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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 32 prime cattle, 2 young bulls, 12 over thirty month cattle, 7,063 prime lambs and 7,714 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 27th December 2012.

Prime cattle met a firmer trade with a shortage of cattle and more buyers present ensured the sale was topped at 231.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by R. Neill, Upper Tinwald, others sold to 223.5p from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn. Limousin bullocks sold to 215.5p from Messrs Hogg, Raeburnfoot.

Limousin 215.5p, 211.5p Raeburnfoot, 208.5p, 205.5p Fenton Farm, 205.5p High Stenries.
Charolais 207.5p, 204.5p Sceughdyke.
British Blue 204.5p Sandbed.

Limousin 231.5p Upper Tinwald, 223.5p Hallburn, 221.5p Upper Tinwald, 220.5p Hallburn, 217.5p Sceughdyke, 205.5p Sceughdyke, 203.5p Bleatarn.
Charolais 222.5p High Stenries and Upper Tinwald, 218.5p, 215.5p (x2) Hallburn.

Limousin £1,389 Upper Tinwald, £1,348 Sceughdyke, £1,262 Upper Tinwald, £1,218 Hallburn.
Charolais £1,290 Upper Tinwald, £1,282 Hallburn, £1,201 High Stenries.
British Blue bulls sold to 187.5p with Black & Whites to 185.5p both shown by T. & M. Irving, Becton Hall.

British Blue 187.5p Becton Hall.
Black & White 185.5p Becton Hall.

A small show of cast cows due to the Christmas period saw the sale topped at 137.5p for a Limousin from G. & S.E. Fox, Windy Hill.

Limousin 137.5p Windy Hill, 127.5p, 123.5p High Stenries.
Friesian 97.5p, 91.5p Dockray Hall.

Another grand show of 7,063 lambs were forward to a busy ring of buyers, with good export lambs and best quality lambs easily sold at higher rates.

Heavyweight lambs a shade easier with light weight lambs sharper. The sale average was 158.5p (SQQ 160.3p).

The sale topped at 196.8p per kilo for Beltex from R.A. Fox, Windy Hill and to £99 and £90 per head for Texels from Mr A. Rutherford, Little Burtholme, others £84 Almagill, £83.80 Sunnycroft; Suffolk £86.80 Falnash, £78.80 West Shipley and Allanshaws, £76.80 Flex; Charollais £77.80 Torgorm, £75.80 Culquhasen, £71.80 Broomhouse; Beltex £76.80 Copperthorns, £74.80 Windy Hill and Albierigg, £73.80 Hillcrest; North Country Cheviot £76.80 Allanshaws, £73.80 Westhill, £69.20 Allanshaws; Rouge £73.80, £67.80 Braithwaite Hall; Blackface £70.80 Wanwood Hill, £68.80, £65 Glenshanna; Leicester £70 Derwent, £63.80 Dreva; Cheviot Mule £67.80 North House, £66.80 Balminnoch, £57.80 Temon; Hill Cheviot £66.80, £64.80 Falnash, £63.80 High Chesters; Lonk £66.80 Bush of Ewes; Greyface £64.80 Nilston Rigg, £63.80 Dreva, £62.80 Newbiggin; Kerry £60.80 Riggshield; Easycare £58.80 Whitcastles; Lleyn £54.80 Cooilingel and Glen Lough; Swaledale £54 Cooilingel, £50.80 Williamston.

The 1,609 lightweight lambs sold to £67.80 for Texel from Windyhill, £63.80 Newington; North Country Cheviot £61.80 Fenwick; Suffolk £60.80 Trencreek, £57.80 Park Nook; Hill Cheviot £59.80 Haithwaite, £58.80 Kirkhouse; Charollais £58.80 Trencreek, £53.80 Golden Lane; Greyface £53.80 Peela Hill, £48.80 Dawyck; Blackface £53.20 Craig Douglas and Garchew, £50.80 Thorns; Cheviot Mule £52.80 High Chesters; Herdwick £48.80 Ashley Park; Swaledale £43.80 Williamston.

Another large show of 7,714 cast ewes and rams were forward to a full ring of buyers with best selling ewes short of requirements and dearer on the week, with others similar.

Heavy ewes to £132.50 for Texels from Ballimachiller and Roadside, £129.50 Draperstown, £128.50 Roadside; Suffolk £120.50 Westside, £100.50 Roughton, £97.50 Draperstown; Charollais £110.50, £90.50 Road Side; Beltex £100.50 Nether Brotherstone, £79.50 Thorns, £78.50 Nether Stenries; Leicester £84.50 Derwent, £80.50 Guardsmill, £79.50 Low Carry House; Half Bred £84.50 Westside, £80.50 Hartbush; Cheviot Mule £80.50 Hilltop, £76.50 Derwent, £73.50 Redhouse; Zwartbles £78.50 Trencreek; Greyface £71.50 Rottington Hall and Low Carry House, £69.50 Trencreek, £68.50 Redhouse; North Country Cheviot £70.50 Upper Cullernie, £67.50 Muirhead, £66.50 Redhouse; Dorset £66.50 Porteath; Romney Marsh £64.50 Trencreek, £59.50 Allfornaught.

Hill ewes to £63.50 for Blackfaces from Quarry House, £62.50 Low Carry House, £55.50 Tenter House; Kerry Hill £56.50 Coomhill; Welsh Mountain £50.50 Coomhill; Cheviot £49.50 Allfornaught, £47.50 Higher Grenofen, £45.50 Derwent; Swaledale £44.50 Kelmore Hills, £41.50 West Shipley; Herdwick £32.50 Cardew Hall;

Rams to £118.50 for Suffolks from Woodhouse, £109.50 Road Side, £108.50 Derwent; Texel £116.50 Draperstown, £113.50 Nether Dargarvel, £110.50 Road Side; Leicester £102.50 Derwent, £89.50 Tenter House, £79.50 Albierigg; North Country Cheviot £100 Ballimachiller, £55.50 Kelmore Hills; Beltex £98.50 Ballimachiller, £79.50 Pennyhill; Hampshire £88.50 Higher Grenofen; Lleyn £80.50 Whitcastles; Blackface £69.50 Riskinhope and Twain Cottage, £66.50 Tenter House.

Goats to £62.50 Draperstown.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 215.5p (210.4p)
Heavy to 207.5p (198.8p)

Light to 194.5p (194.0p)
Medium to 223.5p (213.9p)
Heavy to 231.5p (210.7p)

Young bulls 187.5p (186.5p)

Light to 177.0p (156.1p)
Standard to 196.8p (163.2p)
Medium to 195.0p (158.5p)
Heavy to 182.0p (147.0p)
O/weight to 158.0p (136.4p)

Light to £63.50 (£34.57)
Heavy to £132.50 (£64.14)
Cast Rams £118.50 (£77.14)

corresponding week 2011 sale report

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