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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 48 prime cattle, 6 young bulls, 20 over thirty month cattle, 3,365 prime hoggs and 5,197 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th January 2012.

A larger show of prime cattle maintained a brisk trade and plenty of cattle still breaking the £2 barrier. Top price of 219.5p for a Limousin bullock from M. & G.A. Nicholson, The Lake, purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown, others 215.5p from A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen. Limousin heifers sold to 214.5p from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn. Charolais heifers peaked at 209.5p from J. & D. Longlands Ltd., Tone Hall.
Limousin – 219.5p The Lake, 215.5p, 205.5p, 204.5p, 203.5p Dashwellgreen, 203.5p Ratten Castle, Upper Tinwald, Toppin Castle and The Gill (x2), 201.5p Newtown.
British Blue – 208.5p, 196.5p The Lake.
Simmental – 206.5p The Haining House.
Charolais – 198.5p The Haining House, 186.5p Sceughdyke.
Limousin – 214.5p Hallburn.
Charolais – 209.5p, 205.5p Tone Hall, 204.5p Sceughdyke, 203.5p Hallburn, 198.5p (x2) Tone Hall, 198.5p (x2) Hallburn.
Blonde d’Aquitaine – 196.5p Tone Hall.
Limousin – £1,481 The Haining House, £1,393 The Lake, £1,366 Newtown, £1,363 Upper Tinwald, £1,353 Toppin Castle, £1,352 Fenton Farm, £1,338 Newtown, £1,322 Dashwellgreen.
Charolais – £1,449 The Haining House.
British Blue – £1,326 The Lake.
Charolais – £1,314, £1,267 Sceughdyke, £1,267, £1,250, £1,200 Tone Hall, £1,171 Hallburn.
Limousin – £1,200 Ratten Castle, £1,190 Hallburn.

Bulls met a great trade, still more required to fill the buyers order books. Top of 188.5p for a Limousin from T. & M. Irving, Becton Hall.
Limousin – 188.5p Becton Hall.
British Blue – 185.5p Becton Hall, 169.5p The Stubb.
Friesian – 163.5p, 162.5p The Stubb.
Limousin – £1,102 Becton Hall.
British Blue – £1,029 Becton Hall.
Friesian – £1,007 The Stubb.

A small show of OTM’s saw trade remain good to sell, topping at 198.5p for a Limousin from Messrs J. Stalker, Ratten Castle, with Black & Whites to 139.5p from G. & A. Lockhart, Underwood House.
Limousin – 198.5p Ratten Castle, 153.5p, 151.5p Nunscleugh, 118.5p Sceughdyke.
Shorthorn – 168.5p Brae Mar.
Black & White – 139.5p Underwoodhouse, 117.5p Becton Hall.
Shorthorn – £1,061 Brae Mar.
Limousin – £1,060, £982 Nunscleugh
Black & White – £990 Underwoodhouse.

A smaller show of 3,365 prime hoggs was forward due to inclement weather on Wednesday making sorting impossible. The usual ring of buyers still required sheep although only at a price. Overall average of 207p per kilo.

Hoggs sold to a top of 256.5p per kilo for Texels from Backmuir with a top per head of £120.50 for Texels from Woodhead, others £115.50 Kirkton, £114.50 Hallburncroft; North Country Cheviot £113.50, £100.50 Backmuir, £94.50 Skelfhill; Suffolk £112.50 Sceughdyke, £107.50 Newbigging, £103.50 Colinton Mains; Greyface £100 Crawfordjohn Mill, £97.80 The Beeches, £96.50 Kirkland Green; Charollais £95.80 Hallburn, £93.20 Sceughdyke, £90.80 Hallburn; Cheviot Mule £94.80 Newtown; Beltex £92.50 Sorbie, £88.80 Shankfieldhead and Byers Farm, £87.80 Bankhead; Blackface £90.50 Milnmark, £89.80 Barlaes, £87.80 Streethead; Hill Cheviot £82.80 Broathill and Hermitage, £78.80 Sorbie; Roussin £76.80 Craighead; Swaledale £74.50 Westburnhope, £67.80 Sunday Sight, £66.20 Ravenwood Cottage.

The 663 lightweight hoggs continued to sell at recent high rates. Top of £85.80 for Beltex from Whinneyknowe, £81.50 Bankhead; Texel £79.50 Backmuir, £77.80 Walton Highrigg; Suffolk £77.20 Hassendean, £76.80 Swaites; Charollais £76.50 Streethead; Blackface £73.20 Skelfhill, £69.80 Archwood; Greyface £72.50 Barnglieshead, £69.80 Swaites; Hill Cheviot £72.50 Kilncroft, £71.50 Low Eals; Swaledale £69.80 Westburnhope, £64.50 Ravenwood Cottage; Beulah £47.50 Waterloo.

Another good show of 5,197 cast ewes & rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with all classes again £5 to £6 dearer on the week as it becomes increasingly evident that cast ewes are beginning to become scarcer nationwide.

The sale was topped at £154.50 for Texel ewes from Newton Farm and Suffolk ewes from Shaw Cottage South, other Texels £150.50 Roadside, £148.50 Severs, other Suffolks £142.50 South Mains, £131.50 Severs; Charollais £146.50 Severs, £106.50 Backmuir; Leicester £133.50 Westhouse, £119.50 West Shipley, £96.50 Balker Farms; North Country Cheviot £118.50 Ericstane, £108.50 North House and Courthill, £106.50 Ericstane and Marchbank; Half Bred £118.50 South Mains, £112.50 Smyllum; Beltex £112.50 Roadside; Greyface £110.50 West Nubbock, £108.50 Newton Farm and Whinfield, £106.50 Studdondene; Cheviot Mule £108.50 High Stenries, £102.50 North House. Hill ewes to £103.50 and £93.50 for Blackfaces from West Nubbock, £91.50 Nilston Rigg; Cheviot £95.50 Newton Farm, £94.50 High Stenries, £88.50 South Mains; Easycare £94.50 Redhouse, £91.50, £90.50 Backmuir; Lleyn £90.50, £75.50 Pallet Hill; Clun £76.50 Golden Lane; Woodland £76.50 Stackbraes; Swaledale £75 Coldshield, £74.50 Stackbraes, £73.50 Pryhill; Kendal Rough £68.50 Stackbraes; Jacob £63.50 Golden Lane; Herdwick £60.50 Stackbraes; Kerry Hill £57.50 Waterloo; Welsh Mountain £56.50, £53.50 Cowcorse Cottage. Rams to £140.50 for Texels from Kirkton, £136.50 Willimoteswick and Mosshead, £129.50 Severs; Suffolk £128.50 Newton Farm, £120.50 Roadside, £106.50 Mosshead; Beltex £126.50 Severs; Easycare £126.50 Backmuir; Leicester £126.50 Balker Farms, £80.50 Mosshead; Lleyn £113.50 Backmuir; Hill Cheviot £112.50 Commonside, £106.50 Skelfhill, £99.50 Commonside; Dorset £108.50 Backmuir; Blackface £106.50 Hott Farm, £100 West Nubbock, £96.50 Skelfhill; Bleu d’Maine £78.50 Greenburn.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 219.5p (195.4p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 214.5p (198.3p)

Young bulls to 188.5p (171.1p)

Light to 256.5p (215.0p)
Standard to 245.1p (209.2p)
Medium to 238.8p (208.6p)
Heavy to 230.0p (195.3p)
O/weight to -------p (-------p)

Light to £103.50 (£69.17)
Heavy to £154.50 (£99.06)

Cast Rams to £140.50(£104.24)

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