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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 30 prime cattle, 8 young bulls, 41 over thirty month cattle, 5,293 prime lambs and 8,307 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 1st November 2012.

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

prime cattle

A small show of prime cattle but a slightly improved show for quality on offer. The sale was topped at 218.5p for a Limousin heifer from D J Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage. Limousin bullocks sold to 210.5p from T Armstrong & Sons, Sceughdyke.

Limousin 210.5p Sceughdyke, 207.5p Becton Hall, 200.5p Riggfoot. 192.5p Sandbed
Charolais 204.5p Swaites
Simmental 184.5p Sceughdyke
Limousin 218.5p, 208.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 190.5p Haining House

Limousin £1463 Sceughdyke. £1411 Becton Hall, £1324 Haining House

There was a small show of prime bulls forward selling to 217.5p for Limousin from M & G A Nicholson, The Lake.

Limousin 217.5p, 213.5p The Lake
Friesian 171.5p, 162.5p Becton Hall
Limousin £1392, £1345 The Lake

A better show of OTM was on offer and with plenty of keen bidding, saw trade slightly sharper for the better end of cows. Top price of 184.5p for a Limousin shown by JW Slack & Son, Newby Farm.
Limousin stock bulls sold to 163.5p from J Robertson & Son, Becks.

Limousin 184.5p Newby Farm, 178.5p Swaites, 127.5p Riggfoot, 119.5p The Side
Charolais 174.5p Shankbridgend, 143.5p, 135.5p Greystoke Castle.
British Blue 113.5p Laverhay
Aberdeen Angus 141.5p The Shaws, 138.5p Sorbie, 136.5p, 133.5p, 120.5p, 118.5p, 117.5p The Shaws
Limousin £1180 Newby Farm, £954 Swaites, £945 Clarghyll, £812 The Side
Charolais £1177, £1084 Greystoke Castle, £881 Shankbridgend
Aberdeen Angus £1146, £1081, £962 The Shaws, £941 Sorbie, £846, £817 The Shaws
Limousin Bull £1471 Becks

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

ewe ring

The 5,293 lambs averaged 157p with a large number of small and store lambs forward, with good quality well fleshed export weight lambs being 165-175p. The best quality lambs were 180-200p and more quality lambs were required to fullfill buyers orders.

Top price per kilo 210p for Beltex from A Bell, Hillcrest and to £100 per head for Texels from A Pirie, Machrihanish Farm. Other Texels £91.50 Skelfhill, £84.80 Ashley Park; Suffolk x £87.80 Skelfhill, £85.80 Sceughdyke, £80 Tinnis Hall; Cheviots £61.80, £60, £59.80 Potholm; Charollais £86.80 The Wreay, £78.80 Leaona Villa, £77.20 Sceughdyke, £75.20 The Wreay; Halfbreds £67.80, £59.80 High Moat; Greyface £72.80 Glenlea, £71.80 Greensburn, £69.80 Pitland Hills; Cheviot Mules £63.80 Skelfhill; Leicesters £55 Penpeugh; Blackface £63.80 Penpeugh, £61.80 Minsca, £56.80 Penpeugh; Beltex £83.80 Hillcrest, £78.80 Shoestanes, £76.80 Wallend; Zwartbles £60 Newington; Kerry £69.80 Pilmuir.

Lightweight lambs to £61.80 for Texels from Cowcorse, £59.80 Gibbs Hill, £58.80 Wallend; Suffolk x £59.20 Commonside; Cheviot £56.80 Airds of Balcary, £52.80 Mid Harrietsfield, £52.20 Brocklewath; Charollais £46.80 Crossibeg; Greyface £42 Airds of Balcary, £41.80 Haithwaite; Blackface £50.80 Gibblaston, £45.80 Brantwood, £43.80 Ballywilline; Swaledale £34.80 Cowcorse; Jacob £32.80 Cowcorse; Easycare £40 Viewfield.

In the cast ewes and rams ring, big heavy ewes were easy to sell and in demand with smaller plainer ewes plentiful in numbers and still hard to sell.

Heavy ewes to £118.50 for Texels from Bascodyke Foot and for Suffolk rams from Eastgate.
Other Texels £112.50 Bascodyke Foot, £108.50 Roadside; Suffolk x £93.50 Marygate, £92.50 Roadside, £88.50 Baron Road; Bleu de Maine £88.50 Stackbraes; Charollais £88.50 Severs, £85.50 Eastgate; Halfbred £67.50 Eastgate; Greyface £77.50 Marygate, £76.50 Woodhead, £75.50 Todhillwood & Kirtlevale; Cheviot Mules £61.50 Relief & South Mains; Leicester £86.50 Penpeugh, £78.50 Roadside & Marygate, £76.50 Eastgate; North Country Cheviot £79.50 Roadside, £78.50 Severs, £69.50 Keith; Beltex £103.50 Main Street, £90.50 Abbey Cowper, £84.50 Woodhead; Zwartblews £77.50 Severs; Wensleydale £69.50 Fellview; Wiltshire £69.50 Roadside.

Light ewes to £78.50 for Llyn from Mitchelston; Cheviot £65.50 West Street, £62.50 Watergate, £59.50 Marygate; Blackface £67.50, £52.50 Pitland Hills, £52.50 High Staward, £51.50 Eastgate; Swaledale £44.50 Rawfoot, £43.50 Dawn House; £39.50 Dale House; Herdwicks £30 Backgate; Clun £43.50 Polmaise; Lonk £40 Cleuchhead.

Goats to £62.50 Ballimachiller, £54.50 Baron Road, £49.50 Ballimachiller.

Suffolk rams £118.50 Eastgate, £100 Severs; Cheviot £80.50 Eastgate; Texels £108 Minsca, £100 Ballimachiller, £95.50 Patties Hill; Rouge £88 Blackhamilton; Charollais £95 Blackhamilton, £90 Severs; Leicester £100.50 Dale House, £100 Minsca; Blackface £76.50 Yatesfield, £67.50 High Staward, £66.50 Crindledykes; North Country Cheviot £86.50 Eastgate, £76.50 Backgate, £71.50 Cozyden; Swaledale £40.50 Roachburn; Beltex £66.50 Woodhead; LLyn £74.50 Stenigot; Dorset £72.50 Carrowcrin; Hampshire £70.50 Ballyvennaught; Romney Marsh £80 Viewfield.


Light to 181.5p (181.5p)
Medium to 184.5p (179.5p)
Heavy to 210.5p (194.1p)

Light to 119.5p (119.5p)
Medium to 218.5p (193.1p)
Heavy to 190.5p (190.5p)

Young bulls to 217.5p (192.0p)

Light to 168.0p (137.7p)
Standard to 202.0p (155.0p)
Medium to 210.0p (160.8p)
Heavy to 183.0p (155.5p)
O/weight to 160.0p (158.1p)

Light to £78.50 (£31.87)
Heavy to £118.50 (£59.57)

Cast Rams to £118.50 (£56.73)

corresponding week 2011 sale report

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