercrosset, which scaled at 50 kilos and realised £130 (260p per kilo) also to Mr J. Tucker.

2 - Reserve Overall Champion Sheep from Messrs Whiteford Tercrosset
Reserve Overall Champion Sheep from Messrs Whiteford Tercrosset

Other awards & prices:-
Texel lambs – 1st Tercrosset, £130 to J. Tucker, 2nd Walton Woodhead, £108 to J. Tucker.
Beltex lambs – 1st Sorbie, £150 to J. Tucker, 2nd Albierigg, £129 to J. Tucker.
Continental lambs – 1st High Stenries, £106 to Dunbia, 2nd The Gass, £99 to S. Stoddart.
Suffolk lambs – 1st Beeches, £106.50 to J. Tucker, 2nd Beeches, £102 to R. Booth.
North of England Mules – 1st Spoutbank, £91.50 to Messrs Griffith, 2nd Spoutbank, £91.50 to Mr Pickstock.
Scotch Mules – 1st Kirkhouse, £95.80 to M. Lomax, 2nd Old Police House, £91.50 to Dunbia.
North Country Cheviots – 1st Naddle, £83.80 to R.J. Vevers, 2nd The Gass, £77.50 to Dunbia.
South Country Cheviots – 1st Sorbie, £97.50 to J. Tucker, 2nd Sorbie, £86.50 to J. Tucker.
Blackface – 1st Boreland, £95.50 to J. Tucker, 2nd Sorbie, £90.80 to M. Lomax.
Swaledale – 1st Coldshield, £77.80 to M. Lomax.

Outwith the show, the sale was topped at 296p per kilo for Beltex from Kinning Hall and to £118.50 per head for Suffolks from Sykehead, others £114.50, £113.50 Sykehead, £108.50 Sceughdyke and Beeches; Texel £117.50 Bardnaclaven, £113.50 Slamptonhill, £110.50 The Wynd; Leicester £106.50 High Edges Green, £99.50 Nunscleugh, £90.50 New Hall; Charollais £106.50 Broughton Mains; Cheviot Mule £102.80 West Whatten, £93.50 Playfair Farms; Greyface £101.50 Kirkhouse, £99.50 Sceughdyke; Dorset £99.50 Guards; North Country Cheviot £98.50 Glencroft, £95.80 Wicketthorn, £94.50 Glencroft; Blackface £95.50 Boreland, £94.50 Westloch, £90.80 Sorbie; Charollais £95.50 Slamptonhill; Half Bred £93.80 Dodgsonstown; Hill Cheviot £92.50 Kirkhouse, £89.80 Bardnaclaven; Zwartbles £88.50 Newington; Oxford £87.80 Dyke; Bleu d’Maine £81.80 Achreamie; Swaledale £77.80 Coldshield, £76.80 Greystoke Castle, £72.50 Williamston; Easycare £73.80 East Fortissat.

Lightweight lambs sold to a top of £100.50 for Beltex from Kinning Hall; Texel £84.50 Nether Brotherstone, £79.80 Skelfhill, £75.50 Stackbraes; Blackface £78.80 Cramalt, £77.80 Meggethead, £72.80 Pitland Hills; North Country Cheviot £77.80 Naddle Farm, £77.50 Gass Farm; Hill Cheviot £77.50 Byers Farm, £73.50 Mainside; Greyface £74.80 Low Tirfergus, £67.50 Rosgill Hall; Suffolk £72.50 Coshogle, £68.80 The Bank Farm; Half Bred £68 Dodgsonstown; Swaledale £65.50, £58.50 Williamston; Herdwick £61.50 Westhill; Shetland £56.50 Tarnside House.

Another excellent show of 6,853 cast ewes & rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers, heavy ewes maintained recent high rates but Hill ewes, Blackface, Swaledale and Cheviots were £4 up on the week with lean ewes realising the largest lift.

The sale was topped at £138.50 for heavy Texels from Severs, £137.50 Roadside, £134.50 Nether Brotherstone, £132.50 Roadside, £130.50 Little Galla, £128.50 Cambwell, Netherplace and Kirkton; Suffolk £130.50 Lowes Fell and Severs, £122.50 Alton and Riddle Cottage, £118.50 Cardew Hall, £117.50 Severs; North Country Cheviot £121.50 Carruthers, £114.50 Westhill, £112.50 Glencroft; Charollais £118.50, £106.50 Severs; Leicester £114.50 Lowes Fell, £108.50 Barnshangan; Half Bred £112.50 Fontanbleau; Bleu d’Maine £112.50 Roadside; Roussin £98.50 Cambwell; Greyface £97.50 Arnmannoch, £97.50 Trecoy, £93.50 Newbigging; Cheviot Mule £97.50 Clackmae, £89.50 Murtholm; Beltex £90.50 Hallum; Zwartbles £90.50 Crofthead.

Hill ewes to £89.50 for Cheviots from Sornfallow, £87.50 Alton, £85.50 Mainside and Nether Brotherstone; Blackface £86.50 Alton, £83.50 Lowes Fell and Brackenthwaite; Jacob £77.50 Tarnside House, £72.50 Newbigging; Easycare £76.50 East Fortissat, £75.50 Godscroft; Kerry Hill £69.50 Fellview Farm; Swaledale £68.50 Stotsfold, £66.50 Spital Shields and Brydekirk Mains; Lleyn £67.50 Chipknowe, £66.50 Marygate, £65.50 Windshiel; Herdwick £67.50, £55.50 Westhill, £53.50 The Bank Farm; Kendal Rough £55.50 Haithwaite; Shetland £42.50 Hallum, £37.50 The Bank Farm.

Rams to £134.50 for a Leicester from High Edges Green, £122.50 Westhill, £113.50 Spital Shields; Texel £128.50 Nether Brotherstone, £114.50 Severs, £112.50 Roadside and Severs; Rouge £118.50 Severs; Charollais £116.50 Severs, £106.50 Westhill; North Country Cheviot £116.50 Bardnaclaven; Suffolk £116.50 Severs, £112.50 Roadside, £110.50 Clackmae; Oxford £113.50 Guards Farm; Hill Cheviot £96.50 Marygate, £95.50 Dinley; Blackface £88.50 Westhill, £83.50 Cara View; Easycare £84.50 Godscroft, £78.50 East Fortissat; Swaledale £79.50 High Edges Green.

Goats to £72.50 Campingholm.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 218.0p (199.6p)
Heavy to 216.0p (196.6p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 214.5p (192.6p)
Heavy to 240.0p (195.6p)

Young bulls -------p (-------p)

Light to 239.0p (208.1p)
Standard to 296.0p (216.1p)
Medium to 341.0p (213.7p)
Heavy to 263.0p (202.7p)
O/weight to 210.0p (198.3p)

Light to £89.50 (£60.15)
Heavy to £138.50 (£87.15)

Cast Rams £134.50 (£81.05)

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